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Paul Brousse (1844–1912) was a French socialist, associated first with the anarchist Jura Federation and later the possibilist tendency.


  • L'idée sera jetée, non sur le papier, non sur un journal, non sur un tableau, elle ne sera pas sculptée en marbre, ni taillée en pierre, ni coulée en bronze: elle marchera, en chair et en os, vivante, devant le peuple. Le people le saluera au passage.
    • Translation: The idea will not appear on paper, nor in a journal, nor in a painting; it will not be sculpted in marble, nor carved in stone, nor cast in bronze: it will walk, in flesh and bone, alive, before the people. The people will salute it as it passes by.
    • Bulletin de la fédération jurassienne, 5 August 1877. Quoted in Howard G. Lay, "Beau Geste! (On the Readability of Terrorism)," Yale French Studies 101 (2001), p. 85.

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