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Oliver Mayer is a Mexican American playwright, professor, author and screenwriter.


  • …Everyone gets caught up in the “wright” of playwright (meaning to make or build or create), whereas I take daily joy and solace in the “play” part. How rare and wonderful to be asked to play in your very job title?
  • …There is something holy about the experience of sitting in the dark, looking at the light and living the story happening in front of us in real time that just can’t be replicated…
  • I am a solo flyer. I go by dramatist or playwright. My brand is original plays that take on aspects of our shared American history that have shaped our culture. I write serious plays, but I use as much humor as possible. I also use a lot of music (original and found), and I’m not afraid to examine my characters’ sexuality…
  • …Early on is the time to be bold, to grow muscles, and build a thick skin. Tell the hard stories now—it builds the heart muscle. It’s also addictive, and will hopefully lead to more plays that matter over the writer’s career. From hard experience, I would urge all young writers to be compassionate of themselves and the source of their desire to write. The saddest thing I’ve witnessed is that fire being snuffed out…
    • On his advice to up-and-coming Latino playwrights in “Oliver Mayer” (50 Playwrights; 2017 Aug 7)
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