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Paul Enns (born June 17, 1937) is an author and minister. He is most notably one of the translators of the updated New American Standard Bible.



Heaven Revealed (Moody, 2011)

  • Yes, we will know one another! Yes we will have a glorious reunion! The Scriptures are not unclear on this vital issue.
    • p. 13
  • There is a day coming when all of the suffering, all of the maladies of this life are destroyed, when we, in our glorified bodies, will live in heaven, on the new earth, eternally fulfilling God’s ordained purpose for us.
    • p. 15
  • It is only as we fixate our eyes—our thoughts—on our future hope in heaven that we will be strengthened and enable to live wisely in this life.
    • p. 16
  • Heaven is where God dwells. It is a specific place; …a place of unparalleled tranquility and beauty. It includes the new heaven and new earth.
    • p. 19
  • Although believers will not receive their resurrection bodies until the rapture, it is apparent that believers will have bodies in the intermediate state in heaven.
    • p. 22
  • Upon death the believer goes immediately into the presence of Christ in heaven, a realm far better than this earth…Heaven is our true home.
    • p. 23
  • The gap that separated the holy and righteous God from sincful humanity has been bridged through…Jesus Christ. Hence, in eternity God will dwell intimately with redeemed mankind. **p. 25
  • Heaven… is the eternal kingdom Christ will inaugurate at His second coming.
    • p. 27
  • The longing that God has placed in our hearts is for heaven, a better place, a better country.
    • p. 31
  • Existence continues at death for the believer in a fuller, more fulfilling way. Death should hold no fear for the believer.
    • p. 35
  • Jesus’ ultimate prayer for His own people is that they would be in fellowship with Him in heaven forever… Jesus wants us to be with him—and with each other—in His Father’s house.
    • p. 46
  • As believers we have no need to fear death. Christ himself assures us of a safe arrival home in heaven!
    • p. 47
  • Scripture indicates that heaven is not distant but rather… heaven is near—in another realm.
    • p. 49
  • Every believer departing this old earth …immediately transitions into heaven and is welcomed home by Jesus himself.
    • p. 53
  • We are limited by our visual, physical senses; yet from the Scriptures we can readily conclude that heaven is indeed not distant at all. It is nearby.
    • p. 58)
  • This kingdom Christ promised will be both a physical and spiritual kingdom. Only those who are ‘poor in spirit’ will inherit the kingdom (Matt. 5:3).
    • p. 64
  • The church is the bride of Christ. The kingdom will be the eternal celebration of the wedding of Christ and the church. We will enjoy rapturous celebration as the bride of Christ in the eternal kingdom.
    • p. 71
  • The ultimate reflection of the Creator’s glory will be the redemption and glorification of our bodies, when at the rapture, our bodies are transformed into the image of Christ. (1 Thess. 4:116-17; 1 Cor. 15:51-56).
    • p. 75
  • In heaven, “we will have a real body with a real voice—and we will recognize each other’s voice.”
    • p. 76
  • Before the resurrection, we will have an intermediate body. Our final body will be like Christ’s.
    • p. 77
  • Will we recognize our loved ones? Yes! Scripture is abundantly clear on the issue. Jesus showed himself to numerous people following His resurrection.
    • p. 77
  • On the new earth—heaven—we will have perfect bodies, resistant to any ailment. Our new bodies will continue on forever, without missing a beat.
    • pp. 78-79
  • “When we see one another in heaven, we will have beautiful bodies that will far surpass the beauty of our bodies on this earth.
    • p. 80
  • Many of the passages that describe the millennial kingdom also, in continuity, describe the new heaven and the new earth—the eternal state.
    • p. 85
  • God created man for fellowship… The fall of man ruined that and Paradise—that is, the garden of Eden—was lost, but on the new earth paradise will be regained and God will again fellowship with mankind in a unique sense.
    • p. 88
  • During the tribulation there will be a national turning of Israel to the Lord; they will walk in righteousness. … God established an everlasting covenant with Israel and it will be of everlasting duration.
    • p. 90
  • While we look forward to a new heaven, let’s first consider the new earth, for the new earth will indeed be like heaven on earth. We will live on a restored earth.
    • p. 94
  • We can look forward expectantly to a beautified, restored earth where there is complete peace, tranquility and safety. No crime. No storms. Only peace. What a hope!
    • p. 95
  • As a believer is changed, receiving a glorified body, so similarly, the earth is changed into a new earth, unstained by sin.
    • p. 97
  • A magnificent restoration awaits us. … Christ comes in judgment; then restoration.
    • p. 99
  • The day is coming when God will get the attention of all humanity—worldwide. God will shake the earth.
    • p. 103
  • Christ will both judge and cleanse the entire earth at His return. He will not rule in a blemished, sin-stained earth. He will rule in righteousness on a renovated earth.
    • p. 104
  • During Christ’s millennial reign nothing contrary to righteousness will exist. You will find no liquor shops, night clubs, gambling casinos …ad infinitum on the streets of the kingdom. Logic, and more importantly, Scripture indicates that all immorality will be removed at the inauguration of Christ’s earthly kingdom.
    • pp. 106-107
  • On this new earth, cleansed and renovated—this eternal new earth—we will fulfill our eternal purpose for God. It is heaven on earth—always better.
    • p. 108
  • God, through Jesus Christ, is the victory, and the renewed earth will reflect that glory.
    • p. 110
  • On this present, fallen earth there is sorrow, suffering, sickness and death. On the new earth there will be life—everlasting life, unending health, joy, and gladness forever and ever.
    • p. 112
  • The new earth will be like Eden. ..the deserts will gush with water. … A beautiful and bountiful land will flourish.
    • p. 115
  • The new earth will complete God’s program. It will be what God intended for Adam and Eve in Eden.
    • p. 119
  • On this sinful, fallen earth, life will remain difficult, fraught with suffering and sadness. But we are looking forward to heaven—and heaven is always better in every realm than the earth.
    • p. 121
  • In heaven..we will not longer cry, feel sad, or face death. …Our bodies will be perfect, locked into eternal youth…ageless.
    • p. 125
  • Prosperity and security are ours in heaven. We will live in peace and safety.”
    • p. 125
  • The admission to heaven is faith in Jesus Christ. He is the only way. There is no other philosophy, no religion, no other way.
    • p. 133
  • In heaven we will enjoy a continuity of love in a profound way.
    • p. 141
  • Our abilities and giftedness does not end of this earth; we will continue to serve the Lord in agreement with our abilities on this earth.
    • p. 143
  • Believers have a genuine, unfailing hope of a future reunion with loved ones…we can find joy in anticipating our future reunion.
    • p. 161
  • One of the many joys of the millennial kingdom and the eternal state will be the endless discussion, genuine fellowship with one another.
    • p. 166
  • As we grow in our understanding of knowledge of Him in heaven, our worship will surely increase in magnitude.
    • p. 180
  • It is only as we focus our thoughts on heaven that we will correctly interpret life on earth.
    • p. 184
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