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Onimusha Blade Warriors, released in Japan as Onimusha Buraiden [鬼武者 無頼伝 ?] (2003), is a multi-player side game between Onimusha 2 and 3 in the Onimusha series.


Kaede: Wait!
Samanosuke: Now there's a voice I haven't heard in a long time.
Kaede: Sam...an...osuke?
Samanosuke: Kaede... have you been searching for me all this time?
Kaede: Yes, of course... I am…your shadow.
Samanosuke: Kaede... forgive me.
Kaede: Samanosuke!

Keijiro: Is that really the gantlet that changed you into an Oni?
Samanosuke: Yes. When I came to, Fortinbar's body was lying there. It bore scars that could not possibly have been made by humans.
Keijiro: What?
Samanosuke: It was then that I realized the terrible nature of my power. If I didn't find a way to control it... I would be unable to protect the people I love. That is why I left.
Keijiro: I see...

Kaede: Samanosuke!
Samanosuke: Yes?
Keijiro: You don't understand women, do you? Even if you beat that Nobunaga, there is no guarantee you're going to make it back.
Kaede: Samanosuke...
Keijiro: Well, I won't let the both of you get killed... and there isn't just one man with Oni powers.
Samanosuke: Kaede... it is you that gives me the strength to fight. It has always been so and always will.

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