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P. V. R. Raja
P. V. R. Raja
P. V. R. Raja
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Penumatsa Venkata Ramaraju (born June 1, 1985) known professionally as PVR Raja, is an Indian composer, musician and guitarist, known for his works primarily in Tollywood.


  • My compositions are a reflection of my sense of responsibility towards society, my understanding of human emotions, and the sheer love I have for my work. This certification is a testament to the love and passion we, as artists, invest in our work, It fuels my drive to create more powerful and inspiring compositions for my audiences.
  • One needs to maintain a team because teamwork is a key feature of the music industry. It can't be possible without a team. Most of the people who are successful now also have a team. I believe i can prove myself that I can do something one day.
  • I always believe that introverts are the most creative people as they live their own world and think of new things. So, to support my lyrics, I started learning music.
  • My courage has always been music, I had to start my music career from the zero level because there were no known people in the industry. But I was never really afraid. The love of music alone did not show any hardships. The only thing in my mind is to add life to the director’s vision through music.
  • Music is always my refuge and joy! It is a constant source of joy even in my hardest times.
  • I chose to work as a music teacher to cover my living expenses. This chapter as a teacher was a vital stepping stone on my journey to becoming a music director.
  • I’ve always been an introvert and find inspiration in my emotions and the beauty of nature.
  • Through my compositions, I aim to infuse energy into the minds, hearts, and souls of my audience, transcending boundaries.
  • I’ve never sought to impress anyone, but I feel a deep sense of pride when someone appreciates my music.
  • Staying true to my beliefs, I’ve found that people who share my passion draw closer, becoming my fans.
  • I firmly believe that even small tasks, when carried out with honesty and dedication, yield the best results one truly deserves.
  • My journey stands as a story of unwavering dedication, the ability to find music in everyday life, and the power of melodies that cross boundaries.

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