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Olaoluwa Abagun ( August 24, 1992) Olaoluwa Abagun is a Nigerian lawyer and women's rights activist. Abagun was born in Lagos Nigeria. Abagun was born in an inter-religious family where are father is a Muslim, while her mother is a Christian. She is the only female child of her parents' four children. She grew up as her childhood treated like her brothers.


  • Despite the overwhelming pushback against gender equality, I encourage young women and girls to remain resilient and hopeful for the holistic change we are working to create.
    • [1]Abagun talk about pushing back against gender equality.

  • I anticipate a day in my lifetime when women and girls can thrive and take up space in all socioeconomic and political spheres of society without fear of violence.
    • [2] Abagun talks about women holding positions in political spheres.

  • I call on governments, policymakers, and other key stakeholders to prioritize the rights and well-being of women and girls in COVID response plans.
    • [3] Abagun talks about women fares during the pandemic

  • Despite the challenges to women’s and girls’ empowerment, young women and girls must remain resilient and hopeful for the holistic change we are working to create.
    • [4] Abagun encourages women empowerment

  • I am a lawyer (in equity), vocal girls’ rights advocate, and an unapologetic feminist.
    • [5] Abagun talks firmly about herself.

  • My doting parents raised me to believe in Gender Equality.
    • [6]Abagun talks about her upbringing with her parents

  • Feminism is the translucent lens through which I view all individuals – EQUAL, regardless of gender.
    • [7]Abagun talks about feminism

  • I am a Woman of Rubies because of the passion I exude and my commitment to purposeful living
    • [8]Abagun talk about herself lovers of rubies

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