Opportunity Knocks

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Opportunity Knocks is a 1990 comedy film, starring Dana Carvey as a Chicago con man who assumes in the identity of the friend of a wealthy businessman who is on vacation, and ends up falling in love with the man's sister.


Eddie: As Pericles said to the Athenians, "Where do I drain the lizard?".

Eddie: Malkin Blowers are #1!

Eddie: You do not talk when I'm talking.

Milt: Someone ought to tell him what that means in American.

Pinkie: That was lucky. I don't pay lucky.

Eddie: You can't even bury an 8 ball, Pinkie.
Pinkie: Put your money where your mouth is, Chooch.

Lou: Hey, hey. I was just browsing.

Eddie: Louis, what the hell do you think you're doing?
Lou: Autographing Pinkie's car.
Eddie: That's not very nice. Let's do something nice for the guy. Let's give Pinkie a convertable.

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