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Spaak (1957)

Paul-Henri Spaak (25 January 189931 July 1972) was the second Secretary General of NATO.


  • The real father of the Atlantic Alliance was Stalin. It is he who has the right to a monument in each of our countries.

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  • Although most western European leaders had reservations about the concept of a full European federation, a majority of them, especially among Christian Democrats, agreed that the ECSC created a foundation to build on. Even Winston Churchill, back as British prime minister after the 1950 elections, had called for a “United States of Europe,” though he had doubted that the British Commonwealth would be part of it. In 1956 a committee under Belgian foreign minister Paul-Henri Spaak set out proposals for what a year later became the Treaty of Rome, creating the European Economic Community (EEC). The EEC built directly on the ECSC. It had the same member states and the same supranational approach to economic integration. But it had a much wider remit, and would, over the generation that followed, remake western Europe as a unifying economic zone.
    • Odd Arne Westad, The Cold War: A World History (2017)

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