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Pandora Hearts is a Japanese anime and manga series. The story follows a group of "contractors" known as Pandora and the demonic "chains" they use to fight during various tasks (investigating a supposedly cursed town, hunting illegal contractors, gatherimg info...). The manga is by Jun Mochizuki.

Oz Vessalius[edit]

"I want to know what it is, this 'sin' they say I've committed."

"Perhaps Break is a lot weaker than I always thought he was. However, I'm sure that he's a whole lot stronger than he thinks he is."

"Well, I've come across so many oddities that I've gotten used to it. ... Only by accepting all this can I get a grasp of the situation."

"I don't really like people who go around brandishing the banner of justice. No matter the reason, where human's are involved... There is no black or white, no justice or evil. There is only our will."

Gilbert Nightray[edit]

"What were you thinking?! Do you have that much of a death wish?!"

"We...are not connected by light, but darkness instead. I've always thought so...No. I wanted to think like that. Oz is heading toward the light, and left me behind."

"D'not inshult my mashter, Prake!" ( to Break while drunk)

No matter what happens, I will be beside you. (to Oz)

Eliot Nightray[edit]

"All your 'self sacrifice' only pleases yourself! Have you ever saved anyone that way? All you want is protect yourself!"

"How DUMB are you!?" (to Oz on the way back to school)

"You can keep walking, or turn back, or take a different road."

"I am Elliot Nightray! and I will not let you take taht away from me!"

"Humpty Dumpty, I reject you."

"I'm sorry, Leo." (Elliot's last words)

Xerxes Break[edit]

"So throw away those useless emotions, I'll show you how to use everything and everyone available."

"Of course. I loved it so much it made me want to spit on you!!"

"You really aren't lovable at all..." (to Oz after Oz calls him out for pretending to be drunk)

"What's left in the not always what you wish for!"


"I'm scared that I'm not human. I'm scared that I'm different from other chains... I fear the things I don't know. I fear the things I already knew... and at every moment... I always... more than anyone... fear myself the most!"

"What is jealousy? Can you eat it? Is it sweet?"

"In the book Sharon showed me, there was a man who became more energetic after his cheeks were bitten!!" (to Oz)

I won't let anyone take away what is mine!!

Sharon Rainsworth[edit]

"Oh? If you wish to ask something of me...get down on your knees and beg, you pig!" (while drunk)

"Alice, that emotion you're feeling is called jealousy". (after Alice asks if it's sweet) "No, it's very, very bitter."


"It's just Echo."

"For Echo, too...this is the first time coming to what is known as a festival." (To Oz during the festival)

"Even if I'm to be tortured, to be mistreated, to be humiliated, Echo doesn't have the right to fight against it."

Lacie Baskerville[edit]

"I despise common sense. I've seen the world from every possible angle. This cruel, ridiculous, beautiful world."

"If you are hungry, eat. If you have no money, steal. You have good looks, Jack. You could sell your body if you wanted to."

"If you accept everything you're told without question, you'll lose your ability to think. Even if you reached the same conclusion, it would still be worth analyzing the reasons behind it." (To Jack)


"I'm not trying to hide anything. It's just that I don't want to see."

"Unbelievable... you are... just like... me... your very existence...made someone important suffer."

Elliot... I'm sorry...

"It's also a servant's duty to make sure his master behaves properly am I right?"


"Everything that made you sad, everything that hurt you, Cheshire will destroy them!"

"You might as well let Cheshire eat you!"


There is yet much I wish to wring out of thee. (Duke Barma)

You know, brother... To me, there's no one more important than you. I like you. I love you! That's why... I'd do anything to make you happy. (Vincent Nightray)


Break: Well, I really should be going. (climbs into cabinet and shuts door) (Alice and Gil rush over and open the doors) Alice: HE'S NOT THERE!!!!! Gil: THEN WHERE IS HE!!!?!?!???

Barma: Get thee gone...child of Vessalius. Oz: I will not. Barma: Dost thou intend to protect that villain...? Tis quite unexpected to find thee so taken with him. Oz: Ha! Ha! Ha! I'd rather you didn't put it that way. The reason's simple. You...ARE FIFTY TIMES MORE ANNOYING THAN BREAK.