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Mural of Ol' Dirty Bastard

Russell Jones (November 15, 1968November 13, 2004) was an American rapper who went by the stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard (often shortened to ODB). He was one of the founding members of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan.


  • Ladies don't love shit. Ladies just act like they love. You understand what I'm sayin'? It's an act when it comes to Ol Dirty Bastard. They ACT like they love Ol Dirty - ladies don't love Ol Dirty Bastard because … Ol Dirty Bastard is busy lovin' them. They might like Ol Dirty Bastard, know what I'm sayin? They might listen to his music or something, but really they don't pay no mind. They pay nothing no mind, nothing is paid a mind to, really, on this earth. It's just living, and dying. The world is a big ball of fire and it's just burning with no feeling.
    • Dirty Minded Documentary
  • I'm into all assholes. I like it because it's tinier than a pussyhole. It's so tiny, it's tinier than a clitoris. When i get the feeling of licking a york peppermint patty, it's a sensation.
    • Dirty Minded Documentary
  • Everyday, like probably three times a day, I'd jerk my dick off so much that the prisoners would say yo Ol' Dirty chill the fuck out. Every girl I saw on T.V., her ass looked funny to me, and i just kept jerkin my dick off, every fucking day and night.
    • Dirty Minded Documentary
  • Yeah nigga, fart that shit. [referring to a vulgar method of lighting marijuana]
    • Unofficial Rolling Stone interview, 1994
  • Do I let my children listen to my music?' Of course I do. Shoot, the worst curse is a lie.
    • From an MTV News video segment. 1995
  • When it comes to children, Wu-Tang is for the children.
    • 1998 Grammys

Song lyrics

  • First things first man you're fucking with the worst
    I'll be sticking pins in your head like a fucking nurse
    I'll attack any nigga who's slack in his mack
    Come fully packed with a fat rugged stack

    While you sleep I be the God on point, with Scottie Pippen
    As I, jump on stage, flip rip a show
    Strip and rip a hoe, wayyy like Bo
    Jackson while I'm still taxin maxin
    Relaxin sittin back sellin good tracks and
    Again and again when I rock the jam

  • You know God damn well I don't smoke this shit Meth
    *coughing* Know damn well I don't smoke this sheyit
    Know damn well!
    • Dirty Dancing
  • What y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me? I'm the Osiris of this shit!"
  • Oh baby
    I dedicate this to all the pretty girls
    All the pretty girls
    Its on [echo]
    All the pretty girls, in the world
    And the ugly girls too
    Cause to me your pretty anyways baby

    I don't have no trouble with you fucking me
    But I have a little problem wit you not fucking me

  • I'm immune to all viruses
    I get the cocaine it cleans out my sinuses
    Kill all the government microchips in my body
    I'm the paranoid nigga at your party
    I kill all my enemies at birth!
    Shut the fuck up!
    Bitch and let my slide my hands up your skirt
    • Nigga Please
  • Run-uhhn-uuhhn-uhhn, nominated at awards
    Back in the days drivin' an Accord
    • Here Comes The Judge

Osirus (2005)

  • Keep it nappy or braided up
    Dirty in the cockpit, blazin' up (FIRE!)
    • Fire

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