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What do you think stories are for? These stories are classics. There's a reason we all know them. They're a way for us to deal with our world. A world that doesn't always make sense.

Once Upon a Time (2011–) is an American fantasy drama TV series, airing on ABC, which sets traditional fairy-tale characters in the modern town of Storybrooke, Maine.


Season 1


Once Upon A Time
There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know.

Or think we know…

  • Once Upon A Time
    There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know.

    Or think we know.

    One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen.

    Our World.

    This is how it happened...

    • Opening placards to the Pilot episode (23 October 2011)

Pilot [1.01]

(23 October 2011) Synopsis and online video

Doc: You're too late.
Prince Charming: No! No! Open it.
Grumpy: I'm sorry, she's gone.
Prince Charming: At least let me say goodbye.
(The dwarves remove the coffin lid. Prince Charming kisses Snow White. Snow White awakens.)
Snow White: You. You found me.
Prince Charming: Did you ever doubt I would?
Snow White: Truthfully, the glass coffin gave me pause.
Prince Charming: You never have to worry. I will always find you.
Snow White: Do you promise?
Prince Charming: I do.

Bishop: And do you, Snow White, promise to take this man to be your husband, and love him for all eternity?
Snow White: I do.
Bishop: I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Evil Queen: (crashes Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding) Sorry I'm late.
(She advances towards the altar. The guards try to stop her but she magically pushes them away.)
Doc: (to Snow White and Prince Charming) It's the Queen! Run!
Snow White: (grabs Prince Charming's sword and aims it at the Queen) She's not a queen anymore! She's nothing more than an evil witch!
Prince Charming: No, no, no. Don't stoop to her level. There's no need. (takes his sword back and addresses the Queen) You're wasting your time; you've already lost. And I will not let you ruin this wedding.
Evil Queen: Oh, I haven't come here to ruin anything. On the contrary, dear. I've come here to give you a gift.
Snow White: We want NOTHING from you!
Evil Queen: But you shall have it! My gift to you is this happy, happy day, but tomorrow my real work begins. You've made your vows, now I make mine: soon everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken from you forever. Out of your suffering will rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do.
Prince Charming: Hey!

Bus passenger: That a good book?
Henry: This? It's more than just a book.

Henry: Uh, do you take credit cards?
Cab driver: Where to, chief?

Mary Margaret: As we build our birdhouses, remember, what you're making is a home. Not a cage. A bird is free, and will do what it will. This is for them, not us. They're loyal creatures. If you love them and they love you, they will always find you. (Bell rings) We'll pick this up after recess. No running!
(Regina enters the classroom)
Mary Margaret: Miss Mills, what are you doing here?
Regina: Where is my son?
Mary Margaret: Henry. I assumed he was home with you.
Regina: You think I'd be here if he was? Did you give him your credit card so he can find her? (she points on Emma)
Mary Margaret: I'm sorry, who are you?
Emma: I'm.. I'm his...
Regina: The woman who gave him up for adoption.
Emma: You don't know anything about this, do you?
Mary Margaret: No, unfortunately not. Clever boy. I should never have given him that book.
Regina: What in the hell is this book I keep hearing about?
Mary Margaret: Just some old stories I gave him. As you well know, Henry is a special boy: so smart, so creative, and as you might be aware, lonely. He needed it.
Regina: What he needs is dose of reality. This is a waste of time. Have a nice trip back to Boston. (she leaves)
Emma: Sorry to bother you.
Mary Margaret: No, it's-it's okay, I fear this is partially my fault.
Emma: How is a book supposed to help?
Mary Margaret: What do you think stories are for? These stories are classics. There's a reason we all know them. They're a way for us to deal with our world. A world that doesn't always make sense. See, Henry hasn't had the easiest life.
Emma: Yeah, she's kind of a hard ass.
Mary Margaret: No, it's more than her. He's like any adopted child. He wrestles with that most basic question they all inevitably face: why would anyone give me away? I am so sorry. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean in any way to judge you.
Emma: It's okay.
Mary Margaret: Look, I gave the book to him because I wanted Henry to have the most important thing anyone can have; hope. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.
Emma: You know where he is, don't you?
Mary Margaret: You might want to check his castle.

Emma: (speaking of the town clock) Still hasn't moved, huh?
Henry: I was hoping that when I brought you back things would change here. That the Final Battle would begin.
Emma: I'm not fighting any battles, kid.
Henry: Yes, you are. You're here because it's your destiny. You're going to bring back the happy endings.
Emma: Can you cut it with the book crap?
Henry: You don't have to be hostile, I know you like me. I can tell. You're just pushing me away 'cause I make you feel guilty. It's okay — I know why you gave me away. You wanted to give me my best chance.
Emma: (pauses, anguished) How do you know that?
Henry: The same reason Snow White gave you away.
Emma: Listen to me kid: I am not in any book. I'm a real person, and I'm no savior. You were right about one thing, though: I wanted you to have your best chance, but it's not with me. Come on, let's go.

The Thing You Love Most [1.02]

(30 October 2011)

Emma: So, for decades, people have been walking around, in a haze, not aging, with screwed up memories, stuck in a cursed town that kept them oblivious?
Henry: I knew you'd get it. That's why we need you, you're the only one who can stop her curse.
Emma: Because I'm the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming?
Henry: Yes! And right now we have the advantage. My mom doesn't know that. I took out the end, that part with you in it. [hands Emma pages form the storybook] See, your mom is Snow White!
Emma: Kid!
Henry: I know the hero never believes at first, if they did it wouldn't be a very good story. If you need proof, take them, read them, but whatever you do, don't let her see these pages. They're dangerous. If she finds out who you are, then it would be bad. [walking towards school] I gotta go, but I'll find you later and we can get started. [shouting back to her as he runs toward school] I knew you'd believe me!
Emma: I never said I did!
Henry: Why else would you be here?
Mary Margaret: [seeing Emma, she walks toward her]: It's good to see his smile back.
Emma: I didn't do anything.
Mary Margaret: You stayed. So. Does the mayor know your still here?
Emma: Oh, she knows. What is her deal? She is not a great people person — how did she get elected?
Mary Margaret: She's been mayor as long as I can remember. No one's ever been brave enough to run against her. She inspires quite a bit of … well — fear. I'm afraid I only made that worse by giving Henry that book — now he thinks she's the evil queen.
Emma: Who does he think you are?
Mary Margaret: Oh — it's silly!
Emma: I just got five minutes of silly — lay it on me.
Mary Margaret: Snow White. [Emma gazes at her] Who does he think you are?
Emma: I'm not in the book….

Emma: Just tell me something: this fairy-tale obsession — what is causing it? I mean, he thinks everyone is a character in his book — that's … crazy.
Archie: I hope you don't talk that way in front of him. The word "crazy" … is quite damaging; and these stories … they're his language. He has no way to express complex emotions, so he's translating as best he can — this is how he communicates. And he's using this book to help deal with his problems.
Emma: But he got the book a month ago. Has he been seeing you longer than that?
Archie: Umm, yes, he has.
Emma: So — it's Regina. Isn't it?
Archie: Ah, his mother is, a … very complicated woman, and over the years her attempts to bring Henry closer have only backfired.

Rumplestiltskin (stating his price for revealing what the Queen needs for the Dark Curse to work): In this new land, should I ever come to you for any reason, you must heed my every request — you must do whatever I say — so long as I say ... "please!"
Evil Queen: You do realize, that should I succeed, you won't remember any of this?
Rumplestiltskin: Oh, well then, what's the harm?
Evil Queen: Deal. What must I do to enact this curse?
Rumplestiltskin: You need to sacrifice a heart.
Evil Queen: I sacrificed my prize steed.
Rumplestiltskin: A horse? This is the curse to end all curses — you think a horse is going to do? Great power requires great sacrifice. The heart you need must come from something far more … precious.
Evil Queen: Tell me what will suffice?
Rumplestiltskin: The heart of the thing you love most.
Evil Queen: [angry] What I love most died because of Snow White.
Rumplestiltskin: [in mock sympathy] Is there no one else you truly love? This curse isn't going to be easy. Vengeance never is, dearie. You have to ask yourself a simple question: How far are you willing to go?
Evil Queen: As far as it takes.
Rumplestiltskin: Then please stop wasting everyone's time, and just do it. You know what you love. Now go kill it.

Henry Sr.: Did Rumplestiltskin tell you what you needed to know?
Evil Queen: Yes.
Henry Sr.: And?
Evil Queen: I'm not sure I should say. I'm conflicted.
Henry Sr.: How bad is it? Maybe I can help.
Evil Queen: I have to cut out the heart of the thing I love most.
Henry Sr.: Me.
Evil Queen: Daddy, I don't know what to do.
Henry Sr.: My dear, please, you don't have to do this.
Evil Queen: I have to do something.
Henry Sr.: Then move past this. I know this may sound self-serving, but you don't need to enact the curse.
Evil Queen: But I can't keep living like this. What Snow did to me, what she took from me, it's eating me alive, Daddy. Her very existence mocks me. She must be punished.
Henry Sr.: But, if the price is a hole that will never be filled — why do it? Stop worrying —about Snow White — and start over. We could have a new life.
Evil Queen: What kind of life? All I've worked for, all I've built will be gone. My power will disappear. They already think I'm nothing.
Henry Sr.: Power is seductive. But so is love. You can have that again.
Evil Queen: I just want to be happy.
Henry Sr.: You can be. Of this I'm sure. I believe, given a chance, we can find happiness, together — but the choice is yours.
Evil Queen: I think you're right. I can be happy. Just not here. (suddenly kills her father, then saddens at her act) I'm sorry.

Emma: Cinnamon?
Mary Margaret: Oh, I'm sorry, I should have asked — it's a little quirk of mine. Do you mind?
Emma: Not at all. When you bailed me out, you said you trusted me. Why?
Mary Margaret: It's strange, but ever since you've arrived here, I've had the oddest feeling, like we met before — and I know it's crazy.
Emma: I'm starting to re-evaluate my definition of crazy.
Mary Margaret: For what it's worth, I think you're innocent.
Emma: For breaking and entering, or just in general?
Mary Margaret: Whichever makes you feel better.

Snow Falls [1.03]

(6 November 2011)

Prince Charming: (laughs, having caught Snow White in a net) I told you I'd find you. No matter what you do, I will always find you.
Snow White: Is this the only way you can catch a woman? By entrapping her?
Prince Charming: It's the only way to catch thieving scum.
Snow White: You're a real "Prince Charming".
Prince Charming: I have a name, you know.
Snow White: Don't care. Charming suits you. Now cut me down, Charming.

Prince Charming: Where are my jewels?
Snow White: I sold them.
Prince Charming: What?
Snow White: What do you care? Don't you have a palace full of treasure somewhere?
Prince Charming: These were special. Among them was a ring that belonged to my mother; a ring I was about to give to my —
Snow White: That nag with the bad attitude? That's what this is about?
Prince Charming: She's my fiance.
Snow White: Good luck with that. You must be getting something impressive to have agreed to that union.
Prince Charming: Excuse me?!
Snow White: I know how this works. True love? It doesn't exist. It's all arranged marriages and business transactions. There's no such thing as love at first sight or first kiss.

Prince Charming: You've got a lot of anger there, don't you, Snow?
Snow White: The charges on her posters are lies. That didn't stop her huntsman from trying to rip out my heart.
Prince Charming: What happened?
Snow White: Well not everyone is a soulless royal. He took pity on me and let me go. I've been hiding in the forest ever since, trying to amass a fortune to leave this place, escape to another realm. Somewhere isolated where I can never be hurt.
Prince Charming: Sounds lonely.
Snow White: No lonelier than an arranged marriage.
Prince Charming: At least I don't prey on the innocent.
Snow White: Up until now I've only stolen from the queen. I thought yours was one of hers. No one else uses that road.
Prince Charming: We took the scenic route.
Snow White: Well, lucky for me. All I'm doing, Charming, is what it takes to survive. She wants me dead.
Prince Charming: So what did you do to incur that much wrath?
Snow White: She blames me for ruining her life.
Prince Charming: Did you?
Snow White: Yes.

Henry: You're the one that woke him up. You're the last one he saw. He wants to find you.
Mary Margaret: Henry, it's not about me. I just think he's lost an confused. He's been in a coma a long time.
Henry: But he loves you! You need to stop chasing him and let him find you.
Emma: Kid, you need to go home. Where's your mom? She's going to kill me, and then you, and then me again.

Prince Charming: Well, wherever you're going, be careful. If you need anything...
Snow White: You'll find me.
Prince Charming: Always.
Snow White: I almost believe that.
Prince Charming: Goodbye, Snow White.
Snow White: Goodbye, Prince Charming.
Prince Charming: I told you, it's James.
Snow White: (smiles) I still like Charming better.

The Price of Gold [1.04]

(13 November 2011)

Rumplestiltskin: Every story needs a memorable detail.

Regina: How was your walk with Henry? That's right, I know everything. Relax, I don't mind.
Emma: You don't?
Regina: No, because you no longer worry me, Ms. Swan. You see, I did a little digging into who you are. What I found out was quite soothing. It all comes down to the number seven.
Emma: Seven.
Regina: It's the number of addresses you've had in the last decade. Your longest stint anywhere was two years. Really, what did you enjoy so much about Tallahassee?
Emma: If you're wondering, I found a place here in town.
Regina: I know, with Miss Blanchard. How long is your lease? Oh, that's right. You don't have one. You see my point? In order for something to grow, Miss Swan, it needs roots, and you don't have any. People don't change. They only fool themselves into believing they can.

Ashley: Last night I felt contractions and the doctor says that the baby could come any day now.
Emma: That's great.
Ashley: It's just that when the baby comes, no one thinks that I can do this. No one thinks that I can do anything. Maybe they're right.
Emma: Screw 'em.
Ashley: What?
Emma: Screw. Them. How old are you?
Ashley: Nineteen.
Emma: I was eighteen.
Ashley: When — when you had a kid?
Emma: Yeah. I know what it's like when others tell you what you can and can't do, especially when you're a kid. But ultimately, whatever you're considering doing or giving up, the choice is yours.
Ashley: It's not exactly how you think it is.
Emma: It never is. People are going to tell you who you are your whole life, but you've just got to punch back and say, "No, this is who I am." If you want people to look at you differently, make them. If you want to change things you are going to have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

Henry: Please let me help.
Emma: No, it could be dangerous.
Henry: The pregnant maid is dangerous?
Emma: She assaulted Mr. Gold.
Henry: Cool!

Henry: You can't make her double-cross Gold. No one's ever broken a deal with him.
Emma: Happy to be the first. If Ashley wants to have this baby she should have it. Anyone who wants to be a mother should damn well be allowed to be one.

Henry: You know, Emma, you can do it.
Emma: What's that?
Henry: You're the only one who can do it.
Emma: Break the curse? Yes, I know. You keep telling me that.
Henry: No. Leave. You're the only one who can leave Storybrooke.
Emma: You came and found me in Boston.
Henry: But I came back. I'm ten, I had no choice, but if anyone else tried to go, bad things happen.
Emma: Anyone except me.
Henry: You're the savior. You can do anything you want. You can go.

Emma: Henry, about what you said at the hospital about me being able to leave?
Henry: Yeah?
Emma: See you tomorrow.

That Still Small Voice [1.05]

(27 November 2011)

Jiminy: I wish... I wish...
(The Blue Fairy appears before him)
Blue Fairy: I hear your wish. You don't need to wish it so loudly.

Archie: Why do you think it's so important that your... your fairy tale theory is true?
Henry: I don't know.
Archie: Give it a shot.
Henry: 'Cause... this can't be all there is.

Archie: I'm gonna continue to treat Henry, and I'm gonna do it my own way.
Regina: My relief at his safety hasn't changed a thing, Dr. Hopper. You will do as I say, or you...
Archie: Or what? You'll ruin my life? You'll do your worst? Because I will always do my best.
Regina: Don't test me.
Archie: Oh, I don't need to: because you're gonna leave me alone and let me do my work, in peace.
Regina: Really? Why is that?
Archie: Because someday, Madam Mayor, you may find yourself in a custody battle. And do you know how the court determines who is a fit parent? They consult an expert. Particularly one, who has treated the child. So, I suggest that you think about that, and you allow me to do my work. And let me do it the way my conscience tells me to.

The Shepherd [1.06]

(4 December 2011)

Prince Charming: I don't have a choice, do I?
Rumplestiltskin: Oh, everyone has a choice, dearie. Just make sure it's the right one.

Prince Charming: You were right about one thing: you can't have everything.
Ruth: My boy. My sweet, sweet boy. Give this to your wife to be. [takes off her ring]
Prince Charming: I don't love her. I don't even know her. I can't take this.
Ruth: Just because you don't know her doesn't mean you won't grow to love her. True love follows this ring wherever it goes, my son. I had it with your father. I had it as your mother. Now you will have it. Take it.
Prince Charming: No.
Ruth: Take it and I'll know, even if I never see you again, I know you will find love. I know you'll be happy.

Dr. Whale: Rough day?
Mary Margaret: I don't feel like talking.
Dr. Whale: Come on. Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone when you don't give a crap what they think.
Mary Margaret: You ever walk into a situation where you know exactly what's going to happen, and then you go into it anyway and then when what you're afraid of happens, you kick yourself because you should have known better. But that's just who you are, so you keep punishing yourself.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter [1.07]

(11 December 2011)

Graham: Mary Margaret, how long have we known each other?
Mary Margaret: Um, I don't know. A while.
Graham: Do you remember when we met?
Mary Margaret: No.
Graham: Me neither. I can't remember when I met you or when I met anyone. Isn't that odd?
Mary Margaret: I don't know. I suppose. Maybe that's just life. Things get hazy.

Regina: You don't look well, dear. Let's take you home.
Graham: I don't want to go home. Not with you.
Regina: Oh. But you'll go with her?
Emma: Hey, this is between you two. Leave me out of it.
Graham: She's right. It's between us and things have to change.
Regina: I wonder why that is all of a sudden?
Graham: It has nothing to do with her. I realize that I don't feel anything, and I know now that it's not me. It's you.
Regina: So you're leaving me for her.
Graham: I'm leaving you for me.
Regina: Graham, you're not thinking straight.
Graham: Actually, for the first time I am. I'd rather have nothing than settle for less. Nothing is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina, and the only way to do that is to give myself a chance.
Regina: Graham —
Graham: I'm sorry. It's over.

Regina: I don't know what I ever did to you, Miss Swan, to deserve this. To have you keep coming after everything I hold dear.
Graham: I told you it's not her.
Regina: None of this happened before she got here!
Emma: I'm sorry, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe the problem isn't with me, but with you?
Regina: Excuse me?
Emma: Henry came to find me. Graham kissed me. Both were miserable. Maybe, Madam Mayor, you need to good hard look in a mirror and ask yourself why that is. Why is everyone running away from you?

Desperate Souls [1.08]

(8 January 2012)

Emma: What's up? You've been ducking me for weeks.
Henry: I think we should stop Cobra stuff for a while. You don't play with a curse. Look what happened to Graham.
Emma: Henry, I told you they did an autopsy. It was totally natural causes.
Henry: Okay, whatever. You don't believe. Good. That should keep you from messing with and getting killed.
Emma: You're worried about me?
Henry: She killed Graham because he was good, and you're good.
Emma: Henry —
Henry: Good loses. Good always loses, because good has to play fair. Evil doesn't. She is evil.

Mr. Gold: Two people with a common goal can do many things. Two people with a common enemy can do even more.

Emma: This is a juvie record! It was sealed by court order. I don't know how you got it, but that's abuse of power and illegal!
Regina: Oh, I'm sorry you didn't want people to know you cut his cord with a shiv?
Emma: I don't care what people know, but this hurts Henry.
Regina: He would have learned eventually. We all lose our heroes at some point.
Emma: He doesn't need to lose anything more. He's depressed, madam mayor. He doesn't have any hope. Can't you see that?
Regina: He's fine.
Emma: He's not fine! I mean, think about it: watching his adoptive mother throw an illegal smear campaign against his birth mother? Don't you think that would be upsetting?

Emma: I'm not going to win.
Mary Margaret: What are you talking about? Everyone's talking about what you did in the fire.
Emma: No, Henry's right. I can't beat Regina at this, not the way she fights. Watch and see.
Mary Margaret: This is really just about beating Regina?
Emma: It's just —
Mary Margaret: Henry.
Emma: I want to show him that good can actually win.
Mary Margaret: That's why you want to win it for him, but why do you want to win the election for yourself?
Emma: That is why. I want to show him that a hero can win, and if I'm not a hero and I'm not the savior, then what part do I have in his life? Okay. There it is.
Mary Margaret: There it is.

Rumplestiltskin: It's you. You're the beggar.
Zoso: It looks like you made a deal you didn't understand. I don't think you're going to do that again.
Rumplestiltskin: You told me to kill you.
Zoso: My life was such a burden. You'll see: magic always comes with a price, now it's yours to pay.
Rumplestiltskin: Why me? Why me?
Zoso: I know how to recognize a desperate soul.

True North [1.09]

(15 January 2012)

Emma: They're separating them?
Regina: I don't like it, either, but we've got no choice. You need to have them in Boston tonight.
Emma: Me?
Regina: Well, you wanted to be sheriff. This is what sheriffs do. Yes, you're taking them.
Emma: No. I promised them they wouldn't be separated.
Regina: Well then perhaps you should stop making promises you can't keep.

Emma: I know it's a lot. Believe me, I know. A month ago a kid shows up on my doorstep, a kid I gave up for adoption, asking for help with something. I end up moving here, for him.
Michael: I heard about that. It's the mayor's son. Staying in town. That's a lot different than taking him in.
Emma: I don't have my kid because I don't have a choice. You do. Those kids did not ask to be brought into this world. You brought them into this world. You and their mother and they need you. If you choose not to take them, you are going to have to answer for that every day of your life. And sooner or later, when they find you, and believe me they will find you, you're going to have to answer to them.

Hansel: We did all that for an apple?
Evil Queen: Oh, trust me, dear boy. This is not just an apple. It's a weapon. A weapon for a very particular and devious enemy. One who's still under the illusion that she's safe.

Evil Queen: That compass you gave sweet little Gretel. Well, I'm afraid it didn't help her find you, though, now did it?
Woodcutter: What have you done with them? You tell me where they are!
Evil Queen: Gone. I told them you abandoned them, leaving nothing but a compass to find their way, but I didn't bring you here to answer your questions. You're here to answer mine. I offered your children everything, whatever their hearts desired, and they still chose uncertainty because of their blind faith in you. Tell me why. Why did your children refuse me?
Woodcutter: Because we're a family, and family always finds one another.

Mary Margaret: What happened?
Emma: Their dad? He showed up. He changed his mind.
Mary Margaret: Changed his mind? Just like that?
Emma: He might have had a little nudge.
Mary Margaret: [smiles] They found their father. That's great.
Emma: I wonder what that would be like.
Mary Margaret: Maybe you'll find out. You can't give up.
Emma: I don't know. I think giving up might be the best plan. I think I need to let go.
Mary Margaret: No, you don't.
Emma: Really? If they wanted to know me they wouldn't make it so hard to look.
Mary Margaret: Maybe, but maybe there's other reasons. Maybe there's an explanation.
Emma: If there is it's something crazy. Something even crazier than Henry's theory.
Mary Margaret: What's Henry's theory?
Emma: Well, that my parents put me in a magical wardrobe and sent me to this world to save them.
Mary Margaret: [laughs] Aw! Who does he think they are?
Emma: Well, for one, you.
Mary Margaret: Me?
Emma: Snow White.
Mary Margaret: Snow White has a kid?
Emma: Apparently that book you gave him, not exactly the stories in the most traditional sense.
Mary Margaret: I have a kid. You'd think I would remember that.
Emma: Yeah, you'd think.
Mary Margaret: You do kind of have my chin.

7:15 A.M. [1.10]

(22 January 2012)

Emma: (having caught Mary Margaret in a lie) This is making a volcano?
Mary Margaret: I was...
Emma: I get it.
Mary Margaret: (referring to David) He comes here every morning at 7:15 A.M. to get his coffee.
Emma: For him and his wife.
Mary Margaret: I know, I know, I know. I just like to come here to see him.
Emma: So you're a stalker.
Mary Margaret: No, not really. Maybe a little bit. I mean, it's not like I'm following him. I just know that he spends his mornings with Kathryn, gets coffee, drives to the animal shelter to start work at 7:30 and then he's home by 5:00.
Emma: Oh, is that all?
Mary Margaret: Thursdays they pick up Chinese for dinner. I can't get him out of my head.
Emma: I know. Maybe the first step is not showing up here tomorrow.
Mary Margaret: Love's the worst. I wish there was a magic cure.

Rumplestiltskin: How much for this?
Snow White: Excuse me?
Rumplestiltskin: Your boat. Exquisite craftsmanship.
Snow White: It's not for sale.
Rumplestiltskin: Of course it is, dearie! No one comes to see me without a deal in mind.
Snow White: So you're Rumplestiltskin.
Rumplestiltskin: Indeed I am. I've been looking forward to meeting you. You really are the fairest of them all, aren't you? What can I do for you?
Snow White: I need a cure.
Rumplestiltskin: What ails you, child?
Snow White: A broken heart.
Rumplestiltskin: Ah. The most painful of afflictions.

Snow White: So if I drink that I'll no longer love him?
Rumplestiltskin: The next time you see the object of your grief, you won't even remember who he is.
Snow White: I won't remember him?
Rumplestiltskin: Love is the most powerful magic. The cure must be extreme.
Snow White: Extreme sounds like an understatement.
Rumplestiltskin: Don't doubt yourself now, deary. Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams. Destroys our days. Love has killed more than any disease.

King George: So, you're the one.
Snow White: I don't know what --
King George: Enough. I know everything. You poisoned his heart, now his marriage, and with that the entire kingdom, and all because of your feelings.
Snow White: I wish feelings could be helped, but they can't.
King George: Of course they can. Love is a disease, and like all diseases it can be vanquished in one of two ways: a cure or death. Do you know where your beloved is right now? He's right down that hallway packing for his new life.
Snow White: He'll never know I'm here.
King George: Oh, yes he will, because you are going to walk down that hallway, Snow White. You're going to sneak in and tell him you received his letter. You're going to tell him why you're here, because you don't love him. It'll break his heart, and that'll cure him.
Snow White: Or you'll kill me.
King George: Oh, no. I'll kill him. Killing you would just make him love you more, and the marriage and the kingdom would ultimately crumble. But if he were to die at an assassin's hand, he would die a martyr. Midas will forgive, even laud, the death, and the merger would be complete.
Snow White: You would do that to your own son?
King George: He is not my son.

Grumpy: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. So you're coming home with us, Snow, and we're going to protect you.
Snow White: The only thing that needed protecting is destroyed: my heart.
Grumpy: It will get better.
Snow White: Yes. Yes, it will. [holds up the vial] This will take all of my feelings, all of my pain, and destroy them.
Grumpy: No.
Snow White: Why? You above all people should understand. You've lost love. What if the pain could be erased?
Grumpy: I don't want my pain erased! As wretched as it is, I need my pain. It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy. Look around, Snow. You're not alone anymore. I promise you that's all the cure you need. If the pain is too much, you can always drink it, but for today put it away.
Snow White: Okay.

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree [1.11]

(29 January 2012)

Sidney: Sometimes doing a bad thing for a good reason is okay, right?
Mary Margaret: Yeah. I mean, maybe you're doing something wrong, but if it's what's meant to be, if it's what's right, does that really make you a bad person?

King Leopold: No gifts are required to mark this special day, for they all pale in comparison to the greatest gift of all: my daughter Snow.
Snow White: Father, you make me blush.
King Leopold: Every day I look upon your face and I am reminded of your dearly departed mother, who like you, truly was the fairest in all the land.

Genie of Agrabah: Not in a festive mood?
Evil Queen: No one seems to notice my absence.
Genie of Agrabah: I noticed. (admires an apple tree) Such a lovely tree.
Evil Queen: Yes, it's from my childhood garden. The tree and I share something in common: neither of us can leave the palace and neither of us truly belongs. No matter how hard I try to please the king, he will never love me as he loved his first wife. I am trapped by the memory of the life they used to share.
Genie of Agrabah: I know about being trapped more than anyone. Maybe this will lift your spirits. [presents the queen with a mirror] So you can see yourself the way I see you.
Evil Queen: How do you see me?
Genie of Agrabah: As the fairest in all the land.

Skin Deep [1.12]

(12 February 2012)

Emma: Hey, David.
David: Hey.
Emma: Mary Margaret. So. How's your day going?
Mary Margaret: Henry's fine.
Emma: That's not what I asked you. [gets a meaningful look from Mary Margaret] You sure?
Mary Margaret: Really. He's his normal self. Regina won't keep you separated forever. When people are supposed to be together, they find a way.
Emma: So, he's his normal self. He's fine? He's happy?
Mary Margaret: Yes! [watches as Emma pouts] No! He misses you! A lot. Trust me. I'm with him like six hours a day.

Belle: Why did you want me here?
Rumplestiltskin: The place was filthy.
Belle: I think you were lonely. Any man would be lonely.
Rumplestiltskin: I'm not a man.
Belle: So I've had a couple of months to look around, you know, and upstairs there's clothing; small, as if for a child. Was it yours or was there a son?
Rumplestiltskin: There was. There was a son. I lost him, as I did his mother.
Belle: I'm sorry. So you were a man once. An ordinary man. If I'm never going to know another person in my whole life, can't I at least know you?
Rumplestiltskin: Perhaps. Perhaps you just want to learn the monster's weaknesses? Hm?
Belle: You're not a monster. You think you're uglier than you are, that's why you cover all the mirrors up, isn't it? Hm?

Rumplestiltskin: You had a life, Belle, before this; friends, family. What made you choose to come here with me?
Belle: Heroism. Sacrifice. You know, there aren't a lot of opportunities for women in this land, to show what they can do; to see the world, to be heroes. So when you arrived, that was my chance. I always wanted to be brave. I figured, do the brave thing and bravery would follow.
Rumplestiltskin: And is it everything you hoped?
Belle: Well, I did want to see the world. That part didn't really work out, but I did save my village.
Rumplestiltskin: And what about your betrothed?
Belle: It was an arranged marriage. Honestly, I never really cared that much for Gaston. To me, love is layered. Love is a mystery to be uncovered. I could never truly give my heart to someone as superficial as he. But you were going to tell me about your son.
Rumplestiltskin: I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal: go to town and fetch me some straw. When you return, I'll share my tale.
Belle: Town? You trust me to come back?
Rumplestiltskin: Oh, no. I expect I'll never see you again.

Evil Queen: I would never encourage a girl to kiss a man who took her captive; what kind of message is that?

Rumpelstiltskin: You evil soul! This was you! You turned her against me! You think you can make me weak? You think you can defeat me?
Belle: Who are you talking to?
Rumpelstiltskin: The Queen! Your friend, the Queen! How did she get to you?
Belle: The-The Queen? I don’t-
Rumpelstiltskin: I knew this was a trick. I knew you could never care for me. Oh, yeah! You’re working for her. Or is this all you? Is this you being the hero and killing the beast?
Belle: It was working-
Rumpelstiltskin: Shut up!
Belle: This means it’s true love!
Rumpelstiltskin: Shut the hell up!
Belle: Why won’t you believe me?
Rumpelstiltskin: Because no one – no one – could ever, ever love me!

Belle: You were freeing yourself! You could have had happiness if you could just believe that someone would want you, but you couldn't take the chance.
Rumplestiltskin: That's a lie.
Belle: You're a coward, Rumplestiltskin, and no matter how thick you make your skin, that doesn't change.
Rumplestiltskin: I'm not a coward, dearie. It's quite simple, really: my power means more to me than you.
Belle: No. No, it doesn't. You just don't think I can love you. Now you've made your choice, and you're going to regret it forever. All you'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.

Mr. Gold: When two people want something the other has, a deal can always be struck. Do you have what I want?
Regina: Yes.
Mr. Gold: (relieved) So, you did put him up to it, then?
Regina: I merely suggested that strong men take what they need.
Mr. Gold: Oh, and you made sure he knew exactly what to take, didn't you?
Regina: We used to know each other so well, Mr. Gold. Has it really come down to this?
Mr. Gold: It seems it has, yeah. But you know what I want. What is it you want?
Regina: I want you to answer one question, and answer it simply. What's your name?
Mr. Gold: It's Mr. Gold. Every moment I've spent on this earth, that's been my name.
Regina: But what about moments spent elsewhere?
Mr. Gold: [whispers] What are you asking me?
Regina: I think you know. If you want me to return what's yours, tell me your name.
Mr. Gold: Rumplestiltskin. Now give me what I want!
Regina: Such hostility.
Mr. Gold: Oh yeah.
Regina: Over this? (holds up a chipped teacup) Such a sentimental little keepsake.
Mr. Gold: (takes it gingerly) Thank you, your majesty. So, now that we've been honest which each other, let's remember how things used to be. Don't let these bars fool you. I'm the only one with the power around here. I'm going to be out of here in no time, and nothing between us will change.
Regina: We shall see.

What Happened to Frederick [1.13]

(19 February 2012)

Mary Margaret: What did you tell her?
David: That I needed to take a walk, clear my head, think about it.
Mary Margaret: I'm guessing that you didn't tell her the walk was with me.
David: No. No, of course not.
Mary Margaret: Why is that our default? Lying.
David: Because I don't --
Mary Margaret: We're not being honest. I know it's hard, but we have to tell her the truth about everything; about us.
David: I don't know if I can.
Mary Margaret: But you have to. If we can't be honest with other people, how can we be honest with each other?
Mary Margaret: You have to make a choice.

Mary Margaret: Remember when you told me to stay away from David and I agreed?
Emma: Yes.
Mary Margaret: I didn't.
Emma: Yeah, I know.
Mary Margaret: You do? How?
Emma: Because I'm sheriff and you are a lovesick schoolteacher. Covering your tracks isn't exactly your strong suit.
Mary Margaret: I've been discreet!
Emma: Two teacups in the sink, perfume, late nights, plunging necklines; it wasn't hard to connect the dots.
Mary Margaret: Plunging?
Emma: When I met you, you were a top button kind of girl.
Mary Margaret: Why didn't you say anything?
Emma: I'm not your mother.
Mary Margaret: No, but according to Henry, I'm yours.

Prince Charming: Stop! I know what you are. You're a siren. Your deceitful words are a spell meant to lure me to my death.
Siren: I would never hurt such a brave, powerful man like yourself. Not when there are so many more things we could do.
Prince Charming: I said stop! I not fall prey to your deceptions.
Siren: Really? You're immune to me? [changes her appearance to look like Snow White] Like me more now, Charming?
Prince Charming: You're not really her. It's an illusion. I know it's not real.
Siren: Sometimes illusions are better than truth. Everything you want, but you can't have, I can give it to you. All you have to do is kiss me. I know you want to; I can feel it.
Prince Charming: No. (kisses her and is led deeper into the lake) No! I don't want the illusion. I want reality or nothing.
Siren: This doesn't feel real? (kisses him)
Prince Charming: Snow.
Siren: That's right. It's me. I love you.
Prince Charming: No, it's not you.
Siren: Yes, it is! I love you!
Prince Charming: No, this is not real love. I've felt it and this isn't it. I know the difference.
Siren: Congratulations, Prince Charming. You're the first.

Princess Abigail: Thank you so much. Where will you go?
Prince Charming: To find Snow White.
Princess Abigail: You are going after her.
Prince Charming: True love must be fought for, because once you find it, it can never be replaced.
Princess Abigail: How will you know where to find her?
Prince Charming: A little bird helped me track her down once, hopefully it can again.
Princess Abigail: Well, then good luck. Oh, and James, please make haste. When King George discovers that the union of the kingdoms has been ruined, he will come after you. Some people will stop at nothing to ruin the happiness of others.

Prince Charming: (shouting) Snow! Snow White! Snow! Are you there?
Red Riding Hood: She's gone. She never came back after she went to find you.
Prince Charming: (whirls around in surprise) Then I'll find her. I will always find her, and I will convince her that we belong together. I will always fight for her, no matter what comes between us.
Red Riding Hood: It won't be much of a fight.
Prince Charming: What are you talking about?
Red Riding Hood: Snow wants to be with you more than anything.
Prince Charming: Don't mock me. Snow told me that we can't be together because she doesn't love me.
Red Riding Hood: She left here to break up your wedding because she's in love with you. Unless something changed her mind along the way.
Prince Charming: Not something; someone.

Dreamy [1.14]

(4 March 2012)

Emma: Hey, do you mind if I join you? So, what the hell is miner's day and why are you beating yourself up over it?
Mary Margaret: It's an annual holiday celebrating an old tradition. The nuns used to make candles and trade them to the miners for coal.
Emma: Coal? In Maine? If they were mining for lobster, I'd understand.

Belle: You're in love.
Bossy: That's impossible. Dwarves can't fall in love.
Belle: (to Dreamy) Trust me. I know love, and you're in it.
Dreamy: What's it like?
Belle: It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world. Love is hope; it fuels our dreams, and if you're in it, you need to enjoy it because love doesn't always last forever.

Mary Margaret: Leroy, you understand that a relationship between you and Sister Astrid can never happen.
Leroy: Yeah, yeah. My whole life people made it their business to tell me what I can't do. She was the first person that said I could do anything; who believed in me. I didn't want to disappoint her.
Mary Margaret: There are consequences to going through when the world tells you not to. I mean, look at me. I am a pariah in this town.
Leroy: What about your good memories?
Mary Margaret: What do you mean?
Leroy: Didn't you have moments with him that you love? Do you regret them?
Mary Margaret: No, of course not.
Leroy: Isn't that what life's about? Holding on to your good memories? All I wanted was a moment with Astrid. One moment to give me hope that any dream is possible. You've had all that, Mary Margaret, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy it, because I haven't.

Red-Handed [1.15]

(11 March 2012)

Snow White: [having been caught hiding, stands up quickly holding an egg in each hand] I'm sorry, I can go.
Red Riding Hood: Are you stealing our eggs?
Snow White: No. (looks down at the eggs) Not a lot. (moves to place the eggs in Red's basket)
Red Riding Hood: Hey, hey, it's all right.
Snow White: Thank you. It was just that last night there was something out there; there was howling and I heard it, and it was so cold.
Red Riding Hood: Come with me. Everyone calls me Red.
Snow White: I'm Sno -- Frosty.
Red Riding Hood: Frosty. Really?
Snow White: No. It's just that someone's looking for me, so --
Red Riding Hood: You don't know or trust me, yet. Hey, I get it, I just need something to call you.
Snow White: Margaret. Oh, no. Mary. Mary.

Snow White: So, your Granny's kind of intense.
Red Riding Hood: Yeah, a little. I feel like a rat in a trap.
Snow White: Is this trap keeping you from being with someone?
Red Riding Hood: How did you know?
Snow White: Well, I saw some looks exchanged back there, and I hate to break it to you, but it wasn't subtle.
Red Riding Hood: Yes. We have been friends forever, but now things are, well, changing.
Snow White: That must be nice.
Red Riding Hood: Do you have someone?
Snow White: Oh, no. I'm not sure that's in my future. You're lucky, Red.

Emma: No one's saying you did anything bad, David.
David: No, but it would explain why it didn't seem like I was lying. I wouldn't know.
Regina: Stop talking, David. (to Emma) What are you doing here? Why doesn't this man have a lawyer present? Have you even read him his rights?
Emma: No, because he's not under arrest. We're just talking.
Regina: Right. Just talking.
Emma: What are you doing here?
Dr. Whale: Mayor Mills is still Mr. Nolan's emergency contact.
Emma: You have to be kidding me.
David: I thought that was changed to Kathryn.
Regina: Well, Kathryn's currently unavailable. Some people haven't found her yet. [to Emma] Stop trying to place blame and just find her.
Emma: There's a whole lot of Maine to search, Regina.
Regina: Well you covered this room. I suggest you branch out.

Heart of Darkness [1.16]

(18 March 2012)

Mary Margaret: Enough! Please go.
Emma: You heard her.
Mary Margaret: No, I was talking to you. Emma, he's right. I need help, and you need to do you job or else I'm screwed. Just please do your job and prove me innocent. Until you do, I need some practical help.
Mr. Gold: Trust me, this is in Miss Blanchard's best interest.
Emma: Good luck, Mary Margaret. I hope your best interests are what he's looking out for. [leaves]
Mary Margaret: I can't pay you.
Mr. Gold: I didn't ask for money.
Mary Margaret: Then why are you doing this?
Mr. Gold: Let's just say, I'm invested in your future.

Grumpy: The potion you gave Snow, it changed her! She's not the same!
Rumplestiltskin: Well of course it changed her. It took away her love; left a big hole in her heart. There is no cure for what she's got. The person she was? There's no way to bring her back. No potion can bring back true love. Love is the most powerful magic of all. The only magic I haven't been able to bottle. If you can bottle love, you can do anything.

Prince Charming: Where is she?
Rumplestiltskin: On her way to the queen's highway. (produces a map) This is the route she's taking, but you'd better be quick, because if she kills the queen she becomes as evil as the woman whose life she takes.
Prince Charming: She could never become that evil.
Rumplestiltskin: Evil isn't born, dearie, it's made. If Snow starts down that road you'll never get her back.

Snow White: (shoots an arrow intended for The Evil Queen, but is thwarted when Charming jumps in front of the arrow) What are you doing? Why would you do this?!
Prince Charming: Well, because you said you appreciate action more than words. So now you're going to get both. I love you, Snow.
Snow White: But I don't love you. I don't even remember you!
Prince Charming: Well I don't care. The only thing I care about is you don't forget who you really are. I would rather die than let you fill your heart with darkness.
Snow White: You would really die for me?
Prince Charming: Does it look like I'm making this up?
Snow White: No one's ever done anything like this for me before. No one's ever been willing to die for me.
Prince Charming: No one you can remember.
Snow White: (kisses Charming softly and pulls away smiling) Charming.
Prince Charming: (smiles) Yes, it's me.

Emma: I know Mr. Gold doesn't want us to talk, but I wanted you to hear this from me: the test results came back on the heart, and the DNA was match for Kathryn. She's dead. I'm sorry, for a lot of things, but now that we have proof of the death we have enough evidence to move forward with the case against you. It's going to happen. You know I do believe you, right? All this evidence tells me one thing for certain: that you are being framed, and I think Regina's behind it.
Mary Margaret: Then why am I still in here? Why don't you confront her?
Emma: Because belief is not proof.
Mary Margaret: But you just said...
Emma: If I don't do this right, things will end up worse for you. Every time I've got up against Regina, she's seen it coming and I've lost.
Mary Margaret: So what makes this time any different?
Emma: Because she doesn't know I suspect anything.
Mary Margaret: Why would she do this to me?
Emma: I don't know but I will find out, and I won't stop until I expose what she's up to.
Mary Margaret: And how are you going to do that? This is her town.
Emma: I'm working on it. I have faith in you, but now I need you to have faith in me. [tears gather in her eyes] Can you do that?
Mary Margaret: Of course.

Hat Trick [1.17]

(25 March 2012)

Emma: I don't know what you think you're doing, but if you hurt my friend I swear I'll make you regret it.
Jefferson: Hurt her? I'm saving her life.
Emma: How do you figure that?
Jefferson: Don't play stupid. We both know what happens when people try to leave Storybrooke.
Emma: What are you talking about?
Jefferson: The curse.
Emma: [shocked] What curse?
Jefferson: The one keeping us all trapped; all, except you.
Emma: Have you been reading Henry's book?
Jefferson: Henry. You mean the Queen's father?
Emma: Henry the Mayor's adopted kid.
Jefferson: Oh, Henry. Your Henry and his book of stories. The one you choose to ignore. Maybe if you knew what I knew, you wouldn't.

Emma: Why have you been spying on me?
Jefferson: Because for the last twenty-eight years I've been stuck in this house, day after day, always the same, until one night you in your little yellow Bug roll into town and the clock ticks and things start to change. You see, I know what you refuse to acknowledge, Emma: you're special, brought something precious to Storybrooke, magic.
Emma: You're insane.
Jefferson: Because I speak the truth?
Emma: Because you're talking about magic.
Jefferson: I'm talking about what I've seen. Perhaps you're the one that's mad.
Emma: Really.
Jefferson: What's crazier than seeing and not believing? Because that's exactly what you've been doing since you got to our little hamlet. Open your eyes, look around, wake up. Isn't it about time?

Jefferson: Make a hat and get it to work. You have magic. You can do it.
Emma: [looks around the room] The hats, the tea, your psychotic behavior: you think you're the Mad Hatter.
Jefferson: My name is Jefferson.
Emma: Okay, you've clearly glommed onto my kid Henry's thing. They're just stories. The Mad Hatter is in "Alice in Wonderland," a book. A book I actually read.
Jefferson: Stories. Stories? What's a story? When you were in high school did you learn about the Civil War?
Emma: Yeah, of course.
Jefferson: How? Did you read about it, perchance in a book? How is that any different, any less real than any other book?
Emma: History books are based on history.
Jefferson: And storybooks are based on what? Imagination. Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere. You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic. [points at the hat] Now get it to work.
Emma: Here's the thing, Jefferson: this is it. This is the real world.
Jefferson: A real world. How arrogant are you to think yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind. They touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands, each just as real as the last. All have theier own rules; some have magic, some don't, and some need magic.

Mad Hatter: I hate Wonderland.

Mary Margaret: So, sheriff, I guess you'll be taking me back now.
Emma: Here. Go. (tosses the keys to Mary Margaret)
Mary Margaret: You want me to run?
Emma: No, but it's your choice. Just know something: running ain't easy. I've done my share of it, and once you go there's no stopping.
Mary Margaret: Everyone thinks I killed Kathryn --
Emma: Mary Margaret, you have to believe me. You have to trust me. I know it seems impossible, but I can get you out of this.
Mary Margaret: Why is it so important to you what happens to me?
Emma: Because when Regina framed me and you bailed me out, I asked you why and you said you trusted me. And then when I wanted to leave Storybrooke because I thought it was best for Henry, you told me to stay because that was best for him. I realized all my life I have been alone, walls up. Nobody's every been there for me but you, and I can't lose that. I can't lose my family.
Mary Margaret: Family?
Emma: Friends. Whatever. You know what I mean. Wouldn't you rather face this together than alone?
Mary Margaret: [hands the keys back to Emma]

The Stable Boy [1.18]

(1 April 2012)

Regina: (startles Mary Margaret awake) They say only the guilty sleep in prison.
Mary Margaret: What are you doing here? Where's Emma?
Regina: She hasn't arrived yet. I just wanted to stop by and offer you a chance; a chance to spare yourself and this town the messiness of a trial; the chance to confess.
Mary Margaret: But I didn't kill Kathryn. Why won't anyone believe me?
Regina: The murder weapon was found in your apartment. Your fingerprint was on the box containing Kathryn's heart. Shall I go on? Why not, for once, make it easier on everyone? Because confession or not, you're leaving Storybrooke.
Mary Margaret: And you would like that. Why? Why do you take such pleasure in this? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?

Young Regina: Marry me.
Daniel: Regina, what are you doing? What's happened? Did you tell your mother?
Young Regina: No! Now I can never tell her. She won't understand. That girl I saved was the king's daughter, and now he's proposed to me.
Daniel: What?
Young Regina: My mother accepted! [sobs] The only way out is to run, for us to leave this place, for us to be married, for us to never come back.
Daniel: Regina, do you understand what that will mean? Life with a stable boy is a far cry from being a queen.
Young Regina: Being a queen is nothing. Daniel, all I care about is you.

Young Regina: (watches as a very young Snow falls while running away from her) Snow, are you okay?
Young Snow White: No. (shakes her head) No. Why were you kissing that man in the stable? You're to marry my father. You're to be my mother.
Young Regina: Snow, please, listen to me. Hey, your father, King Leopold, he is a kind and fair man, but I don't love him.
Young Snow White: I don't understand. Why not?
Young Regina: Love doesn't work that way. Love, true love, is magic. Not just any magic. The most powerful magic of all. It creates happiness.
Young Snow White: And that man in the stables, you love him?
Young Regina: With all my heart.

Emma: (referring to a damaged shovel) Where is it?
Regina: Where is what, sheriff?
Emma: You knew I was coming.
Regina: How on earth would I know that?
Emma: Mary Margaret is a good person. She doesn't deserve this.
Regina: Miss Blanchard is a liar and a murderer. No matter what accusations you throw my way, that won't change. She is going to pay for what she's done. That woman has destroyed the last life she is ever going to destroy.

Regina: Having a bad day?
Mary Margaret: What are you doing here?
Regina: I wanted to see you while I can.
Mary Margaret: What does that mean?
Regina: Simply that the trial starts tomorrow and it won't be a long one, and you will be sent out of Storybrooke for good and I will never have to see you again. Oh, I want to enjoy this while I still can.
Mary Margaret: Enjoy what?
Regina: Justice.
Mary Margaret: Justice? Watching an innocent suffer?
Regina: You've always seen yourself that way, haven't you? Innocent.
Mary Margaret: [crying] I am innocent! I don't know what this is about! I don't know what I ever did to you, but whatever it was, Regina, I'm sorry. I truly am.
Regina: Apology not accepted.
Mary Margaret: Please don't do this to me. I don't deserve this. I did not kill Kathryn.
Regina: Oh, I know, but you do deserve this.

Henry: The eagle is in the nest and the package is secure.
Emma: I left the code book at home, Henry.
Henry: She's getting in the shower and the keys are under the mat.

The Return [1.19]

(22 April 2012)

Regina: You broke our deal.
Mr. Gold: I broke one deal in my life, dear, and it certainly wasn't this one.
Regina: Kathryn was supposed to die and Mary Margaret was to get the blame!
Mr. Gold: Yeah, but murder seems so much worse here, though doesn't it? You can't just turn someone into a snail and then step on them, can you? You didn't say kill her. We agreed that something tragic should happen to her. Now, abduction is tragic.
Regina: The intent is perfectly clear!
Mr. Gold: Oh, let's not talk about intent. Intent is meaningless.
Regina: Intent is everything!
Mr. Gold: PLEASE!

David: (startles Kathryn awake) I'm sorry.
Kathryn: What are you doing?
David: I was trying to kiss you on your forehead. It was meant to be sweet.
Kathryn: Well thank you. It's good to see you.
David: Kathryn, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm sorry I cheated on you. I'm just so sorry for all of this.
Kathryn: David, it's okay. What we had, it wasn't it for you. Maybe for both of us. I can't blame you for just being the first one to see it.
David: You are kind of amazing.
Kathryn: Yeah, I am. (laughs) Now go on, get out of here so I can get some rest.
David: I'm going to give you that kiss on the forehead now.
Kathryn: Knock yourself out.

Mary Margaret: [looking around at people gathered for a party] All of these people just to welcome me home?
Emma: You've got a lot of friends.
Mary Margaret: It didn't feel like that yesterday.

David: I need to apologize.
Mary Margaret: Yes, you do. Keep going.
David: I didn't believe you. I didn't stand with you.
Mary Margaret: You know, I will never forget that moment. The moment the world sort of blows you backwards and the one person you thought would always be there to catch you, he isn't there.
David: Look at what was going on: it was your jewelry box, your fingerprints, knife in your apartment.
Mary Margaret: It was a setup!
David: And a really good one! I'm human. I fell for it. I'm sorry, but we have to move forward.
Mary Margaret: But we can't. It's like something in this world doesn't want us together.
David: Like what? Dark forces?
Mary Margaret: Maybe. I don't know, but it's like something keeps pouring poison between us, and what I don't want is to have all of those good memories replaced by moments like that, when I looked at you and I saw that you didn't believe me.
David: I know. I am so sorry.
Mary Margaret: I know. I know.
David: But I love you.
Mary Margaret: And that is what makes it all so sad.

Emma: Well, that's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard.
Regina: I'm pretty sure that's not true.
Emma: That poor man. I know you are behind all this. I understand you own the game and that you set the board so that no one else can win, but I'm about to start playing an entirely different game. I don't care about what happens to you. I don't care what happens to me. All I care about is what happens to my kid, and you are going to leave him alone.
Regina: Am I?
Emma: Uh-uh. I'm talking. You're a sociopath, lady. You tried to take away someone that I love, and now I'm going to take away someone you love. I am taking back my son.

The Stranger [1.20]

(29 April 2012)

Regina: Miss Blanchard, I see you're back.
Mary Margaret: Yes. Isn't it wonderful? Everything worked out.
Regina: Henry forgot his lunch. Have you seen him?
Mary Margaret: He's with his mother.
Regina: Miss Blanchard, is there a problem?
Mary Margaret: Not anymore. Though someone did go to a lot of trouble to make it look like I'd done something horrible, but they failed.
Regina: Yes: Sidney Glass, who is safely incarcerated.
Mary Margaret: If it was Sidney.
Regina: You can ask your roommate. He confessed.
Mary Margaret: Of course he did.
Regina: Are you insinuating something?
Mary Margaret: Yes, I am, but I forgive you. Even if you can't admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness that your only joy comes from destroying everyone else's happiness. It's so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won't make you happy. It's only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

Regina: Henry, it's time for a change. I think it's time to transfer you to a new class with a new teacher.
Henry: Why do you want me out of Miss Blanchard's class? Is it because you framed her?
Regina: Henry! Do you really think I'm capable of doing something so horrible?
Henry: Of course. You're the Evil Queen.
Regina: Enough. Those fairytales are not real. Miss Blanchard should never have given you that book. She should be grateful I'm not trying to get her fired.
Henry: Go ahead and try! It won't work! No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win!

August: You don't see it, do you?
Emma: See what?
August: Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It's preventing you from seeing the truth!
Emma: Okay, one of us is losing it here and it's not me.
August: You don't want to believe. After everything you've seen, why can't you just do it?!
Emma: Why it so important to you that I do?
August: Because our town, everyone, needs you!
Emma: I don't want them to need me!
August: Well that's too bad, because we all do.
Emma: You're saying that I am responsible for everyone's happiness? That's crap! I didn't ask for that! I don't want it!
August: Right now! A little while ago you didn't want Henry, either, but then he came to you and now you are fighting like hell for him.
Emma: For him! Because that is all I can handle right now! I'm not even doing a good job at that! Now you're telling me I have to save everyone? That is beyond ridiculous! I don't want any of it!
August: Well that's too bad, Emma, because that doesn't change the truth: you're our only hope.
Emma: Then you're all screwed.

An Apple Red as Blood [1.21]

(6 May 2012)

King George: Did you really think that I would let you get away? You've had quite the adventure since then.
Prince Charming: Whatever it is that you're going to do to me, get on with it!
King George: I took you in as my son and you betrayed me! I would have given you everything: the crown, the kingdom. All you had to do was marry King Midas' daughter, but you decided to follow true love.
Prince Charming: Losing my life for love? That is a sacrifice I am happy to make.
King George: As you wish.

Mary Margaret: Oh, I thought you had left.
Emma: Mary Margaret...
Mary Margaret: But I couldn't tell for sure, because you didn't bother to say goodbye. Do you remember when I left? When I ran, what you said to me? You said we have to stick together. We're like family.
Emma: Yeah. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left.
Mary Margaret: You're right, you shouldn't have. So why, after everything, did you just go?
Emma: I don't want to be sheriff. I don't want people relying on me. I don't want this, any of it.
Mary Margaret: What about Henry?
Emma: I took him with me.
Mary Margaret: You abducted him?
Emma: Maybe.
Mary Margaret: So you don't want people to rely on you, but you took your son? Now that sounds like a stable home for him. What the hell is wrong with you?
Emma: I want what's best for him!
Mary Margaret: And running is what's best for him, or is that what's best for you? You're reverting, Emma. Into the person you were before you got here, and I thought you had changed.
Emma: You thought wrong.
Mary Margaret: Well regardless, you have to do what's right for Henry now.
Emma: What's that?
Mary Margaret: Oh, I don't know. You're his mother. That's your job, so you figure it out.

Snow White: (breaks into the dungeon) Charming! Charming.
Prince Charming: Snow.
Snow White: (opens the gate, then notices Charming is in a mirror) No. Oh no.
Prince Charming: The Queen took me to her palace.
Snow White: But I'm rescuing you.
Prince Charming: (chuckles) Snow.
Snow White: Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other.
Prince Charming: We'll be together. I know it. Have faith.

Evil Queen: Do you remember when I ran down your runaway horse, Snow? Do you remember when I saved your life?
Snow White: Of course. It all looks the same.
Evil Queen: Not quite. This is new.
Snow White: What's that?
Evil Queen: The grave. Daniel's grave.
Snow White: Daniel. I thought...
Evil Queen: He ran away? I told you that to spare you feelings out of kindness, but he died because of you.
Snow White: I'm sorry.
Evil Queen: I'm sorry too, but nothing can change what happened. What you did. You promised to keep my secret. You promised, but you lied.
Snow White: I was very young and your mother...
Evil Queen: She ripped his heart out because of you! Because you couldn't listen to me!
Snow White: You took my father. Haven't we both suffered enough?
Evil Queen: No!

Henry: You're the only one that can stop her!
Emma: Stop her from what? All she's ever done is fight for you. I just got out of hand, I'm sorry.
Henry: (hugs Emma, then sees apple turnover) Where did you get that?
Emma: Regina gave it to me.
Henry: Apple!
Emma: So?
Henry: You can't eat that, it's poison!
Emma: What?
Henry: Don't you see? The deal. It was all a trick to get you to eat that. To get rid of the savior.
Emma: Wait, why would she do that when I just told her I was going to go?
Henry: Because as long as you're alive, you're a threat to the curse!
Emma: Henry, you've got to stop thinking like this.
Henry: But it's the truth, and you leaving isn't going to change that!
Emma: (moves to eat the turnover) I'll prove it to you.
Henry: No!
Emma: Henry, what are you doing?
Henry: I'm sorry it had to come to this. You may not believe in the curse or in me, but I believe in you. [takes a bite of the turnover]
Emma: You see? You want to have some ice cream and then we can go back to talking about -- [watches as Henry collapses, then whispers] Henry? (shouts) Henry! Henry!

A Land Without Magic [1.22]

(13 May 2012)

Emma: It's true, isn't it?
Regina: What are you talking about?
Emma: It's true isn't it?! All of this.
Regina: Yes.
Emma: I was leaving town. Why couldn't you just leave it alone?
Regina: Because as long as you're alive Henry will never be mine!
Emma: He will never be anyone's unless you fix this. You wake him up!
Regina: I can't!
Emma: Don't you have magic?
Regina: That was the last of it. It was supposed to put you to sleep!
Emma: What's it going to do to him?
Regina: I don't know. The magic here is unpredictable.

Mr. Gold: Do my eyes deceive me or is that the look of a believer?
Emma: We need your help.
Mr. Gold: Indeed you do. It seems quite the tragic ailment has befallen our young friend. I told you magic comes with a price.
Regina: Henry shouldn't have to pay it.
Mr. Gold: No, you should, but alas, we are where we are.
Emma: Can you help us?
Mr. Gold: Of course. True love, Miss Swan. The only magic powerful enough to transcend realms and break any curse. Luckily for you, I happen to have bottled some.
Regina: You did?
Mr. Gold: Oh yes. (to Emma) From strands of your parents hair, I made the most powerful potion in all the realm. So powerful that when I created the dark curse, I placed a single drop on the parchment. Just a little safety valve.
Emma: That's why I'm the savior. That's why I can break the curse.
Mr. Gold: Now you're getting it.
Emma: I don't care about breaking the curse. All I care about is saving Henry.
Mr. Gold: Which is why it's your lucky day. I didn't use all of the potion. I saved some for a rainy day.
Emma: Well it's storming like a bitch. Where is it?
Mr. Gold: Where it is isn't the problem. Getting it is what should worry you.
Regina: Enough riddles. What do we do?
Mr. Gold: You do nothing. It has to be Miss Swan.
Regina: He's my son. It should be me.
Mr. Gold: All due respect, but it's her son and it has to be her.

Emma: What's happening to you?
August: You can see it now. You believe.
Emma: Yeah. I do, but how do I stop this?
August: Break the curse.
Emma: I'll do it, I promise, but I've got to save Henry first and I need your help.
August: No, you don't.
Emma: Yeah, I do. This is all too much. I just talked to the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin about a quest to find magic. I can't do it, August. I can't. No normal person can.
August: Luckily for us, you're not normal. You can save Henry. You can save all of -- (turns to wood)

Snow White: How did you do it?
Prince Charming: With this. It was my mother's ring. It led me back to you, and now I never want it off your finger. Will you marry me?
Snow White: What do you think? (kisses him, then pulls away with apprehension)
Prince Charming: What is it?
Snow White: There's the little matter of your father and my step-mother.
Prince Charming: Ah. That. I'm open to suggestions.
Snow White: Here's one: let's take back the kingdom.
Prince Charming: How?
Snow White: Like we shall do everything: together.

David: Snow!
Mary Margaret: Charming! You found me.
David: Did you ever doubt I would?

Belle: Rumplestiltskin. (he turns) I remember. I love you. (They embrace)
Mr. Gold: And I love you too.

Mr. Gold: We're in the land without magic, Belle, and I'm bringing it back. Magic is coming.
Belle: Why?
Mr. Gold: Why? Because magic is power.

Season 2

Broken [2.01]

(30 September 2012)

Mary Margaret: You're my daughter and I want to talk to you. I know that we have talked but we didn’t know that we were talking. We talked about things we probably shouldn’t have even talked about. One night stands and the like.
David: One night stands?
Mary Margaret: Whale.
David: Whale?!
Mary Margaret: We were cursed. That is neither here nor there.

Mr. Gold: What can I do for you?
Emma: What you can do is tell us what you did.
Mr. Gold: I'm sorry, you're gonna have to be more specific.
David: You know damned well what we're talking about.
Mary Margaret: You double-crossed Emma, you took your potion from her...
David: And did who knows what to this town.
Emma: And worst of all, you risked Henry's life.
Mr. Gold: Well, that is quite a list of grievances, now isn't it?
Emma: Maybe I don't need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face.

Phillip: I'm going to go collect some wood to build a fire. I'll be back in five minutes.
(Phillip and Aurora kiss passionately).
Aurora: This is a "see you in five minutes" kiss?

David: Don't worry. Emma and Mary Margaret, they're alive.
Henry: How do you know?
David: I have faith.
Henry: But...
David: Henry, come here. I will find them. I will always find them.

Mulan: That thing out there is dangerous. And Philip... he left to protect you. So even if I don't believe in his methods, I'm going to honor his wishes. I'm going to keep you safe.
Aurora: I never asked him to.
Mulan: You never had to. Everything he does, he does for you. And now he's going to die for you. Love is sacrifice, something you clearly don't understand.

We Are Both [2.02]

(7 October 2012)

Regina: You know what? Maybe you should be less concerned about hats and more concerned about taking care of my son.
David: Oh, because you took such good care of him.
Regina: I will not listen to childcare lectures from a man who put his daughter in a box and shipped her to Maine.
David: Okay, listen. I need my family. There is magic here now. There have to be ways to follow them.
Regina: Follow them where? Into a sucking, airless void? Good luck getting magic to work, because as you said, you'd be charcoal.
David: Frustrated, are we? Serves you right. You earned every bit of this!
Regina: Keep on baiting me, Charming. Right now I don't have magic and I don't have my son, but when I get one I get the other, and you don't want to be around when that happens.
David: If you have to use magic to keep your son, you don't really have him.

Henry: How long am I in prison? Until I grow up?
Regina: Henry, I rescued you because I love you.
Henry: So I'm a prisoner because you love me. That's not fair.
Regina: You know where I come from. That was really not fair. Of all the places I've seen, this is the fairest of them all.
Henry: You ruined lives! You sent away Mary Margaret and Emma.
Regina: That was an accident.
Henry: The way you treated me wasn't an accident. You made it so no one believed me. You made me feel like I was crazy.

Archie: Get out of the way! We have a right to go!
David: Listen to me. Listen! If you cross that line you're going to be lost. Everyone who loves you will lose you, but there's something worse: you'll lose yourself. Look, I get wanting to leave here. I do. And I get that it's easier to let go of bad memories, but even bad memories are part of us. David, Storybrooke David, was -- is -- weak, confused, and he hurt the woman I love. I wouldn't give up being Charming just to be him, but you know what, I wouldn't make the other trade either, because that David reminds me not only of whom I lost but of who I want to be. My weaknesses and my strengths, David and the prince. I am both. Just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both. Stay here and every choice is open to you. Live in the woods if you want. Hell, live in a shoe if you want. Or eat frozen burritos and write software. Let's open Granny's and the school and then get back to work. I will protect you. She won't be able to hurt any of us, not as long as I'm alive. Not as long as we all come together as we did before! As we shall do again!

David: I want to see him!
Regina: Henry, come down. You won't be using your sword.
David: Whatever you conjure I can fight.
Regina: I mean you won't need your sword. Henry, you're going to go home with David.
Henry: Really?
Regina: Really. I shouldn't have brought you here. I was -- I don't know how to love very well. I wasn't capable of it for a very long time, but I know, I remember that if you hold on to someone too hard that doesn't make them love you. I'm sorry I lied to you, that I made you feel like I didn't know who you are, but I want you to be here because you want to be here. Not because I forced you and not because of magic. I want to redeem myself. Go get your things.
David: Then prove it.
Regina: How?
David: Answer one question. Does it exist?
Regina: What?
David: The Enchanted Forest. Our land. Does it still exist?
Regina: Yes, but I have no idea how to get back there. I can see I just launched you on a heroic quest. Just make sure that you also take care of my son.
David: That I can do.

Lady of the Lake [2.03]

(14 October 2012)

Mulan: (opens weapons chest) Choose wisely. We must be vigilant if we hope to survive the journey.
Emma: Where's my gun? I want it back.
Mulan: Is it magic?
Emma: That depends on who's pulling the trigger.
Mulan: Follow my lead, step where I step, do exactly as I say and you might survive.
Emma: Thanks for the pep-talk, but I think we're okay. I just killed a dragon last week.
Mulan: Have you ever seen an ogre?
Emma: I'm pretty sure I've dated a few.

Emma: I'm sorry I torched our ride home. I couldn't let her get to Henry. I just...
Mary Margaret: You had to put Henry first.
Emma: I was angry at you for so long. Wondering how you could choose to let me grow up without you. After seeing all this, you gave up everything for me, and you're still doing that. I'm sorry, I'm not good at this. I guess I just -- I'm not used to someone putting me first.
Mary Margaret: (hugs Emma) Well, get used to it.

The Crocodile [2.04]

(21 October 2012)

Milah: Other wives became honored widows while I became lashed to the village coward. I need a break. Run home, Rumple. It's what you're good at.

Killian Jones: Where are my manners? We haven't been formally introduced: Killian Jones. Now, what are you doing aboard my ship?
Rumplestiltskin: You have my wife.
Killian Jones: Well, I've had many a man's wife.
Rumplestiltskin: No, we have a son, and he needs his mother.
Killian Jones: I have a ship full of men who need companionship.
Rumplestiltskin: I'm begging you. Please let her go.
Killian Jones: I'm not one for bartering. That said, I do consider myself an honorable man; a man with a code. So, if you do want your wife back all you have to do is take her. [throws sword on the ground] Never been in a duel before, I take it? It's quite simple really. The point goes in the other guy. Go on, pick it up. A man willing to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets.
Rumplestiltskin: Please, sir. What am I going to tell my boy?
Killian Jones: Try the truth: his father's a coward.

The Doctor [2.05]

(28 October 2012)

(David punches Dr. Whale in the face)
Dr. Whale: What the hell was that for?
David: Sleeping with my wife.
Dr. Whale: Kathryn?
David: Snow.

The Evil Queen: I want true happiness.
Rumplestiltskin: Then find it elsewhere, dearie! Magic can do much, but not that. Dead is dead.
The Evil Queen: Then I am lost.
Rumplestiltskin: And I've had my time wasted. I'm sorry, but, uh, transcending death is beyond even my reach.

Daniel: Stop... just stop the pain.
Regina: How?
Daniel: Just... let me go.
Regina: No. No, I won't lose you again. Without you, I'm lost. Daniel, come back to me.
Daniel: Can't. Can't.
Regina: But I love you.
Daniel: Then love again.

Dr. Frankenstein: (as his brother rises from the dead) It's alive!
Igor: You did it! Victor, you did it!
Dr. Frankenstein: I believe I have. Welcome back, brother.
Igor: It's magic Dr. Frankenstein!
Dr. Frankenstein: No. Not magic. Science.

Tallahassee [2.06]

(4 November 2012)

Neal: I might be a pervert, but you're definitely a car thief.

Emma: How long do you think that magic knockout powder lasts?
Hook: I don't have a clue.
Emma: That's my rush.

Mary Margaret: We go back together. That is the only way.

Child of the Moon [2.07]

(11 November 2012)

Belle: You have wolf hearing too?
Granny: It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel.

Into the Deep [2.08]

(25 November 2012)

Cora: My dear Captain, it seems you've been on quite an adventure. The compass, please.
Hook: Yes, that.. Well, matters grew complicated. It's eluded me for a moment. The details of the affair are a bit of a bore.
Cora: Really? Stealing my protection spell and climbing the beanstalk without me might seem like a bore to you. But to me, it's a betrayal.
Hook: I was going to bring it to you. Our agreement remains. We are going to Storybrooke together. I'll get it back.
Cora: I don't have time for your games. I've crossed through too many worlds to be brought short at the brink of success. Who was it who bested you?
Hook: The Swan girl. Emma. Be assured, it won't happen again.
Cora: No, it won't. You chose her, and the consequences of that decision.
Hook: Oh, you gonna kill me now? Go ahead. Try.
Cora: So brave. No, I'm not going to kill you. I have something far more satisfying in mind. I'm going to leave you here with your thirst for revenge unquenched. While I complete our journey without you.
Hook: There's no need to be rash. We can discuss this.
Cora: Your pretty face buys you a lot, but not my time. It's too valuable.
Hook: I can do this. I can get it back. You need me.
Cora: No, I don't. You've had your chance. Now it's my turn to do this. The right way.

Queen of Hearts [2.09]

(2 December 2012)
Cora: I'm the Queen of Hearts. Do you really think I'd be so careless as to keep my heart where everyone else does?

(Emma stops Cora from grabbing Snow's heart by stepping in place for her)
Cora: Oh, you foolish girl, don't you know love is weakness? [Cora tries to rip Emma's heart, but it won't budge]
Emma: No, it's strength. (Cora is blasted aside)

Emma: Your mom - she's a piece of work, you know?
Regina: Indeed I do.

David: You did it.
Mary Margaret: Did you ever doubt I would?
David: No, though the burning red room did give me pause.

Mr. Gold: Congratulations, you just reunited mother and son. Maybe one day they'll even invite you to dinner.

The Cricket Game [2.10]

(6 January 2013)

(Henry and Emma walk in on David and Mary Margaret in bed together)
Mary Margaret: The trip home was tiring and I needed rest.
David: And I needed to help her rest.
Emma: I'm... gonna go... make some tacos. (ushers Henry out of the room)
David: It's impressive that we can still provide her with a few traumatic childhood memories at this stage in the game.

Regina: [to Ruby] Go take yourself for a walk.

Cora: My daughter's lost everything now.
Hook: Well aren't you "Mom of the Year".

The Outsider [2.11]

(13 January 2013)

Hook: I've always wanted to dissect a cricket.

Emma: You plotting your escape from Shawshank, kid?

Belle: (to Phillip) You're not the first beast I've faced.

In The Name Of the Brother [2.12]

(20 January 2013)

Emma: You hurt Belle.
Hook: I hurt his heart. Belle's just where he keeps it.

Emma: Keep smiling buddy. You're chained down. He's on his feet, immortal, has magic and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick dead guy of the year, I'd pick you.

Emma: In a normal town, the Sheriff goes in and asks a few questions. She doesn't bring her parents in with her.
David: That's probably true.

Emma: Gold, are you insane?!
Mr. Gold: Yes I am.

Tiny [2.13]

(10 February 2013)

(David, Mary Margaret and Leroy are running away from Anton)
Leroy: So you got a twin brother? Whose name is James? But your name is James!
David: Actually, it's not.
Leroy: Charming then?
Mary Margaret: No, that's a nickname I gave him.
Leroy: So what the hell is your name?
David: David!
Leroy: Your cursed name?
David: My real name!
Leroy: What, you're David, James and Charming? David's like, a middle name?
David: No, it's my name name!
Leroy: You know what? I'll call you whatever I damn well please!

Manhattan [2.14]

Nothing. It …just … looks like a dreamcatcher.
(17 February 2013)

Emma: (points to Apt. 407 which has no nameplate) Here's your boy.
Mr. Gold: It could just be vacant.
Emma: You might traffick in names and magic, but I traffick in people who don't want to be found. And those sort of folks don't like to advertise their whereabouts.

Emma: (Presses buzzer) UPS package for 407.
(Clamoring footsteps down fire escape)
Henry: Maybe you should have said FedEx.

August: (in typewritten message to Neal): I know you're Baelfire.

Henry: Why are you so nervous? When I found my mom, I was excited.
Mr. Gold: Because I have the benefit of a little more... life experience. I know that things don't always happen the way we want them to.
Henry: Sure, but in my book it says that you can see the future, why can't you just look and see what's going to happen.
Mr. Gold: Well, that ability is complicated. I didn't always have it. And then when I did, well … it's maybe not the "gift" one would expect. Seeing the inevitable can be a terrible price.
Henry: But you wouldn't have to worry about stuff. You'd just know.
Mr. Gold: [smiles sardonically] But that's the Great Trap. The Future … is like a puzzle — with missing pieces — difficult to read, and never, NEVER, what you think.

Mr. Gold: You found something, dearie?
Emma: Nothing. It... just... looks like a dreamcatcher.
Mr. Gold: Well, if it's nothing why are you still holding it? You're lying to me.

The Seer: I've been expecting you.
Rumplestiltskin: Then you know exactly why I came here.
The Seer: What I fortold during the Ogres War has finally come to pass.
Rumplestiltskin: Well in a matter of speaking. I uh hobbled myself on the battlefield, was branded a coward. My wife ran away and left me. Then my son was called to the front. Oh, then I became the Dark One. Then Bae left me. So yes, my actions on the battlefield left my son fatherless, but would have been nice to know all the pesky detail!

Rumplestiltskin (as the Seer transfers her powers to him): I can't … see … anything — it's too much! It's nothing but a jumble!
The Seer: The Future is a puzzle, with many pieces to be sorted. In Time you will learn to separate what can be from what will be.
Rumplestiltskin: This is why you wanted to give me your power — to free yourself from this torment!
The Seer: In Time you will work it all out. (Rumplestiltskin starts to leave) Wait. As gratitude I offer you one piece of the puzzle. You will be reunited with your son, and it will come in a most unexpected way.
Rumplestiltskin: How?
The Seer: A boy — a young boy will lead you to him. But beware, Rumplestiltskin, for that boy is more than he appears. He will lead you to what you seek, but there will be a price. The boy will be your undoing.
Rumplestiltskin: Then I'll just have to kill him.

The Queen Is Dead [2.15]

(3 March 2013)

Hook: Tick-Tock. Time's up, crocodile.

The Miller's Daughter [2.16]

(10 March 2013)

Emma: I can't cast a spell. I can spell a "spell."
Mr. Gold: You can. It's in you.
Emma: Well, how? Here? Like from my brain?
Mr. Gold: Just try. [Emma starts to concentrate her thoughts] Stop thinking! Conjuring magic is not an intellectual endeavor — its emotion. You must ask yourself: "WHY am I doing this? WHO am I protecting?" FEEL it. (Emma has a visionary experience, and a spell of protection is cast) Oh, yeah, you feel it.
Emma: I think I did.

King Xavier: This is not about love, it is about alliances. Love is weakness. It isn't for a hard woman like you. That should make your choice easier.
Cora: My choice?
King Xavier: Run off with an evil imp you don't think anyone knows about in the name of Love, or stand next to my son, a crown on your head and citizens at your feet.
Cora (placing her hand on his chest): If the choice is love or power, even having a heart is a liability, don't you think?

Belle (on phone): Mr. Gold... I told you before... I don't remember you.
Mr. Gold: I know, I know. It's just … sweetheart, I'm … I'm dying.
Belle: Oh — I'm … I'm so sorry.
Mr. Gold: I know that your confused about who you are. Now I'm going to tell you. … You are a hero who helped her people. You are a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man. Really, really loved me. You find goodness in others, and when its not there you create it. You make me want to go back — back to the best version of me. And that never happened before. … So when you look in the mirror, and you don't know who you are, that's who you are. Thank you.

Cora (dying after Regina has placed her cursed heart back into her, and she feels love for her daughter for the first time): This would have been enough. You would have been enough.
Regina: Mother! What's going on? (clasping Cora's body) Mother don't leave me, please. What am I going to do?
Mr. Gold: Your mother did you no favor.
Regina: Shut up! You stole her life! You cast some spell.
Mr. Gold: I did nothing.
Mary Margaret (shouting from street, having regrettied her decision to trick Regina): Regina! Stop!
Regina (glaring at her): You did this.

Welcome to Storybrooke [2.17]

(17 March 2013)
Mary Margaret: How do you do it?
Mr. Gold: Do what?
Mary Margaret: Live with yourself, knowing all the bad things you've done.
Mr. Gold: Well, you tell yourself you did the right thing, And if you say it often enough, one day you might actually believe it.

Selfless, Brave and True [2.18]

What I create is not from this world, because the people who need my help suffer from afflictions that science cannot treat.
(24 March 2013)
You haven't met me. At least not the real me.

Neal: The reason that Tamara was getting her stuff is that she is on her way here.
Emma: Here? As in Storybrooke?
Neal: Yeah, she should be here at Granny's any minute now.
Emma: What are you thinking?
Neal: What do you mean?
Emma: I mean what are you going to tell her when she sees a giant or a werewolf run past her down Main Street? Between Greg Mendell or food obsessed tourists — and now your fiancee — this town is turning into a theme-park!
Neal: Maybe I didn't think it all the way through, I'm sorry, I need her. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to…
Emma: No need to apologize to me — I'm not the one you're lying to.
Neal: Whose lying?
Emma: Does she know who you really are and where your really from? Take my advice — don't let her find out on her own. Tell her the truth. Tell her everything.
Neal (phone beeps): It's her. She's ten minutes away. Why don't you stay and get to know her?
Emma: I really should be going.
Neal: I know — but we're all connected. Now, it might be nice for you two to talk. Just stay and say hello. She's bringing bagels.

The Dragon: Your photograph — its on the desk. Do not forget to take it when you leave.
Tamara: I'm not going anywhere until I get the truth.
The Dragon: Interesting choice of words from someone who lied about being sick.
Tamara: You're right. I don't have cancer.
The Dragon: And yet, you sought me out.
Tamara: I've been searching for someone like you for a very long time.
The Dragon: Ah, for magic.
Tamara: It's rare in this world. So rare most would say its … fiction.
The Dragon: But not you.
Tamara: Not me. But finding it — that has not been easy. I found the world full of frauds — until you. I've analyzed the contents of this bottle with the most sophisticated techniques available to man. You know what I found? … Nothing.
The Dragon: So — I'm a fraud too.
Tamara: No.Literally NOTHING. The liquid in this bottle doesn't contain a single element found in this world. Can you explain that?
The Dragon: What I create is not from this world, because the people who need my help suffer from afflictions that science cannot treat. People like the man you stole that from.
Tamara: I didn't steal anything. I paid for what's in this bottle. But — now that I have it, I cant risk anyone else finding you. (Turns with a glowing shock device in her hand) It was nice meeting you.
The Dragon (He exhales glowing red vapors and floats forward as he begins to reveal his dragon form): You haven't met me. At least not the real me. (He begins to rise amidst swirling red vapors and she strikes at him with the shock device and his body falls).

Lacey [2.19]

Mr. Gold: Brown hair. Beautiful blue eyes. An accent you wouldn't soon forget. Her name is Belle.
Bartender: Belle? Are... are you sure? 'Cause that sounds an awful hell like Lacey.
Mr. Gold: Who the hell is Lacey?

Mr. Gold: Not a coincidence. Fate. And apparently, fate has a sense of humor.

The Evil Queen [2.20]

The Evil Queen: They will. When she is gone, when Snow is dead, then they will see my kindness.
Rumplestiltskin: Yes, through the charred remains of their homes. I'm sure that will be perfectly clear.

The Evil Queen: Excellent. I'm about as regal as a potato.

Second Star to the Right [2.21]

And Straight On 'Til Morning [2.22]

Emma: You did that to Cora because you had to.
Mary Margaret: I did it because it was easy. It was a mistake. There were other paths, harder paths. And I wish I had taken them.

Season 3

The Heart of the Truest Believer [3.01]

Lost Girl [3.02]

(6 October 2013)
Emma: [holding a sword to Pan's throat] Where's Henry?
Peter: You've got fire. I like fire.

Emma: [Hook offers her a flask] Is rum your solution to everything?
Hook: Well, it certainly doesn't hurt.

Hook: Tell me something, luv. In these stories... what was I like? Other than a villain. Handsome, I gather.
Emma: If waxed mustaches and perms are your thing.
Hook: I take it that perms are bad?

Emma: That look in his eyes, the despair, I had it. Back when I was in the foster system. Just a lost little girl who didn't matter. Who didn't think she ever would. A little girl who cried herself to sleep every night because she wanted her parents so bad and could never understand... why they gave her up.
Mary Margaret: And then you found us. And it was too late.
Emma: It's just on this island, I--I don't feel like... a hero or a savior. I just feel like what I've always been. An orphan.

Rumplestiltskin: Sword's a fake, dearie. Shoddy craftsmanship, too. But then again, what can you expect from a shepherd? Lucky it wasn't made out of wool

Quite a Common Fairy [3.03]

Nasty Habits [3.04]

Good Form [3.05]

David: I had a brother too, you know. A twin. He died before I ever met him.
Hook: There were two of you? I can barely stomach one.
David: Well, you would have liked him. He was a thief and a liar.
Hook: Yeah, you would have liked my brother. He could be a stubborn ass.

Pan: What, you think that kiss actually meant something?
Hook: I do. I think it means she's finally starting to see me for the man I am.
Pan: What? A one-handed pirate with a drinking problem? I'm no grown-up, but I'm pretty sure that's less than appealing.

Nasty Habits [3.06]

Neal: So I take it you've a plan, or the whole sacrifice your life thing was just you being dramatic?

David: There is no hope.
Captain Hook: If there's one thing I've gleamed from you hero types it's that there's always hope.

Rumplestiltskin: You're my happy ending. This is. Because it's my redemption. I can be strong son. If you have faith in me.

Belle: You've always felt more comfortable behind a mask.
Rumplestiltskin: You were the only one who could ever see past it. Past the mask of the monster.

Dark Hollow [3.07]

Think Lovely Thoughts [3.08]

The Shadow: Neverland is a place for children to visit in their dreams, not a place for them to live. You were the first to try and stay and in doing so you're breaking the rules.

Henry: I know all magic comes with a price. Saving magic must come with a price too.

Mr. Gold: You mind if I, uh, borrow this? You said no magic, I agreed. But I'm not walking in there with nothing but my good looks.
Captain Hook: Now, I, on the other hand...
David Nolan: [Tosses him a sword] Here, in case your good looks fail you.

Regina: You better come through, Gold, or I'll make whatever Pan has planned for you look like child's play. You understand me?
Mr. Gold: Well, a simple "good luck" would have sufficed.

Malcolm: He didn't even leave me a shilling for a pint - how rude.

Save Henry [3.09]

Regina: Once upon a time there was a queen. And she cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted... or so she thought. She despaired when she learned that revenge was not enough. She was lonely. And so she searched the land for a little boy to be her prince. And then... she found him. And though they lived happily, it was not ever after. There was still an evil out there lurking. The Queen was worried for her prince's safety. While she knew she could vanquish any threat to the boy, she also knew she couldn't raise him without worrying. No. She needed to put her own troubles aside. And put her child first. And so the Queen procured an ancient potion of forgetting. It's all right. If the Queen drinks the potion, she won't forget her child. She'll only forget her worries. Her troubles. Her fears. And with those gone, she - and her prince - can indeed finally live happily ever after.

David: I didn't think it was possible. A hero, a villain, pirates. That we could all be untied but we were because of the most important piece of the puzzle. A leader.

Peter Pan: Last words from the Queen. Perhaps a deathbed confession from the one who has the most to regret of all.
Regina: Yeah, there's one problem with that. I did cast a curse that devastated an entire population.I have tortured and murdered. I've done some terrible things. I should be overflowing with regret, but... I'm *not*. Because it got me my son.

The New Neverland [3.10]

Snow White: [using their honeymoon as cover to search for Medusa] You aren't mad, are you?
Prince Charming: I fell in love with you on a troll bridge after you robbed me and hit me over the head with a rock. I knew what I was getting myself into.

Captain Hook: I made a decision when it comes to Emma. I'm going to back off.
Neal: Back off?
Captain Hook: For the sake of the boy. Let his parents have a fair shot. Without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way.
Neal: You serious?
Captain Hook: Yeah. I *am* dangerously handsome.

Emma: Sure you don't have other reasons for pushing me toward Neal?
David: Like what?
Emma: I don't know. Keeping me away from Hook?
David: You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man.

Henry: [In Pan's body] When we find Pan, remember he's still in my body. So if you have to throw a fireball or something, please avoid the face.

Going Home [3.11]

Mary: And do you know what I saw when I looked inside? Hope.
Henry: Looks like fairy tales to me.
Mary: And what exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope. Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.

[Peter Pan has some of the Storybrooke characters immobilized by a spell, when Mr. Gold confronts him. Earlier, Pan placed an anti-magic cuff on Gold.]
Peter Pan: But still,...no magic.
Mr. Gold: Oh, but I don't need it. You see, you may have lost your shadow, but there's one thing you're forgetting.
Peter Pan: And what's that?
Mr. Gold: So have I. I sent it away with something to hide. [His shadow appears with the Dark One dagger in it's hand, and reattaches itself to Mr. Gold. Gold grabs Peter Pan and holds the dagger behind his back.]
Peter Pan: What are you... doing?!
Mr. Gold: You see, the only way for YOU to die, is if we BOTH die. And now,... now I'm ready! [Stabs Peter Pan in the back, which causes him to turn back into Malcolm] Hello, poppa.
Malcolm: Rumple, please. You can stop this. Remove the dagger. We can start over. We can have a happy ending.
Mr. Gold: Ah, but I'm a villain. And villains don't get happy endings. [Stabs the dagger through his heart, killing himself and Malcolm]

Mother Superior: Good luck, Snow. Have faith.
Snow White: That's easy to say when you have magic wings and a wand.

Captain Hook: His curse remains. Can you stop it? Or should we all start preparing our souls. 'Cause mine's going to take some time.

Regina: Henry, I was wrong, too. It wasn't your fault. It's mine. I cast the curse out of vengeance. And I'm... I'm the villain. You heard Mr. Gold. Villains don't get happy endings.
Henry: You're not a villain. You're my mom.

New York City Serenade [3.12]

Regina: I don't run from monsters. They run from me.

Witch Hunt [3:13]

Red Riding Hood: Seems like old times doesn't it? Except not running from Regina but with her.
Snow White: She's changed. I have to believe for the better.
Red Riding Hood: I hope it sticks. But regardless, she doesn't look too good. If she hadn't tried to hurt us so many times I might be worried about her.

Rumplestiltskin: You feed the madness and it feeds on you.

Prince Charming: A monkey with wings?
The Evil Queen: Yes, that's exactly what it is.
Neal: this sounds normal to you guys here.
Belle: Actually, it is. But not here. Theres is one land that has creatures like this. I've heard about it: Oz.

The Evil Queen: I think we know exactly who's taking a presence in our castle. The Wicked Witch.
Grumpy: Are we talking East or West?
Snow White: Does that matter? Neither one sounds good.
Grumpy: At one you drop a house on, the other you toss a bucket of water at.

The Tower [3.14]

Emma: You are glad to hear I got my heart broken?
Hook: If it can be broken, it means it still works.

Hook: You know something, Swan? Whenever you're around, I inevitably find myself trekking through some manner or woods or forest, courting danger.

Emma: There's definitely someone living here. Looks empty right now, though.
Hook: Why are we whispering?
Emma: Because good hideouts always *look* empty. Trust me. I spent a lot of time tracking down people who don't want to be found. I know about hiding out.

Quiet Minds [3.15]

Robin Hood: [Holding up a bottle of whiskey] What about this? Is this magical?
Regina: Not exactly. But it is a liquid that can conjure courage, give strength, or even act as a love potion of sorts. It's called whiskey, and no, it's not magical... especially the next day.

Regina: A good witch covers her tracks, but a better one can uncover them.

Emma: I almost married a monster from Oz. It's hilarious.
Neal: I almost married a minion of my evil grandfather, Peter Pan so I know what you're saying.

Robin Hood: Apologies, m'lady. I thought you were the Wicked Witch.
Regina Mills: And I thought you were a flying monkey.

It's Not Easy Being Green [3.16]

Captain Hook: I know you're hurting, Swan, but there are better ways to grieve Baelfire's death then letting anger overcome you.
Emma Swan: Let me guess. Rum?
Captain Hook: Never hurts.

Regina: This isn't the Wild West.
Zelena: No, dear. It's the Wicked West. And I want everyone to be there to see the Evil Queen lose.
Regina: I don't lose.
Zelena: Neither do I. One of us is about to make history.

David: And you're sure Cora never said anything about her?
Regina: I think I would remember if my mother told me she had a love child with a scarecrow.

Wizard: Be careful. It is one thing to wonder about your past, but another to become envious of things you cannot have.

The Jolly Roger [3.17]

Regina: Which means Zelena won't be able to put her hands on that baby.
Mary: Any idea why she would want to.
Regina: The number of spells involving baby parts would surprise you.

Smee: Of course there's safe passage. We could outrun them.
Hook: Not with that torso of yours.

Emma: Hook's good with Henry and Henry likes him.
Regina: He's prone to violence, impulsive, and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12-year-old boy wouldn't like?

Bleeding Through [3.18]

A Curious Thing [3.19]

Snow: It's happening again. I'm about to give birth, and an evil sorceress is threatening the future of my child.
Regina: To be fair, the first time I was threatening you. Everyone else just became collateral damage.
Grumpy: Remind me again why we forgave her?
Regina: Because I'm helping!

Grumpy: Wait. You want to sneak into Rumple's castle where he's being held captive by the Wicked Witch? Name's Grumpy, not Stupid.

Charming: Why do women keep their shoeboxes?
Snow: Because after True Love there is no more powerful magic than footwear. It has to be protected.

Charming: We've always shared one heart. It'll only grow strong when you look at that baby's face... and see the love I have for you in its eyes.
Snow: I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.
Charming: And I'll love you until my last.

Kansas [3.20]

Zelena: I can do anything.
Gold: Whether it works or not is irrelevant, dearie. Because no matter what you change of your past... one thing shall remain the same--who you are. And that is a fate you can never escape.

Henry: Once upon a time you were a villain, Mom. But you've changed. You're a hero now. And defeating bad guys is what heroes do. I believe in you. Now you need to believe, too.

Snow Drifts [3.21]

Emma: That's Regina.
Hook: Not Regina, love. The Evil Queen.
Emma: who do i look like -- Marty Mcfly
Hook: Marty Mcwho?
Regina: You will help me.
Emma: She's even worse without the sensible pantsuits.

Hook: she might remember you when you first arrive in storybrooke
Emma: She's gonna remember a glimpse of a face thirty years from now?
Hook: The point is to minimize you making a lasting impression. Sadly, red leather jackets don't come into vogue here... ever.
Emma: Fine. Well, the only lasting impression I'm concerned right now is what this corset is making on my spleen.
Hook: Your discomfort is a cross I'm willing to bear.

Rumplestiltskin: I don't know who you are, dearie, but why don't you run off and let me enjoy my killing in peace?

There's No Place Like Home [3.22]

Emma: When Henry brought me to Storybrooke, he told me I was the savior. I didn't see what he was really doing. He was not bringing me back to break the curse. He was bringing me home.
Hook: wonderful. anyone fluent in bug?
Rumplestiltskin: i see and you brought some luggage
Rumplestiltskin: what the hell am i doing in here?

Archie: It is my great honor to officiate this most lovely union. If you'd like to begin your vows.
Belle: Rumplestiltskin... this thing we have, it's--it's never been easy. I've... I've lost you so many times. I've lost you to darkness, to weakness, and finally, to death. But now I realize... I realize that I have not spent my life losing you. I've spent my life finding you.
Gold: Belle. when we met, I wasn't just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love only brought me pain. My walls were up. But you brought them down. You brought me home. You brought life into my life and chased away all the darkness. And I vow to you I will never forget the distance between what I was and what I am. I owe more to you than I can ever say. How you can see the man behind the monster I will never know.
Belle: But that monster is gone. And the man beneath him may be flawed... but we all are. And I love you for it. Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.

Season 4

A Tale of Two Sisters [4.1]

Elsa: Please. I want to be alone.
Anna: You're my sister. You're never gonna be alone... other than when I' not around but even then, I'll be there in spirit. But that doesn't matter because I'm here now and you're not alone. And you know what I mean? It's a nice thing.

Best Laid Plans [4.17]

(March 29, 2015)
I have to believe we can earn forgiveness. A chance at Grace. But to get there, we have to be the best people we can — work, spread hope and faith every day.
Snow: Do you really think that redemption is possible?
Charming: Yes. I have to believe we can earn forgiveness. A chance at Grace. But to get there, we have to be the best people we can — work, spread hope and faith every day. Because otherwise, what we did will stain us forever.
Snow: And affect our child. The very person we fought so hard to save.
Maybe these unicorns are a good thing. Maybe they're here to remind us how easy it can be to lose our way.
Charming: And as long as we have each other, we can be the best versions of ourselves. It won't happen overnight. But we can take the long, hard path.


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