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Owain Owain (19291993) was a Welsh novelist, short story writer, poet.

Owain Owain was born in Pwllheli, North Wales, and was educated in Bangor University, where he studied physics. He became a nuclear scientist at Windscale, Cumbria for a few years before settling back at Bangor in 1955 to raise a family. He was one of the founders of the Welsh Language Society and edited the society's main voice Tafod y Ddraig.

In January 1964 he wrote about the importance of the Fro Gymraeg or Welsh Heartland.


  • About the computer:

'The computer makes it posible to create a central information centre of all human achievements; and for any individual, from the comfort of his own home, to interrogate that information. For example, you would like to see a picture of the tallest horse? Then before your last finger clicks the last button that photograph will be up on your screen, in your own home.

'What effect will all this have on education? First of all, teaching computer skill will be more important - much more important - than teaching children lists of facts. The computer will become the child's memory.

'And teachers will be promoted from being the deliverers of facts to being being guides - guiding their peoples through rich and valued experiences offered by the computer.'

'Y Cymro' (Welsh weekly newspaper), 23/07/1969

  • Enillwn y Fro Gymraeg, ac fe enillir Cymru, ac oni enillir y Fro Gymraeg, nid Cymru a enillir.'

Translation: 'If we win the Welsh Heartland, then we win Wales; if we lose the Welsh Heartland, it is not Wales that we win.'

Y Cymro, 12/11/1964

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