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Oskar Kokoschka (March 1, 1886February 22, 1980) was an Austrian artist and poet of Czech origin, best known for his intense expressionistic portraits and landscapes.


My Life by Oskar Kokoschka 1974 Thames & Hudson,London ISBN 0 500 01087 0

  • I cannot say why I wanted to paint. The only answer is in the pictures themselves.
  • My plays are not didactic... they simply express my attitude to my world.

Von der Natur der Gesichte-On the nature of visions lecture-Vienna 1912

  • The awareness of imagery is part of living... a life which derives its power from within itself will focus on the perception... of images.
  • Open your eyes at last and see... now I will open the book of the world for you, there are no words in it, just pictures.

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