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Olorun (Yoruba:Olòrún, IPA:ɒ̙:lɒ̙:rún) is the standard Yoruba word for "God", "Olódùmarè", used by Yoruba-speakers of all faiths. The term is most likely derived from a contraction of the Yorubic article Olu and Ọ̀rún "Lord of the heavens" to Ọlọ́run meaning "God".


  • Is the great king of the Universe and the glorious pinnacle...
  • Olodumare has rubbed Its head with Iyerosun.
    Will never die,
    which whole head is become exceedingly hoary
  • Is the final disposer of all things.
    Is the Judge that controls man's destiny
    and each will receive that which is deserved...
    • Ibid. p. 42.

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