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Out of Time is a 2003 American thriller film about a police chief, who must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.

The Clock Is Ticking...(taglines)

Matt Lee Whitlock[edit]

  • Sometimes I think you want me to shoot you, Chae.


Agent Strark: The guy never showed up, Whitlock.
Matt: Agent Stark...
Agent Strark: Yeah. You know, I don't care if you're injured or not - I want that evidence money... or you're gonna be looking at a case of your own...
Chae: [walking up to Whitlock with a gym bag] Hey. Hey. Where the hell is Southeast 63rd street in Miami?
Matt: 53rd street, Chae.
Chae: No.
Matt: I told you 53rd street, not 63rd.
Chae: No, you did not.
Matt: Yes I did.
Chae: You did not.
Matt: Southeast...
Chae: I can quote you. You said: "Those assholes from the DEA are at 8400, Southeast 63rd street."
Matt: No I did not. I'm very sorry. What I said, was: 'Those assholes from the DEA are at 8400, Southeast 53rd', Chae.
Chae: 63rd.
Matt: Fifty... never mind - just give 'em the money. Give 'em the money. Give 'em the money. [to agent Stark] You don't have to count it, it's all there. Have a safe ride home.
Agent Strark: [to the two other agents] Come on.
Matt: [to Chae, after agent Stark left] It is all there, is it?
Chae: Mmh, most of it... it's all there.
Matt: That was pretty good, eh?
Chae: Mmh, was a little over the top...
Matt: Over the top? Which part?
Chae: Your part.


  • How do you solve a murder when all the evidence points to you?
  • The Clock Is Ticking...


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