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Outlaw Star (星方武侠アウトロースター, Seihō Bukyō Autorō Sutā?, translated as "Starward Warrior Knight Outlaw Star") is a manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Ito. The series takes place in the distant future, 150 years after the development of spacecraft capable of traveling faster than the speed of light, and follows the motley crew of the titular ship: the Outlaw Star.

Season 1[edit]

Outlaw World [1.1][edit]

Gene: (to himself) I've got a bad feeling about this...but a job's a job.

Gene: Okay, so your real name is Hilda. Why are those pirates after you?
Hilda: I'm their enemy. We're after the same treasure.
Jim: Treasure? This is bad news, Gene! Let's get out of here!
Gene: You don't actually think that they'll let us go now, do you?

Jim: Women will be the death of you someday.
Gene: Right, I can't forget to include that in my plan for an ideal life.

Star of Desire [1.2][edit]

Gene: Okay Hilda, so what now?
Hilda: This is an outlaw hangout. I figured if there was anybody halfway decent here, I'd hire him.
Gene: So its not a job you can handle alone. I think its time you tell me what this job is. Enough with the secrets.
Hilda: Alright. I'm going to pick up a certain ship.
Gene: A certain ship?
Hilda: It's a very special ship. A ship that has enough power to dive into the ether sargasso. It's called a grappler ship.
  • Gene: A grappler spaceship?
  • Hilda: If you're planning to come along, you might think it over. Make sure it is what you want. Cause it sounds like you're a bit of a space hater.
  • Gene: Just mind your own business.
  • McCoy: Hilda! Well, Hilda, did I just hear something about you being shorthanded, I can help you out if you are.
  • Hilda: McCoy, you bastard. Not a chance. I'm looking for people who've got some skill.
  • McCoy Henchman1: Hey, we've got plenty of skill.
  • McCoy: Hey now, don't be greedy, we all want to make some money. Outlaws are partners here.
  • Hilda: Partners?
  • McCoy: Now now, you came here looking for partners, come on Hilda, isn't that right. Aaaaahhh!! Okay, that does it.
  • Gene: You trying to start something here, idiot?
  • Hilda: Watch this.
  • McCoy: Heh heh, you want some, huh?
  • McCoy Henchman1: We ain't gonna play nice just cause you're a woman.
Men: Aaaaaahhhh!
Hilda: Now turn tail and run. Cause next time I won't be so nice.
McCoy: Damn you Hilda, we'll remember this.
Gene: So guys like that are outlaws too?
Hilda: Well, its just like it is with the stars, there are bright ones and there are those that are dim.
Gene: Heh, what kind are you?
Hilda: Well thats for you to decide. How would you like to find out?

Into burning space [1.3][edit]

Horis: 5 planetary grappler ships have launched from Blue Heaven and are closing in.
Hilda: Gene, hey Gene!
Gene: Huh, what is it?
Hilda: You ever fight in a spaceship before?
Gene: No, even if I did, I don't want to now.
Hilda: I thought you had experience as a pilot.
  • Gene: I do, I might puke all over the console.
  • Horis: Warning, that may cause a short circuit.
  • Jim: If you don't have a problem with it, I'll help.
  • Hilda: Can you operate a laser cannon?
  • Jim: Sure, I know how to use one.
  • Hilda: It's to your right. If they close in, open fire.
  • Jim: Okay.
  • Hilda: Melfina, sit in the auxiliary control chair. You're able to do it.
  • Melfina: Alright, I'll try.
  • Horis: Warning, please avoid any reckless evasive manuevers until we are out of Blue Heaven's approach lane.
  • Hilda: Alright, continue accelerating.
  • McCoy Henchman1: They won't get away, lets split ourselves up.
  • McCoy Henchman2: Right.
  • Horis: Grappler ships to aft have split into 2 groups.
  • Hilda: Jim, eyes up, they're coming in from the rear.
  • Jim: Gotcha.
  • Jim: There they are!
  • McCoy: Ain't gonna work little lady!
  • Horis: Enemy craft have anti-laser defenses.
  • Jim: Uhh... Hilda, what are we gonnna do?
  • Hilda: Keep firing, it'll keep them on their toes atleast.
  • Jim: Okay.
  • Gene: Ugh...
  • McCoy: (laughs) Running out of time.
  • Horis: Further evasion is dangerous. Now leaving guide path.
  • Melfina: Grappler ship closing in from above!
  • McCoy Henchman1: Okay, lady, gotcha this time.
  • Hilda: Horis, we need a rapid climb.
  • Gene: Ugh...
  • McCoy Henchman1: Ahh man!
  • Hilda: How much longer until we're cleared of the asteroid zone?
  • Horis: 482 seconds.
  • Melfina: I see something thats closing in on us from ahead. It's a large ship.
  • Horis: Ship is cruiser class. Type unknown. It is on a collsion course.
  • Hilda: Send out a warning.
  • Horis: They claim they have the right of way.
  • Aisha: This is the Orta Hone Hone, registered to the Ctarl Ctarl empire. I am speaking to you as Ambassador Planetary Petentiary Aisha Clan Clan. With total authority in all space,

held by the Ctarl Ctarl empire. We are docking at Blue Heaven, clear the way.

  • Crowd: Clear the way (~ 10 times)
  • Ctarl Ctarl1: Make way for the Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • Ctarl Ctarl2: If you don't clear the we're gonna whip your butt.
  • McCoy Henchman1: The Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • McCoy Henchman2: What should we do?
  • McCoy: Like we really have a choice? These guys are even worse than the pirates!
  • Hilda: Listen, I'm an outlaw. I hate to say it, but I don't have a treaty with you, understand? This departing ship is taking the right of way.
  • Jim: Huh? You're picking a fight with the Ctarl Ctarl?
  • Gene: Hey Jim, tell me, what are the Ctarl Ctarl like again?
  • Jim': They're like a cross between a human and a tiger. They're really nasty.
  • Technician1: Approaching ship isn't changing course!
  • Aisha: Wait! Wait a minute, thats crazy!
  • Technician2: Stop messing around!
  • Technician3: Moron!
  • Technician1: We're gonna eat you.
  • Hilda: Don't worry. If you drop your shield, they'll be enough room for us to pass.
  • Aisha: What?! You defy the Ctarl Ctarl empire!? Grr....
  • Hilda: Without it the ships will collide!
  • Aisha: What? Just a minute!
  • Technician2: Graphic shields altering course 3 degrees to port.
  • Technician1: Firing starboard blasters for 10 seconds.
  • Jim: Ugh... ugh...
  • Aisha: Aaaahhh! Arrr!
  • Gene: Oh boy...
  • McCoy Henchman1: Kay, go after them.
  • Aisha: Hey! Hold it right there! All of you stop your ships do you hear me? You're under arrest in the name of the Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • McCoy Henchman3: Oh no, what should we do?
  • McCoy Henchman4: What else can we do? We can't get away from that ship.
  • Aisha: Hey! You outlaws, hold on!
  • Horis: T minus 60 until asteroid zone is cleared. Warning. Warning. Further acceleration within asteroid zone is dangerous.
  • Jim: Aaaah!
  • Aisha: Grr! Blast it! Everyone's trying to make fools of us. That does it, fire! I said fire!
  • Crowd: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
  • Technician1: But Lady Aisha, firing within the asteroid cluster is...
  • Aisha: Quiet! This is in the honor of the Ctarl Ctarl!
  • Technician1: Yes, m'am!
  • Crowd: Fire
  • Aisha: Grrr!
  • Technician3: Lady Aisha blew it, she should have listened to him!
  • Gene: Oh Hilda, where are we headed off to this time?
  • Hilda: Just a little star system. Meeting up with some friends there.

When the Hot Ice Melts [1.4][edit]

Gilliam: Good morning and good day to you ladies, and of course, gentlemen.
Gene: Who're you?
Gilliam: I am myself. But it is inappropriate to subjectively define who I am. I lack the means to detect the veracity of any such definition and the restraints therefore have been placed within me restricting such a thought.
Gene: What the hell kind of answer is that?

Hilda: Do you still read me Gene? Just remember, outlaws never go down easy, no matter what happens to them.

The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce! [1.5][edit]

The Beautiful Assassin [1.6][edit]

Fred's Guard: Do you know why we don't turn you away and lock you out even though you're rude to the young master?
Gene: Uh, cause you'll get yourself hurt if you take me on?
Fred's Guard: No, cause the young master happens to love you.
Gene: What was that?

Suzuka: Have you finally decided to face me in a duel?
Gene: You know? I've got to do something about you, otherwise I'm not going to get what I want from Fred.
Suzuka: Worldly desires are foolish, they have cost you your life!
Gene: Perhaps, but there are some desires big enough to risk your life for. This is one of them. I have to put my life on the line for this.

Creeping Evil [1.7][edit]

Suzuka: I come to visit Gene Starwind and what do I find? Some of the most interesting people are trying to kill him as well. Tell me are you a Kei Pirate?
Kyokan: Don't Interfere.
Suzuka: Exactly what I was thinking. Gene Starwind is my prey.
(Gene and Jim are at Clyde's, pondering how to make money.)
Jim: One. We earn money the hard way.
Gene: But then I wouldn't have time to work on the Outlaw Star.
Jim: Two. We earn it the easy way.
Gene: Hey Clyde, any big bounties show up yet?
Clyde: No way, not since the time you took down Death Rob.
'Jim: Three. The sleazy way!
Gene: How?
Jim: Maybe sell your body!
Gene: Yours would sell better.
Jim: I guess three's a bust then.

Forced Departure [1.8][edit]

A Journey of Adventure! Huh? [1.9][edit]

Gene: Just listen for a minute. There's something that my old man told me a long time ago. He always said people who think big make it big. People who choose to only think small will only earn chump change the rest of their lives. It's the way things are! And that is what business is all about. [winks]
Jim: Yeah, so what exactly is your point?
Gene: Well, I don't know. I guess nothing.

Advance Guard from Another world [1.13][edit]

  • Gene: Guys, stop it already, what the heck are you two talking about?
  • Melfina: I've been sensing some high strange frequencey waves for sometime now. Like that one.
  • Gene: High Frequency?
  • Jim: Thats it!
  • Gene: Jim, where you going?
  • Jim: I don't know.
  • Gene: That cactus is doing this! Ah!
  • Aisha: What do you think you're doing?
  • Gene: I have no idea!
  • Jim: Now you're beginning to realize my true nature, not bad for a lower creature. I guess I'd have to complement you.
  • Gene: What is the deal? Why are you talking so weird?
  • Jim: I'm telling you guys, its not me, my mouth is moving by itself.
  • Gene and Melfina: Huh?
  • Gene: Alriht, what in the heck are ya?
  • Jim: Hah! You may call me great one. I am a higher life form capable of ruling the entire universe. No matter what you do, you have absolutely no means of escaping my control. I

suggest you surrender .

  • Gene: You cactus mutant, you were behind all of this! So what exactly is it that you plan to do? Why are you selling ice cream, ruler of the universe?
  • Jim: Thats simple, for observation and experimentation to see precisely how effective my control is over you. And now my observation and experimentation is complete. Ah! Gene!
  • Gene: Hey wait Jim! Gr...
  • Jim: My plant will now precede to stage 2. No way, help Gene!
  • Gene: I'm trying darn it! Melfina?
  • Jim: Halt I say, you lower animal. Halt I said! Halt where you are! Halt! Halt! Why curse you, why doesn't my power work on you?
  • Melfina: Stop doing horrible things to him!
  • Jim: What have you done, hurry pick me up!
  • Aisha: Ah, ah.
Melfina: What should I do now?
Gene: Squash that thing.
Melfina: Uh... you really wnat me to squash it?
Jim: No, don't do it. If you squash it, we're gonna lose tons and tons of money.
Melfina: Oh.
Gene: Do it Melfina. Ignore whats he's saying, the cactus still has some control over him.
Melfina: Oh yeah, right. I'm sorry Jim. I have to.
Jim: C'mon, I'm begging you, don't do it! Stop it darn it, stop! I command you to stop!
Great One: No! I told you to stop! I belong to a higher species! What are you doing to me?! Stop! Stop it, stop it I tell you! How dare you, how dare you! You stupid animal! Stop, stop it! I shouldn't have to think! I insist you stop, please stop... stop it... Now I beg

you please... stop. Ah... please...

Jim: Oop. Its all mashed up.
Gene: It sure is. Now you're not gonna make me eat anymore of that crappy ice cream, are you?
Jim: Why would you eat crappy ice cream?
Aisha: Oh no, now what, I'm gonna go get that monster! I won't let the cops have all the glory!
Gene: Oh great, what a mess. That Sylgreen is gonna take a fall and now we're not gonna see any money out of it.
Jim: Yeah, I guess.
Gene: Well anyway, I'm amazed you could stand up to that thing's control the way you did, Melfina.
Melfina: Don't you remember Gene, I'm not like normal people. Um. Huh?
Gene: I know you're not and thats exactly what saved Jim.
Jim: Yeah, he's right about that. Thanks a lot Melfina.
Melfina: Sure.

Final Countdown [1.14][edit]

Gene: (to Crackerjack) I realize you're very proud of this bomb, but I'm still gonna have to try and disarm it.
Melfina: You know, you should not aggravate the terrorist!

The Seven Emerge [1.15][edit]

Demon of the Water Planet [1.16][edit]

Between Life and Machine [1.17][edit]

Harry: Nothing good can come of staying with normal people.

The Strongest Woman in the Universe [1.18][edit]

Law and Lawlessness [1.19][edit]

Aisha: What in the worlds going on?
Jim: Hah hah. I just sabotaged their main frame computer by remote control.
Aisha: You're a genius Jim.
Gene: Way to go buddy.
Jim: I couldn't have done it without Melfina.
Melfina: 2 enemy ships coming in.
Gene: Only 2 anchors left, isn't that right?
Melfina: Launching anchors number 5 and 6.
Gene: We're going in. Yeah! Eat this! Your powers about the same, uh?
Melfina: Ugh! The other ship's coming in now!
Jim: I think we're in trouble Gene.
Gilliam: Be careful Gene. I'm being accessed by the enemy ship's main computer.
Gene: Hey what the?
Doose: Looks like we made it just in time.
Gene: Its that lizard!
Valeria: Gene its okay. Let us be the one to handle the carrier, alright?
Doose: Hey boy, you said something about there being 3 powers that exist in space. Alright step aside then and I'll show you what the might of the military's power looks like. All ships commence your barge!
Gene: Now thats impressive.
Doose: What the matter boy, do you need me to finish the job for ya?
Gene: Hah, watch me. Now you lose!

Girls and Cats and Spaceships [1.20][edit]

Hanmio: Guess who?
Jim: Hanmio?
Hanmio: Thats right!
Jim: Um.. here.
Hanmio: You brought me flowers? Wow! That is so nice.

Grave of the Dragon [1.21][edit]

Gene: (stands over Harry with aiming his gun at him) I don't think I'm going to miss, this time!

Gravity Jailbreak [1.22][edit]

Hot Springs Planet Tenrei [1.23][edit]

Jim: (after passing immigration) Immigration matters, huh
Aisha: All we did was change clothes!

(Gene tumbles down the mountain into the lava hot springs where Aisha is soaking. Gene scrambles out.)
Aisha: Now I get it. You came here all this way just to see me naked, huh?
Gene: That's not it! I didn't come here to, uh...
(Gene stares at the fully naked Aisha and falls in the lava.)
Gene: HOT! HOT! HOT!
Aisha: He's getting all worked up for this? Talk about no self-control.

Cutting the Galactic Leyline [1.24][edit]

Maze of Desire [1.25][edit]

Harry: You better watch what you're saying mister! I'm the only man in Melfina's life so you better back off.
Hazanko: Don't be absurd.
Gene: Great. I finally make it to the finish line and that babe doesn't even wait for me. MacDougal, Where's Melfina?
Ron: Well if it isn't Gene Starwind. Now that I think about it, it was you and Hilda that starte this rediculous party.
Ron: You keep trying the same thing over and over again. Well I'm tired of playing and now you're going to suffer like Harry did!
Gene: Well your a little late. For your information that shell I just fired was a number nine.
Ron: A number nine? Do they actually exist? But it looks like it didn't do any kind of damage at all. Huh?

Return to Space [1.26][edit]

Melfina: Gene, is there something you desire? Say it. By using the Leyline, I can grant anything your heart desires and make it real. Gene.
Gene: There isn't anything the Leyline can give me. All I really want is for you to return with me.
Melfina: Gene.
Gene: Oh no, I made you cry again. Melfina, what is it that you wish for?
Melfina: I want to stay who I am. I want to be with you forever Gene.
Gene: Well thats what I want too.

(They both kiss)

Hazanko: I finally have it. Power. Power!
Jim: Whats happening now?
Aisha: What just happened? Hey?
Gilliam: Oh my... What in the world.
Melfina: Systems all green. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. Gene, I'm right here.
Jim: What happened Gene?
Gene: Don't worry I'll fill you in on all the magic soon enough Jim. Outlaw Star, get ready to launch.
Jim: Its a miracle isn't it.
Gene: Yeah, must be. I met God.
Melfina: Gene... we're currently linked directly to the Galactic Leyline. Nows the time to free your mind and fight with all you got. You should be much stronger than usual.
Gene: Thats a roger. Lets do it!
Hazanko: You'll pay. I'll make you pay Gene Starwind!
Gene: MOron!
Hazanko: Blast you.
Gene: Heh heh. Ah!
Hazanko: I don't know why I'm wasting time like this when I can absorb you right into myself.
Melfina: Gene, remember we're not alone anymore. Togehter, work together. Wake up Gene!
Jim: Gene!
Suzuka: Gene!
Aisha: Gene!
Gene: Okay!
Hazanko: What the... huh?
Hazanko: No! Die! No!
Hazanko: GLOOuu! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Cyber Melfina: Melfina... Melfina... Melfina... I'm glad that we could meet Melfina.
Melfina: Who are you?
Cyber Melfina: The Galactic Leyline is going to be moved to a new location. I'm going with it so I came to say goodbye to you.
Melfina: You're me, aren't you?
Cyber Melfina: Right. I'm the you thats the maiden of the Leyline. You don't need me anymore right? After all, you know how to take care of yourself now and you know how you can give your heart wings. Isn't that right Melfina?
Melfina: Yes. Yes, thank you.
Cyber Melfina: Goodbye.
Melfina: Farewell.

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