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This page is for quotes about Oklahoma Sooners athletic teams.

The Oklahoma Sooners represent the University of Oklahoma in intercollegiate athletics.


  • "I’m not much on staying up at night. I’m not a big worry guy regardless of who we’re playing. It’s just that you respect how hard they play."
  • "Just do your job. You don't have to be Superman. Just do what you are capable of doing and let the guys around you support you."
  • "...a great Oklahoma football team. Um...wow! Very, very impressive."
  • "Oklahoma is, they're Oklahoma. It doesn't matter what their ranking is. I mean, whether they're 0-4 or 4-0 like they are right now, they're going to be Oklahoma. ...Regardless of their ranking, we know it's going to be a really tough battle."
  • "But the two head coaches bring vastly divergent philosophies to the table, and it seems to be a pivotal reason that OU has won four conference titles in Stoops' previous eight seasons, while Texas has won just one in Brown's nine. Stoops calls a spade a spade. Mack calls it an elongated tool for digging soil."
  • "Everybody has their opinion on how you ought to run your team. When they get theirs, they can run it how they want, and we'll run ours how we like. It's seems to be OK. It's worked out all right for us."

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