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Delivery lead time is the blue bar, manufacturing time is the whole bar, the green bar is the difference between the two.

Operations management or production management is an area of management concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services.


  • Production management courses are often the repository for some of the most inappropriate and intellectually stultifying materials to be found in the business curriculum... many faculty members have little respect for such courses... and students complained more strongly to us about the pointlessness of the production requirement than of any other.
  • These ideas of planning [by dictators and would-be dictators] go back to Plato’s treatise on the form of the commonwealth. Plato was very outspoken. He planned a system ruled exclusively by philosophers. He wanted to eliminate all individual rights and decisions. Nobody should go anywhere, rest, sleep, eat, drink, wash, unless he was told to do so.
Plato wanted to reduce persons to the status of pawns in his plan. What is needed is a dictator who appoints a philosopher as a kind of prime minister or president of the central board of production management. The program of all such consistent socialists—Plato and Hitler, for instance—planned also for the production of future socialists, the breeding and education of future members of society.
During the 2300 years since Plato, very little opposition has been registered to his ideas. Not even by Kant. The psychological bias in favor of socialism must be taken into consideration in discussing Marxian ideas. This is not limited to those who call themselves Marxian.
  • Project management is distinguished from production management primarily by the non-repetitive nature of the work denned as a project.
    • Joseph Moder and Cecil Phillips cited in: Industrial engineering & management (1970). Vol 5-8. p. 29

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