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Pacatus Drepanius one of the Latin panegyrists, flourished at the end of the 4th century AD.


  • Dum Hispaniae uni quidquid ubique laudatur adsurgat. Haec durissimos milites, haec experientissimos duces, haec facundissimos oratores, haec clarissimos uates parit, haec iudicum mater haec principum est. Haec Traianum illum, haec deinceps Hadrianum misit imperio; huic te debet imperium.
    • Whatever is praised everywhere else yields to Spain alone. It is she that spawns the toughest soldiers, the most experienced generals, the most eloquent orators, the most famous poets; she is the mother of judges—and the mother of Emperors. She gave the Empire the great Trajan, and then Hadrian; to her the Empire is indebted for you [Theodosius I].
    • "Panegyric of Theodosius" (389), as recorded in the Panegyrici Latini. Translation from C. E. V. Nixon and Barbara Saylor Rodgers, In Praise of Later Roman Emperors: The Panegyrici Latini (1994), p. 452, original Latin at p. 649.

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