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Pascaline Ingabire (born 1995) , is a Rwandan filmmaker, film producer and actress. She is best known for the roles in the drama films Teta, Igikomere and Samantha.


  • Inzozi is mainly based on how people can start with whatever they have and achieve their dreams even though they don’t have the required resources.
  • Also, it was clear that it is a profession that I will benefit from soon or later, and at the same time support the Rwandan society.
  • My role in Inzozi is that of a miserable woman because her husband is burden to her. I have had instances where women looked for me just to tell me that they were about to file for divorce but because they saw the results of my patience in the film they chose to be patient too.
  • This proves that what we act reflects the life that people are experiencing. There are even instances where you act something and people experience it after, and base on a character in the film to react appropriately. Films are significant in society because our stories encourage and advise people.
  • This year, there is another film called ‘Selfish’ that I will release. There are several messages on this one. There are different messages that I cannot disseminate through Inzozi because it already has its own primary story. I will do like five seasons of Inzozi, end it, and then do other films of not more than two seasons each. I envision showcasing all lifestyles in my films

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