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Page 3 is a 2005 a Hindi/English film that offers a behind-the-scenes look at A-list celebrity lifestyles through the eyes of a female entertainment journalist. The film won three National Film Awards in 2005, including the Golden Lotus Award for Best Film.

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. Written by Manoj Tyagi and Nina Arora.
The inside story.

Madhvi Sharma[edit]

  • Next time, lock the door.

Vinayak Mane[edit]

  • You have to be in the system to change the system.


Madhvi Sharma: I don't know what has happened to journalism.
Vinayak Mane: Who told you that you are a journalist? This is what you write in the page 3 column isn't it? Who went in whose party, with whom who went... And with whom who came back... What one wore, ate and drank what... And what one didn't wear. Miss Madhavi Sharma, this is called entertainment, not journalism.



  • The inside story.

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