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Paola Merrill (born December 5, 1997 in Puerto Rico) is an American YouTuber and author. She has over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, TheCottageFairy. She is the author of The Cottage Fairy Companion.


  • One of my favorite low budget ways to decorate is just to decorate with books. You can find interesting-looking books, almost anywhere, second-hand for very little cost. I like to get ones that I'm ... interested to read but also others that just speak to me. Their covers may be intricate, or the stories that are told can teach me something about the people who lived in the past and their perception of the world. Next time you go to a thrift store, maybe look out for some fun books within a specific color scheme or style.

The Cottage Fairy Companion (2022)

  • • Imagine you have a root system, much like a flower. Where are the roots? Are they in your mind, your heart, your entire body? Outside of your body? Where does your "strength" come from?
    • What are your sources of nourishment? Apart from your basic needs, is there something else you need? Perhaps it is a few minutes alone each morning, reading a book, creating art, taking walks, etc. What is it, and how can you incorporate it into your life?
    • What do need to flourish? What steps can you take to nourish your soul?
    • What other types of cycles can you notice within your life? What can the trends you see within your relationships, friendships, body, and emotions tell you about yourself? What wisdom can you take from them?
  • Many edible herbs and flowers can be used in tea and recipes. When it comes to tea, I find my favorite sources apart from lilac are chamomile and rosemary. Even if these flowers are not as readily available to you, the options of flowers and herbs to use are endless. I often pair the dandelion and chamomile with a touch of honey. In addition, each year I love to experiment with using these herbs in a variety of syrups, jellies, and baked goods. Once you know how to properly harvest and dry each herb, you can get creative with its uses.