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Pat O'Keeffe during World War One

Pat O'Keeffe (17 March 1883 – 16 August 1960, spelled by many sources as Pat O'Keefe), was an English boxer who became British champion at both welter and middleweight.


  • O'Keeffe approaches a milkman whilst out in London recruiting, prods a youth pushing a milk cart :"Say, don't you want to serve your king?" "Yus" answered the youth "How many quarts will he want?"
    • Star Green 'un'- Saturday 17 July 1915.
  • Soldiering has made a new man of me, regular hours and good plain food have done much to build up my strength and stamina. I feel stronger than ever.
    • The People 9 May 1915.
  • Stop it Billy! - I'm not the kaiser!
    • Corri, Eugene (1915). Thirty years a boxing referee. the New York Public Library: Longmans, Green & Co. p. 189.

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