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Otis Hamilton Lee (28 September 190217 September 1948) was an American philosopher, Rhodes scholar, and Guggenheim fellow.


  • The observer who follows, from a distance, events in contemporary Germany experiences above all a feeling of disbelief.
  • The philosophy of Hegel shares two traits with the thought of the great moderns who preceded him: a conscious concern with method, and the application of method to the construction of a philosophical system. In these respects Hegel profited by the efforts of his predecessors, in that he saw clearly the great common danger of method and system; namely, that both have a tendency to narrowness.
  • Philosophy is the attempt to formulate principles or categories which the philosopher already possesses, in common with everyone else, but in an unformulated state.
    • (1940). "Philosophy and Science". Philosophy of Science 7: 7–17. DOI:10.1086/286600.
  • The idea of an object is the idea of its effects, of what it will do, and of what will happen to it, under various conditions.

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