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A parliamentary system is a system of democratic governance of a state in which the executive branch derives its democratic legitimacy from, and is held accountable to, the legislature (parliament).


  • There is an interplanetary parliament of which our Spiritual Hierarchy and Maitreya is the expression of this planet. All the planets have their representatives in the interplanetary parliament. At that parliament, Maitreya focused for the other planets, the aims and the problems of Earth. It was concluded that an extraordinary movement of succor of help for the Earth had to be mounted by as many of the planets as wished to. It is not without reason the first evidence of what came to be called flying saucers, UFOs... happened soon after the end of the war. (43:36)
    This planet is a conscious part of a solar system which acts together, which has a parliament for all the planets... (56:37)
    • Benjamin Creme in A new civilization dawns. The emergence of the World Teacher and the role of UFOs Lecture in Tokyo, Japan. Full video (8 May 2010)
  • To decide once every few years which member of the ruling class is to misrepresent the people in parliament is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism.
    • Vladimir Lenin, The State and Revolution (1917), in Essential Works of Lenin (1966), p. 304

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