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Owain Owain circa 1966

Owain Owain (11 December 192919 December 1993) was a Welsh novelist, short-story writer and poet. He also founded Tafod y Ddraig (The Dragon's Tongue), which became the Welsh Language Society's main voice from its birth in the 1960s to the present day.


  • The computer makes it posible to create a central information centre of all human achievements; and for any individual, from the comfort of his own home, to interrogate that information. For example, you would like to see a picture of the tallest horse? Then before your last finger clicks the last button that photograph will be up on your screen, in your own home.
  • What effect will all this have on education? First of all, teaching computer skill will be more important - much more important - than teaching children lists of facts. The computer will become the child's memory.
  • And teachers will be promoted from being the deliverers of facts to being being guides - guiding their peoples through rich and valued experiences offered by the computer.
    • 'Y Cymro' (Welsh weekly newspaper), 23/07/1969
  • It is only the right of conquest (derived from military success) which gives the Crown of England any illusion of sovereignty over Wales and the north of Ireland.
Letter to The Times, 1971. Republished in Bara Brith (ISBN: 9780901332172; published by Cyhoeddiadau Modern, 1971).]
  • "Let the language which is on the tongues of our children be treated by our people with that reverence, that love and that care which civilized communities bestow on the most precious of their national treasures.”
  • "Let government legislate so as to restore to the Welsh speaker that most elementary of human rights - the right to use one's own language in one's own country on all occasions; without this, there can be no true democracy."
  • The effectiveness of my actions are unimportant. Total success is unimportant. The only element of importance is that I - slave to my surroundings - did everything I could... Two minutes to go. Indoctrination?
My name is Mark, I'm 70 years old; born before the start of the indoctrination period. Which indoctrination? For it is as old as myself. As old as society. As old as the second human creation.
One minute. And a few free breaths, as gift. Look! Everything is here! Program pum-tri-saith-en; sub-program dau-tri-pump-en. And the Meta-Compute himself can not read the forbidden text in my little language! If he could, then all the circuits in his body would blow up!
Read now what I leave you. I paid dearly for every word.
Use them!
Be good!
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