Only Angels Have Wings

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Only Angels Have Wings is a 1939 film starring Cary Grant as Geoff Carter, a pilot flying a dangerous mountain mail route, and Jean Arthur as Bonnie Lee, the showgirl who comes to love him.

BIG As The Fog-Shrouded Andes! (taglines)

Geoff Carter[edit]

  • [referring to a pilot who has just been killed in a crash] Who's Joe?
  • "Oh Judy" and "Yes, Judy" (to an ex-girlfriend who shows up, married to another pilot). While Grant never said "Judy, Judy, Judy", this is the movie the line was parodied from.

Bonnie Lee[edit]

  • I'm hard to get, Geoff. All you have to do is ask me.


Geoff: Got a match?
Bonnie: Say, don't you ever have any?
Geoff: No - don't believe in laying in a supply of anything. [she hands him a match] Thanks.
Bonnie: Matches, marbles, money or women, huh?
Geoff: That's right.
Bonnie: No looking ahead; no tomorrows; just today.
Geoff: That's right.

Bonnie: What was she like, anyway?
Geoff: Who?
Bonnie: That girl that made you act the way you do.
Geoff: A whole lot like you. Just as nice, almost as smart.
Bonnie: Chorus girl?
Geoff: Only by temperament.

Kid Dabb: The boat doesn't stop at Santa Maria this trip.
Geoff: Why not?
Kid: They have no bananas.
Geoff: They have no bananas?
Kid: Yes, they have no bananas. (a joking reference to the song "Yes, We Have No Bananas")


  • BIG As The Fog-Shrouded Andes!
  • Powerful as a tropical storm!
  • Thundering DRAMA!
  • 1939's Greatest Screen Adventure!
  • Thrilling As Love Born Amid A Thousand Fabulous Adventures!
  • Romance as glorious as the towering Andes!
  • Each Day a Rendezvous With Peril... Each Night a Meeting With Romance!


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