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Patty Duke 1970

Anna Marie "Patty" Duke (December 14, 1946 – March 29, 2016) was an American actress and mental health advocate. Over the course of her acting career, she was the recipient of an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


  • I always felt pressure as a child to perform, but again that came from the people who were managing my career. There was no such thing as halfway, I had to do it to the hilt.
    • [1] Patty talk about pressure as a child in 2010.
  • I’ve had trouble sleeping for a good part of my life, And what I would always do is start at the very beginning of ‘The Miracle Worker’ and say all of the lines, all the way through.
    • [2] Patty speak on difficulty in sleeping in 2011.
  • You know sometimes when you act, you work through some things as if you would in a therapy session.
    • [3] Patty duke talk about acting in 2013.
  • Whatever this thing is that takes over you, that says that you are worthless, that really the only answer is to kill yourself, is so much more powerful that that's... the calling you relate to.
    • [4] Patty talk about suicide in 2016.
  • That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. But then, things often don’t turn out the way you plan.
    • [5] Patty talk about plan in 2016.
  • All that hitting out and pulling and tugging every performance for two years was probably a kind of therapy for me, a release. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened to me if I adjust had to hold it all in.
    • [6] Patty talk about fighting scene in 2019.
  • I wrote the book not to have a catharsis, because I was under the impression that I already have had many catharses as one could have.
    • [7] Patty speak about her book in 2019

Quotes about Patty Duke

  • There was so much suffering, She really, really suffered in a way that — we were desperate to help relieve her suffering, and so it's just a blessing that she's not suffering anymore.
    • [8] Patty Son, Sean speak about her suffering before demise in 2016.
  • I think maybe the most important part of her legacy is her acting. Above and beyond anything, the reason any of the other stuff is possible in terms of the scope of the impact that she was able to have with people was her talent and her work and her work ethic, her discipline. She worked extremely hard.
    • [9] Patty Son, Sean speak her legacy in 2016.
  • She’s much more together and mature. She’s raised two kids and five stepchildren, and she’s a grandmother. I can’t get over that.
    • [10] Schallert of Duke speak about the life of the actress in 2016.
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