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Paddington is a British/France 2014 live-action animated comedy film about a young Peruvian bear who travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven. Its 2017 sequel, Paddington 2, was released 3 years later.

Directed and written by Paul King.
Please look after this bear. Thank you.taglines


Lucy: Stay out of sight until London.
Paddington: But...aren't you coming?
Lucy: I am too old and too tired to go any further.
Paddington: Oh. Then what will you do?
Lucy: Oh, don't you worry about me. I will be safe in the Home for Retired Bears. [before Paddington could speak, she raises her hand] But it is not yet time for you to retire. You must find a new London.
Paddington: But... But I don't know anyone there. What if they don't even like bears?
Lucy: You know, there was once a war in the explorer's country. Thousands of children were sent away for safety, [puts a label around Paddington's neck] left at railway stations with labels around their necks, and unknown families took them in and loved them like their own. They will not have forgotten how to treat a stranger. [puts a red hat on his head] Now take care, my darling. Remember your manners. [hears a group of people] And keep safe. [kisses Paddington, then walks away]

Mrs. Bird: Batten down the hatches, young'un! There'll be a storm tonight.
Mary: Well, the radio said it was clearing up.
Mrs. Bird: [scoffs] "Radio"? I feel it in my knees. My knees never lie.
Jonathan: [runs in the room] Guess what, Mrs. Bird? We found a bear!
Mrs. Bird: Uh-huh.
Jonathan: A real bear from Peru!
Mrs. Bird: Oh, that's nice, dear.
Jonathan: [confused] You don't seem very surprised.
Mrs. Bird: Oh, I was surprised when they came up with the microwave oven. [glares at a microwave oven] And I still don't trust you.

Henry: [referring to Paddington] That animal is going straight to the authorities!
Mary: But what about the explorer?
Henry: There is no explorer! I'm not putting this family in danger while you go on some wild goose chase. First thing tomorrow, that bear is out of here!

Mary: [opens the hatch] Can't you sleep? [Paddington shakes his head, as if to say "no"] Me neither. [enters the attic]
Paddington: I do wish we could've found the explorer.
Mary: I know, Paddington. But I've been looking everywhere and I still can't find any mention of an English expedition in Peru.
Paddington: But there really was an explorer, Mrs. Brown. [points to the hat he's wearing] He gave my uncle this hat.
Mary: What, that was the explorer's hat?
Paddington: Mm-hmm. Why?
Mary: [referring to Mr. Gruber, gasps] I've got a friend who runs an antique shop in the Portobello Road. He knows all about old things like your hat.
Paddington: Oh?
Mary: It's just possible he could help us find your explorer.
Paddington: Oh, that would be wonderful. But didn't Mr. Brown say...?
Mary: [interrupts Paddington] Don't you worry about Mr. Brown. As far as he's concerned, we're going to the authorities. But I'm not standing by while there's a chance to find you a proper home. Now make sure you get some sleep, okay? [walks out of the attic through the hatch she came in] Night-night.

Mr. Curry: [from his window] Heck of a racket coming from your way last night, Brown.
Henry: [turns around] Oh, hello, Mr. Curry. I'm sorry if we disturbed you.
Paddington: Good morning.
Mr. Curry: [looks at Paddington] I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
Mary: Mr. Curry, this is Paddington.
Jonathan: He's a bear!
Mr. Curry: I can see that. You must be a long way from home.
Paddington: I'm from Darkest Peru.
Mr. Curry: Ah.
Henry: Don't worry, Mr. Curry, he's going. [the Browns walk away]
Mr. Curry: Just as well. Don't wanna be kept by any of your loud jungle music. [closes his window]

Mr. Gruber: [sees Mary] Ah, Mrs. Brown, come in!
Paddington: You must be Mr. Gruber.
Mr. Gruber: And you must be the young gentleman whose hat sounds so fascinating. Welcome. You're just in time for elevenses.

Mr. Gruber: Every morning it arrives at 11:00 bringing salvation. [puts nuts in his coffee] Just like a train that I took many years ago.
Paddington: Really? [eats a treat]
Mr. Gruber: Oh yes. You see, there was a lot of trouble in my country. So my parents sent me all the way across Europe, [a vision of Mr. Gruber's pats appears] when I was not much older than you are now.
Paddington: Was it hard to find a home?
Mr. Gruber: I had a great aunt who once took me in. [a distant voice can be heard] But I soon learned a home is more than a roof over your head. [steam, the vision disappears] My body had traveled very fast. But my heart, she took a little longer to arrive. But now I should like to take a look at your hat.
Paddington: Oh, thank you. [he gives Mr. Gruber his hat]
Mr. Gruber: Unusual color. But it is hard to say how much of that is original, and how much... [pulls out a sandwich] Marmalade?
Paddington: My uncle always kept a marmalade sandwich in his hat, in case of emergency.
Mr. Gruber: [laughs] You're pulling my legs off! What a splendid idea!

[the crowd cheers for Paddington as he enters the building]
Man in Crowd: The bear of the moment!
Paddington: Oh, really? I just did what any bear would do.
Mr. Gruber: I can't thank you enough! [referring to Andre] That scoundrel has been pocket-picketing people around here for weeks!
Mary: He was extraordinary.
Mr. Gruber: And it gave me a chance to look at his hat. [scrubs off the dust] You see, this is no ordinary hat.
Paddington: No?
Mr. Gruber: No! These markings mean that it was made for a member of the Geographer's Guild.
Paddington: What's that?
Mr. Gruber: It is a very old explorer's club.
Paddington: Oh.
Mr. Gruber: Go and see them in the morning, and if luck has been smiling on your face, they should be able to tell you who they made it for.

Judy: Hey, Paddington. Have you seen the paper? [gives Paddington the newspaper]
Paddington: Gosh.
Jonathan: You've already been in London a day, and you're already famous.
Paddington: Oh.
Judy: I'm sorry if I wasn't very nice before. It's's a new school and I didn't want everyone to think I was weird.
Paddington: Oh, I understand, Judy. It's not easy being somewhere new.
Judy: No, it isn't.
Henry: [offscreen, faintly] He put earwax on my toothbrush! [Judy laughs]
Paddington: Things can be very different from how you imagined.
Jonathan: Oh, don't let him bother you. Dad's always been boring and annoying.
Mrs. Bird: Oh, don't know 'bout that. More to your father than meets the eye.
Jonathan: Like what?
Mrs. Bird: Well, when I first met him, he was a very different man.
[flashback, "Born to be Wild" plays in the background]
Mary: WHOOOOOO!!!!! Ya-aay!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Henry: That's my girl! [he and Mary stop at the hospital]
Mary: Not gonna let this change us, right?
Henry: No way, baby! [they high-5 each other]
Mary: We're having a baby! [they run in the hospital, then the flashback fast-forwards]
Mrs. Bird: [during the flashback] But becoming a father does strange things to a man.
Henry: [he and Mary leave the hospital] Could you be careful? There's a baby here. Hey, step back, there's a baby coming through. Could you keep those flowers away, please? She's too young for pollen.
Mary: [confused] Where's the bike, darling?
Henry: This is our new car.
Mary: What? It's very beige, isn't it?
Henry: It's a calm and neutral color. Could you get in?
Mrs. Bird: [the flashback ends] The point is, your father loves you very much. Give him a chance. [picks up a laundry basket] He might just surprise you. [walks away]
Judy: Maybe you and Dad just need a fresh start.
Paddington: Hmm. I suppose I didn't make the best first impression.
Judy: Don't take this the wrong way, but...why don't we try to make you to look a bit more presentable?
Paddington: Hang on a minute. You're not talking about...?

Paddington: [as he's being blown by blow dryers] Wind! Hot wind! 2 hot winds! I don't like it! [the blowing stops, offscreen] Well, I hope I don't look weird after all that. [onscreen, his fur stands up]
Judy: Too much?
Jonathan: Too much. [laughs]
Paddington: "Too much"? Then get me a brush, will you.
Mrs. Bird: Ah, there it is. [pulls out a duffle coat]
Jonathan: It's my old duffle coat.
Judy: Actually, it was mine first.
Henry: Well, long before that, it was mine.
Paddington: Oh, was it, Mr. Brown?
Judy: [faintly] Really?
Mary: He wore it on his first day of school.
Paddington: [admiring the coat he's wearing] It's lovely. Wooden buttons for ease of paw. And these 2 sandwich compartments are an excellent idea.
Henry: I must say it suits you very well.
Paddington: I never thought I'd like a human coat, but...
Mary: [offscreen] You look like one of the family.
Jonathan: You're not going to send Paddington to the authorities, are you?
Judy: You will try the Geographer's Guild?
Henry: [pause] Yes, alright. We'll see if they know anything. [Jonathan hugs him] But if it's a dead end...
Mary: I'm sure it won't be.
Paddington: Thank you very much, Mr. Brown. [he smiles, Henry smiles back]

Henry: Paddington? Paddington? [the elevator door opens]
Paddington: Psst! Mr. Brown. In here.
Henry: What are you doing?
Paddington: We need to get into that archive. [Henry sighs] Hmm...
Henry: [enters the elevator] Paddington, please don't take this the wrong way, but are you certain there was an explorer? [Paddington glares at him] You didn't just find the hat and make up some...? [he notices Paddington] What? Why are you looking at me like that? Is it me or is it hot in here? Why do I feel so...
Paddington: Uncomfortable?
Henry: Hmm.
Paddington: Flushed?
Henry: Hmm.
Paddington: Queasy?
Henry: Hmm.
Paddington: It's called a hard stare. [relaxes his face] My aunt taught me to do them when people had forgotten their manners.
Henry: [under his breath] Oh, give me strength.
Paddington: Mr. Brown, you can trust me. There really was an explorer. And if we can find him, I know he'll give me a home, a proper home, like yours. Now I've got an idea, but I'm going to need your help.

Paddington: But it wasn't my fault!
Henry: Who else was in the house? The front door was still locked.
Paddington: There was an elephant.
Jonathan: An elephant?
Judy: [confused] What?
Paddington: Well, it had a head of an elephant and a body of a snake. But it tried to shoot me!
Mrs. Bird: Have you been drinking saltwater?
Paddington: No.
Mary: [crouches down] Paddington, why don't you tell us what really happened?
Paddington: [confused] What?
Mary: We won't be cross.
Henry: Speak for yourself.
Paddington: Mrs. Brown, you must believe me. I would never lie to you.

Mary: "Dear, Browns. Thank you very much for having me stay. You're a very lovely family. I'm very sorry about the flood, and the fire, and the incident at the Geographer's Guild. [Henry looks away in guilt] I hope that... now I have gone, things will calm down a bit. Yours, Paddington." [puts down the note]
Judy: Well, shall we go after him?
Henry: It's...better this way. He didn't really belong here.
Jonathan: How can you say that? [runs out of the room]
Henry: [as Judy is about to leave] Judy...?
Judy: I'm going to my room. [puts on her headphones and leaves, Mary follows]
Henry: Where are you going?
Mary: I'm just, um... I need to know he's okay. [leaves, Henry sits on the table and sulks in regret]
Mrs. Bird: [sighs heavily] You just don't get it, do you?
Henry: [turns to look at Mrs. Bird] What?
Mrs. Bird: This family needed that wee bear every bit as much as he needed you. There, said my piece. [leaves the room]

Mr. Curry: Miss Clyde! [runs up to Millicent]
Millicent: Mr. Curry. What do you want?
Mr. Curry: [shows a bouquet of withered flowers] I found these tied to a lamppost and I thought: "Waste not, want not". [gives Millicent the bouquet]
Millicent: Charming. Now, if you'll excuse me... [walks away]
Mr. Curry: Uh...where exactly are you going?
Millicent: [stops and turns around] What concern is it of yours?
Mr. Curry: [points to the taxidermist van, referring to Paddington] You've got the bear in there.
Millicent: And...?
Mr. Curry: It's just... I thought you were sending him to Peru, but...
Millicent: I said I was sending him where he belongs, which, in his case, is the |Natural History Museum.
Mr. Curry: But, Honeypot, that is barbaric.
Millicent: [angrily] Mr. Curry, I am not your "Honeypot". I never was.
Mr. Curry: What?
Millicent: [gives Mr. Curry back the bouquet in frustration] Now take your rotten flowers and get out of here. Go. [Mr. Curry backs away slowly, she barks at him, he then runs away]

Millicent: [opens the museum doors] Welcome to your new home, bear. This is a cathedral of knowledge. Every major explorer has added to its glory. [points to 3 of many exhibits in the room] Charles Darwin brought the giant tortoise from the Galapagos.
Paddington: Good evening.
Millicent: Captain Scott, the emperor penguin from Antarctica.
Paddington: Gentlemen.
Millicent: Captain Cook, the kangaroo from Australia.
Paddington: G'day.
Millicent: Each of these men have been immortalized through these finds. But do you see anything from my father? No. Because when he met your oh-so-precious species, he refused to collect a specimen.
[the flashback begins]
Boss Geographer: No specimen?
Montgomery: Gentlemen, gentlemen... I-I-I mean, these were no dumb beasts. I mean, they-they were intelligent and civilized.
Geographer 1: Oh, come off it, Clyde. They didn't even speak English.
Montgomery: Well, no, but...
Geographer 2: Did they play cricket?
Geographer 3: Drink tea?
Geographer 4: Do the crossword?
Geographer 1: Pretty rum idea of civilization you've got, Clyde.
Boss: Tell us their location. We'll send a real explorer to get a specimen.
Montgomery: [pause] Never. [the crowd gasps]
Boss: Very well. You leave me no choice. This expedition shall be struck from the records. [receptionist rips off the records] Montgomery Clyde, I hereby revoke your membership of the hallowed Guild. [rips off his membership necklace] Geographers, turn your backs. [they turn their backs on Montgomery]
Millicent: [during the flashback] We could've been rich and famous, but instead he threw it all away, and he opened a petting zoo. He put the happiness of a few furry creatures above his own flesh and blood. I vowed that one day, I would finish the job my father never could. [the flashback ends] And now, at last, that day has come. [unveils a glass box that reads "Ursus marmaladus", Paddington sees a foreshadowing vision of himself in it] That's right. I'm going to stuff you, bear.
[Paddington gasps and runs away in fear, trying to escape the museum, but Millicent shot him the butt with a tranquilizer]
Paddington: [weakly] Ow...! [he falls down the stairs and falls asleep]

Mary: [as they run to the leftmost window] Henry? Henry, do not go out there.
Jonathan: Do it, Dad!
Henry: Someone has to. [jumps down] And that someone is me.
Mary: Oh... Oh, I say... [Henry kisses her, Jonathan stares]
Judy: Um... [she looks away in embarrassment]
Mary: My hero. [her painting reveals Henry's face] Crikey. [Henry walks out the window]

Millicent: Not so fast! [the Browns gasp in fear] C'mon, hand over the bear.
Mary: No. We don't do that.
Paddington: Mrs. Brown?
Mary: [she puts her hand on Paddington] He's family.
Millicent: "Family"? You're not even the same species.
Paddington: It's true.
Henry: It is true. And when I first met Paddington, I wanted nothing to do with him. [looks at Mary] But my wonderful wife, she opened her heart to him. [looks back to Millicent] And so did my incredible children. And now I have too! [he walks up to Millicent]
Mary: [softly] Henry...
Henry: It doesn't matter that he comes from the other side of the world. Or that he's a different species. [Millicent prepares to shoot] Or that he has a worrying marmalade habit. We love Paddington, and that makes him family. |And families stick together! So if you want him, you'll have to take us all! [Mary smiles]
Millicent: Okay then. [Mary gasps in fear]
Henry: When I say "all"...
Millicent: I've never stuffed a human before, but...
Paddington: [interrupts] Wait! Wait. You don't need to do that. [starts walking towards Millicent]
Jonathan: Paddington!
Judy: [sadly] No.
Millicent: [smiling wickedly] Yes. That's it. Come, come.
Paddington: [sees a pigeon land on the roof] Uh...could I have one last request?
Millicent: [sighs is disgust] What is it?
Paddington: I'd like a sandwich. There's one in my hat.
Millicent: Go on then.
Paddington: Thank you. [takes off his hat, pulls out his sandwich, and throws it at Millicent]
Millicent: [the pigeons fly at her, leading her off the cliff] Nice try, bear! [the hatch opens in front of her] AAH!!!
Paddington: Mrs. Bird!
Mrs. Bird: What?!
Millicent: [offscreen] Hey! [seen hanging on a flagpole] Why don't you look where you're going?
Mrs. Bird: Ah, shut your pie hole. [spills coffee on Millicent]


  • Please look after this bear. Thank you.
  • The Adventure Begins.
  • Get ready for a little trouble.
  • The adventure is about to begin.
  • A little bear will make a big splash.


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