Omen III: The Final Conflict

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Omen III: The Final Conflict (sometimes known as simply The Final Conflict) is a 1981 British/American horror film directed by Graham Baker and the third installment in The Omen series. Starring Sam Neill, Lisa Harrow and Rossano Brazzi, the film tells the progression of the now adult Damien Thorn to position of earthly power, set against the countdown to the Second Coming and attempts of a group of priests to kill the Antichrist. The film was released in theatres on March 20, 1981.

Damien Thorn[edit]

  • Nazarene, charlatan, what can you offer humanity? Since the hour you vomited forth from the gaping wound of a woman, you have done nothing but drown man's soaring desires in a deluge of sanctimonious morality. You've inflamed the pubertal mind of youth with your repellent dogma of original sin. And now you absolve in denying them the ultimate joy beyond death by destroying me? But you will fail, Nazarene, as you have always failed. We were both created in man's image, but while you were born of an impotent god, I was conceived of a jackal. Born of Satan, the desolate one. Your pain on the cross was but a splinter compared to the agony of my father. Cast out of heaven, the fallen angel, banished, reviled. I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass, you profaner of vices. Cursed Nazarene. Satan, I will avenge thy torment, by destroying the Christ forever.
  • Disciples of the Watch- I stand before you; in the name of the one who was cast out from heaven, but is alive in me. Do you hear me? [Crowd answers: "We hear and obey."] I command you now to seek out and destroy the Nazarene child. Slay the Nazarene and I reign forever. Fail, and I perish. Slay the Nazarene and you, my disciples, shall truly inherit this earth! Fail and you will be condemned to a numbing eternity in the flaccid bosom of Christ. Do you hear me? Disciples of the Watch: there must be no delay. Slay the Nazarene and victory shall be ours, now and forevermore. Do you hear me?
  • Most people confuse evil with their own trivial lusts and perversions. Now, true evil is as pure as innocence.
  • [Last words] Nazarene, you have won... nothing.


Kate Reynolds: And who is this... Antichrist?
DeCarlo: The American Ambassador, Damien Thorn.
Kate Reynolds: [laughs] That's ridiculous. I know Damien Thorn.
DeCarlo: You know Thorn the man... but do you know his soul?