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Once Upon a Forest is a 1993 animated children's film about three "Furlings" who go on an expedition to cure a friend that has been poisoned by chemical fumes.

Directed by Charles Grosvenor. Produced by William Hanna, David Kirschner, Jerry Mills and Paul Gertz. Screenplay by Mark Young and Kelly Ward.


  • Well, what do you have to say?
  • [after one of his books crushed his invention] Great honk! Look, what you've done!
  • Well, Furlings, there are times when we must learn to accept... setbacks.
  • Marvelous! Magnificent! Stupendous! You three, you have changed so much these past few days, I hardly recognize you. [happily] You're no longer my Furlings. You've grown up.
  • No, you wrecked months and months of work!


  • [notices everyone is gone] What happened? Where is everyone? MOMMY! DADDY!
  • Uncle Cornelius, your mouth is hanging open!
  • If Uncle Cornelius asks, tell him it isn't MY fault you're late!


  • Michelle's none of those things! She's our friend, understand? We've gone too far to be stopped now! Step aside! Russell? Abigail? Are we doing this together or not?
  • [tapping a road with his foot] This ground isn't normal. It's... it's hard.
  • You know, Abigail, sometimes I wish I was brave... like you.


  • Good thing you're a slow climber!
  • Gee, and I thought meals were ALWAYS out of control at MY house!
  • Wait a minute! I know how to get up there. We'll use Cornelius' Flapper-Wing-a-Ma-Thing.
  • Yeah. And you're a mole, right? Think this is your home? [sniffs] Only stinky!


Abigail's Father: I'll have you know that when I was a Furling, I couldn't WAIT to get to Cornelius' class!
Abigail: Yes, daddy!
Abigail's Father: Well, at least he's taught you to behave! But you never stop climbing trees!
Abigail: Yes, daddy!

Edgar's Mother: Edgar! Oh, Edgar! When we ran from the gas, I was worried sick about you! Oh... did you forget your scarf somewhere?
Edgar: No, Mama. This is what I forgot.
[Edgar kisses his mama]

Russell: [whining] Mom, they won't give me a chance for breakfast!
Russell's Mother: [washing dishes] Well, you'll just have to be quicker, Roland!
Russell: [annoyed] I'm not Roland, Mother! I'm Russell! RUSSELL!

Michelle: [speaking really fast] Guess what? You'll never guess what, I'll betcha! Uncle Cornelius said I could go with you on your ramble today, but I'll betcha he's forgotten all about it, and I'll never, EVER get to see what the big surprise is! [inhales deeply] What took you so long?
Abigail: My dad!
Edgar: My mother!
Russell: No breakfast!

Russell: [pushing the tiller of a reed boat] I get to steer!
Abigail: [pushing the tiller back] Don't be silly, you'll sink us!
Russell: [pushing back] Will NOT! Give me a chance!

Waggs: Aha! NOW the truth comes out! They're just here to steal our food!
Edgar: No, we're just looking for lungwort and eyebright!
Waggs: Liar!
Edgar: It's true! We need the herbs to heal a sick badger back home!
Waggs: More lies! Why would a mole, a mouse, and a hedgehog want to help a foul-smelling, worm-eating, good-for-nothing badger?!
Edgar: Michelle's none of those things! She's our friend, understand?! And we've come too far to be stopped now! Step aside!

Michelle: Uncle Cornelius, why do you look so sad?
Cornelius: My goodness!
The Furlings: Michelle! You’re all better!
Cornelius: Oh, Michelle, my child! You're all right!
Michelle: Of course, I am! I just had... [yawns] ... a long nap!

Michelle: Look, Uncle Cornelius! All the mommies and daddies are coming back!
Cornelius: Not all, my dear. I'll never be able to replace your mommy and daddy... but I'll do my best.
[Michelle sniffles]
Michelle: I guess nothing will ever be the same again, will it, Uncle Cornelius?
Cornelius: Well, my dear, if we all work as hard to save Dapplewood as your three friends worked to save you, it will be.


  • From the creators of "An American Tail".
  • An Adventurous Race Against Time!
  • A high-flying magical, musical adventure that can only happen.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Michael Crawford as Cornelius, a badger who is Michelle's uncle and also the teacher of the furlings
  • Ellen Blain as Abigail, a young wood mouse and leader of the furlings
  • Benji Gregory as Edgar, a young mole and planner of the furlings
  • Paige Gosney as Russell, a young hedgehog and doer of the furlings
  • Elisabeth Moss as Michelle, a young badger who becomes sick after inhaling poisonous gas, Cornelius' maternal niece
  • Ben Vereen as Phineas, a religious bird
  • Will Estes as Willy, a young field mouse who becomes smitten by Abigail
  • Charlie Adler as Waggs, a squirrel who bullies the furlings
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins as Bosworth, a young bird who was saved from a puddle of oil by the furlings
  • Don Reed as Marshbird
  • Robert David Hall as Truck Driver, the man whose truck crashed and released the gas on Dapplewood
  • Paul Eiding as Abigail's father, an adult wood mouse
  • Janet Waldo as Edgar's mother, an adult mole
  • Susan Silo as Russell's mother, an adult hedgehog
  • Angel Harper as Bosworth's mother, an adult bird
  • Benjamin Kimball Smith as Russell's brother, a young hedgehog
  • Haven Hartman as Russell's sister, a young hedgehog
  • Frank Welker as the Barn Owl (uncredited)
  • Florence Warner as Abigail as an Adult (segment "Once Upon a Time with Me") / The Balladeer (as Florence Warner Jones)

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