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Old Yeller is a 1957 film about a boy and a stray "tweet" in post-Civil War Texas.

A motion picture to remember with glowing pleasure!(taglines)

Jim Coates[edit]

  • Now and then, for no good reason, life will haul off and knock a man flat.


Arless: How fer off is heaven?
Travis: Oh, I don't know, in a fer peace, I guess.

Travis: Papa, you ain't forgetting the horse.
Jim: What horse?
Travis: Now Papa, you know I've been aching all over for a good horse to ride. I've told you time and again.
Jim: What you're needing more than a horse is a good ride.
Travis: Yes sir, but what I'm wanting most is a horse.
Jim: Alright, you act a man's part and I'll bring you a man's horse.

Tarvis: What happened?
Mama: It was so sudden, I don't hardly know.

Travis: Mama, listen. Old Yeller just saved your life and Elizabeth's, too. And he saved mine and Arliss'. We can't. We don't know for certain. I'll pen him up where he can't get out. A-and then we'll wait. We could not shoot up like he was nothing. Don't you understand?
Mama: Alright, son. If you think there's a chance.


  • A motion picture to remember with glowing pleasure!
  • All the heart, all the excitement of a great frontier adventure!


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