Oliverio Girondo

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Oliverio Girondo

Oliverio Girondo (17 August 189124 January 1967) was an Argentine poet. He travelled extensively in Europe and Africa and had close contact with the French avant garde. He edited the Ultraist manifesto in the avant-grade magazine Martín Fierro (1924).



  • Cansado,
    sobre todo,
    de hallarme cada día,
    cuando termina el sueño,
    allí, donde me encuentre,
    con las mismas narices
    y con las mismas piernas.
  • translation:
  • Tired,
    above all,
    of being always with myself,
    of finding myself everyday,
    when the dream comes to an end,
    wherever I am,
    with the same old nose
    and with the same old legs.
    • Persuadión de los días, ‘Cansancio’ (‘Fatigue’), 1942, Quoted in Chamber's Dictionary of Quotations, p. 358

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