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Outlaws is a 1997 first person shooter computer game, set in the Wild West, developed by LucasArts.

Dyin's too good for 'em.

James Anderson[edit]

  • [Referring to Anna about his daughter, Sarah.] She got a voice on her. Almost as pretty as yours, Anna.
  • My father didn't live long enough to find out what he could have been.
  • [After seeing the Screaming 'Henry' George Bowers die.] Too bad. I was hopin' we could talk.

Anna Anderson[edit]

  • Why, you ain't heard a word I've said.
  • Oh, James...I'm cold. Hold me.

"Gentleman" Bob Graham[edit]

  • Gentlemen, I have seen the future. Where now there are struggling farms, I see a gleaming city risin'. A city that has MY name on it. Gentlemen, we got ourselves a job to do. There are some 'as has a problem sharing my vision. They fail to see that selling their land to me is going to make this county the richest in the state. Well, their time has finally come. YOU will enlighten them. Go out there and don't come back until I can look at this map and see that every inch of it...is mine!
  • You afraid of dyin', kid?
  • Please, come in and do take a seat.
  • You stubborn son of a bitch! You'll pay for this! Don't think you won't!

Matt "Dr. Death" Jackson[edit]

  • Well, well. The valiant Marshal is still holding out.
  • Now, what is it the bard wrote? 'Cowards die many times before their deaths...but the valiant taste of death...but once.'
  • Aw, don't cry woman. Remember, to weep is to make less the depth of grief!
  • Hey, why don't we just sit down and talk about this reasonably? Homicidal maniac to crazed, vengeance-seeking ex-lawman?
  • Talk now, Anderson, or hold thy peace forever!
  • They call me doctor, and I love my job! Looking after the sick and wounded, that's what I do, so come on down and be my patient.
  • Well, well, now what is it my papa used to say? Oh yes, yes, he used to say: "Son, life is wasted on the living."
  • Why don't you just go shopping Marshal, you're good at that. Oops, did I say something inappropriate?
  • My hat! Damnit!

"Bloody" Mary Nash[edit]

  • And I took you to be a gentleman! How could you deceive a poor woman so!
  • After I kill you, I'm gonna smoke your cigars!
  • Oh Marshal! Ex-Marshal! Is that really a gun in your hand, or is it just wishful thinkin'?
  • When you're gone, we shall weep! Especially that little girl of yours! What's her name? I can't wait to get my hands on her...her throat!

"Spit'n" Jack Sanchez[edit]

  • Aw meester, I've seen better shooting at a county fair!
  • Hahaha! You got a death wish? Or you really this stupid?!
  • Here chicky chicky! *clucking*
  • Hot tamale, meester! Try this one for size!
  • 'Ees too bad you have manure for brains!
  • Heh, heh, heh, good shooting meester, but you're already too late. Oops, you meessed the train! Sorry...

"Henry" George Bowers[edit]

  • Marshal James Anderson. Once a lawman, always a lawman. Boys...did I tell you how much I hate lawmen?
  • You disappoint me, Anderson!
  • Look, I'm feeling generous today. I'm just gonna shoot out your brains! Which shouldn't make much of a difference to you!

"Dynamite" Dick Clifton[edit]

  • Hey Marshal! I got a present for you! A stick of dynamite!
  • Oh, and by the way, Marshal! It's *Sir* Richard Clifton to you!
  • I hear you like cigars! Here, have one of mine!
  • Hey, Anderson! You need some lessons in how to be a gentleman! Like me!

Generic Outlaws[edit]

  • Hey, mister lawman! (taunting)
  • You're outnumbered!
  • Had enough yet?
  • There he is, get him!
  • Don't be a fool, marshal!
  • I hope you plant better than you shoot!
  • Damn you, and the horse you ride in on!
  • Where are you marshal?
  • Time to fit you for a coffin!
  • Hope you have a coffin picked out!
  • He's over there!
  • Time to meet your maker!


Anna Anderson: Marshal James Anderson buying perfume. This is history.
James Anderson: This is marriage.

"Slim" Sam Fulton: Doctor! We're setting out to buy their land, to persuade, to enlighten them, remember?
Matt "Dr. Death" Jackson: Oh, I always enlighten. And then...I kill.

Shopkeeper Karl: Musta been ten years since you traded in your silver star for a plough, James. Was a sad day for the county when you retired, that's for sure.
James Anderson: A man can get too ambitious.
Karl: Hell, you kill a few men before a jury gives you permission to and they fire ya. Ain't fair. No sir.

Sarah Anderson: Let me go! Put me down, or you're in for trouble! Big trouble, mister!
"Slim" Sam Fulton: Hah! You hear that doctor? I'm in *big trouble*!

"Slim" Sam Fulton: No! Please! Don't shoot no more! They took her north. Said something about picking up the train in Willington, then headin' on to Cortéz. Said you'd never find them there. Just don't shoot me!
James Anderson: How do I know you're telling the truth?
Slim: Cause I...don't wanna die. Dammit! I told that fool doctor, stealin' yer kid weren't gonna be good for anyone's...health...
James: It's a shame he didn't listen.

[Graham beats down a farmer to death in his ranch office.]

"Gentleman" Bob Graham: Now that... is what... I meant by... enlightenment! I did not mean burn down the property, kill the wife, and kidnap the child!
Matt "Dr. Death" Jackson: [Cynical-like.] Oh, well, I guess things just got a little out of hand...Oops!
Bob Graham: [Furious.] OUT OF HAND!? Now I got a crazed father after me and his little brat out back! Now, you got me into this mess, YOU get me out of it!!!
Dr. Death: Well, Mr. Graham, all my medical training says that you can't reason with a crazy man...
Bob Graham: So...KILL HIM!
Dr. Death: [Laughs in a maniac way.] That is music to my ears! Consider it done!
"Bloody" Mary Nash: And I'll kill the girl.
Bob Graham: No, Mary! I don't murder children.
Dr. Death: Yes sir, we must love and protect the children, they are our future, that's what the good Lord said; "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not! For such is the Kingdom...of God!"

Matt "Dr. Death" Jackson: Hey, get me out here! Hey you Marshal, pull me outta here! Marshal, you hear me!?
James Anderson: I hear ya doctor...and I ain't no Marshal. Now if you know what's good for ya...you're gonna start talking and tell me what I need to know.
Dr. Death: Well, I'm a mine of information...a veritable mine! HAHA! Get it!?
James: Where's my little girl?
Dr. Death: Well, she ain't here.
James: I can see that.
Dr. Death: Well, praise be to the Lord, the man can see, now we're talking. Y'know, I have a proposition. If I tell you where she is, will you let me go?
James: That depends.
Dr. Death: On what?
James: On if you tell the truth.
Dr. Death: She's hid away in the cliff-dwellings, ten mile south of Dogsville, that's the gospel truth, I swear on my mother's grave! ...If she had one. Now pull me up!
James: If you're right, I'll be back.
Dr. Death: Hey hey, you can't leave me down here, pull me up right now! You son of a bitch...what's your wife's name? What is it? You know, I kinda liked her, she smelled that woman, like a rose! Now what is it the Bard said? "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...", let me see...Anna! Yes, that's her name! And does Anna smell sweet right now? Oh, yes! Don't leave me down here! "To die, to go where we know not, to lie in cold obstruction and to rot." Is that what he said, or was it...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! DAMNIT!

Two Feathers: The doc set you up...you walk right into our trap...
James Anderson: Where is she?
Two Feathers: ...but you fight like a mountain lion.
James: You know where my daughter is or not?
Two Feathers: I was a father too.
James: Just tell me where she is.
Two Feathers: I killed for my children. But it made no difference. You're lucky, mister...your kid's alive.
James: Where!?
Two Feathers: Bob Graham...Big...Rock Ranch...

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