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Om Swami is a monk and author of fifteen books including best-sellers like Kundalini: An Untold Story, A Million Thoughts, The Wellness Sense, When All Is Not Well, and If Truth Be Told: A Monk's Memoir.

A Million Thoughts (2016)[edit]

A Million Thoughts

  • The tree laden with fruits is always a bit bent. Not because of any burden but because it has something to offer.
  • The kingdom of consciousness is under siege by the desires of our mind.
  • When you forgive, somewhere you sacrifice a part of your own existence, your respect, your dignity, yourself.
  • Nothing is impossible for the one who treads the path of meditation
  • Thoughts that you do not let go leave an imprint on your mind. That imprint is the residue. Meditation is the process of washing away that residue. It is the cleaning of your slate and keeping it that way. When we fail to abandon our thoughts, they assume different forms. They can become desires, expectations or emotions.
  • Just like two pieces of wood can be rubbed together to produce fire and the same fire later consumes them both, intellect and concentration support the contemplative meditation. But when the fire of insight arises, it consumes both intellect and concentration, giving way to pristine awareness.
  • Ultimately, it's not about meditation or belief in some scripture or religion, it's about flowing with the river of life, it's about living with compassion and gratitude.

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