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Omowunmi Akinnifesi (December 4, 1987) is a Nigerian businesswoman and environmental ambassador for Lagos.


  • I’m in the mood to give out gifts……what would you guys like? It’s summer and people are smiling.
    • [1] Omowunmi's summer giveaway to fans in 2011.
  • From your time in the Ministry as Commissioner for Women Affairs, you have clearly demonstrated a passion for women and girls in Lagos State.
    • [2] Ms. Akinnifesi in a conversation with deputy governor in 2011.
  • This is a Nigerian-based women’s clothing label that incorporates vibrant, colourful and urban designs on high quality fabrics to create unique apparel. This ready to wear brand targets women between ages 20 to 40.
    • [3] Omowunmi launches clothing brand in 2016.
  • I said yes. Why does he have to do it today of all days. Love you always. This butterfly has been captured.
    • [4] Omowunmi display exquisite ring as prank in 2016.
  • Being single is a blessing. I feel ready to serve my King daily. Can’t wait. Be still in your singleness.You cannot become who God wants you to be without disruption.
    • [5] Omowunmi share experiences on being single in 2017.
  • Being single is the time you use in getting yourself ready to serve your household. Do not take it for granted ladies.
    • [6] Omowunmi advises single women in 2017.
  • Someone will try to destroy you. You will be controversial while walking with God. He is teaching you the importance of vision. Teaching you to build that proverbs 31 woman.
    • [7] Omowunmi talk about vision in 2017.
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