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Pallywood, a portmanteau of "Palestine" and "Hollywood", is a derogatory label used to describe supposed media manipulation, distortion or fraud by some Palestinians putatively designed to win the public relations war with Israel. The term came into currency following the killing of Muhammad al-Durrah in 2000 during the Second Intifada, involving a challenge to the veracity of photographic evidence. Israeli pundits have used the term to dismiss videos showing Israeli violence or Palestinian suffering.

Richard Landes coined and popularized the term "Pallywood" through his online documentary video titled Pallywood: According to Palestinian Sources, which exposed alleged instances of media manipulation by Palestinians. Journalist Ruthie Blum defines "Pallywood" as Landes's term for staged productions by Palestinians in collaboration with Western camera crews, aimed at promoting anti-Israeli propaganda under the guise of news.


  • In the early 2000s, at the dawn of the social media revolution, Israelis used to dismiss filmed evidence of brutality by their soldiers as fakery. It was what they called "Pallywood" – a conflation of Palestinian and Hollywood. In truth, however, it was the Israeli military, not the Palestinians, that needed to manufacture a more convenient version of reality.
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