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Once Upon a Girl is a 1976 live-action/animated pornographic film written, produced, and directed by Don Jurwich. It was animated by a group of animators who had worked for Disney, according to the director in an interview included with the DVD release.


Jack: [about his mother learning about trading the cow for the beans and beating him for it] Boy was she sore and now so is my ca-ca-ca- ass! Gee I wish I hadn't sold the cow just so I could suck on that gypsy's ti-ti-tits, [to his frog] Remember those tits, Froggy? [Froggy nods] Wow, those were the softest things I ev-ev-ev wow! [gets a boner] and those ni-ni-nipples oh boy that warm wet fu-fu-fuzzy little pu-pu-pussy, woo hoo hoo hoo shit, I get h-h-horny just thinking about her again w-w-wow!, watch out Froggy I'm gonna cu-cu-cu

Hunter: [yawning after having sex with Little Red Riding Hood] Thou it was a ripe annual fucketh Miss, thy firey cunt will stir pleasing memories, please if it pleases you proceed to yonder wedding.

Mother Goose: [after she had warned Jack that his cow would be taken away if he wouldn't stop sucking it's udders] I told you so, I told you so.
Jack: Oh go h-h-hump a hamster you old t-t-transvestite!


  • Bedtime Stories For Grown-Ups
  • Uncut, Uncensored & Incredibly Unsuitable for Children!


  • Hal Smith as Mother Goose (live action segments)
  • Frank Welker as Jack / Fairy Godmother / Prince / Additional voices
  • Richmond Johnson
  • Carol Piacente
  • Kelly Gordon

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