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osu! is a free and open-source rhythm game developed, published and created by Dean Herbert.


  • Rhythm is just a *click* away!
    • Slogan for the game.
  • The bestest free-to-win rhythm game.
    • Description on game's website.
  • Welcome to osu!
    • Voice clip upon opening the game.
  • Hit the circles. To the beat. Circles!
    • Lyrics on the main menu theme, Circles by Nekodex.
  • Hello there!
    • pishiphat's intro in the osu!academy series of videos.
  • You have potential!
    • The osu! tutorial from 2007.
  • 1-2
    • Common meme rhetoric indicating difficult but bad design usually indicating a low-quality stage with lots of notes spaced far apart on the player's screen within the osu!enthusiast.
  • 727, WYSI
    • This sentence was firstly introduced after osu! player, shigetora (known as Cookiezi), reached 727 pp after passing the "Blue Zenith" map in 2016.
  • HOW!
    • Common meme response to something unlikely to occur in the game within the osu!enthusiast.
  • See you next time.
    • Voice clip upon leave the game.
  • Please enjoy game.
    • Originally used by rrtyui but adopted as an official signing.