Park So-dam

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Park So-dam

Park So-dam (born September 8, 1991) is a South Korean actress who is internationally best known for her role as Kim Ki-jung in the 2019 critically acclaimed Korean comedy thriller film Parasite.


  • Really, it’s the reality that we live in, and the society that we live in, especially in Korea, but also anywhere in the world. Even my own brother and sisters, I’ve been on their side seeing them trying to look for a job. I myself had to prepare for the college entrance exams, and go through auditions in addition to building portfolios. It’s a lot. It’s not just about having a talent. And yes, there are a lot of amazing talents out there with hopes and dreams to become amazing actors and actresses, but the reality isn’t that easy.
  • I saw the musical Grease as a freshman in high school. The actors looked so happy. That’s when I started thinking that maybe I would like to become a musical actor. My parents were fervently against it. They wanted me to live an ordinary life. I didn’t really have a dream before acting. I think I just lived without meaning. So I counseled my younger siblings to think carefully about what they want to do, and study hard to go to a college that will support their dreams. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I had not found acting.

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