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Paul Hellyer PC (born 6 August 1923) is a Canadian engineer, politician, writer, and commentator. He served as the Minister of National Defense in the cabinet of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson. Hellyer is the longest serving current member of the Queen's Privy Council of Canada.

Paul Hellyer 1940s
The world financial system is a total fraud. It is one gargantuan Ponzi scheme, no better than the one Bernie Madoff used to swindle his friends and neighbors, and thousands of times worse if you add up the total number of victims it has ripped off over countless generations.


  • It is true that our collective military strength has been a deterrent to communist aggression. It is equally true--now that both sides possess the means of mass annihilation--that military might alone will not solve our problems or protect us from encirclement.
  • Our strength or weakness will depend on our success or failure to attract the loyalty and devotion of men at home and in the uncommitted nations. Our military strength has bought us time--expensive and precious time; time to examine the weaknesses in our private enterprise system and to make corrections--corrections needed to make the system more workable and more attractive to all.
  • Since the industrial revolution, we have been plagued with periodic recessions and depressions, described as the "lows" of the business cycle. It should be made perfectly clear that these recessions, unlike famines, are not Acts of God, but simply attributable to the folly and inflexibility of man.
    • Inflation vs. Unemployment, An Address by the Honourable Paul T. Hellyer, Curran Hall Limited, Toronto, February 20th, 1958
  • Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after… The veil of secrecy must be lifted and it has to be lifted now, before it is too late.
    • Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defense, Canada, 1963-1968, Speech at the National Press Club, Washington DC, April 2008
  • A world system where all the money is created as debt is a perpetual disaster in the making. It is like a giant balloon that the banks pump full of debt. The balloon gets larger and larger until the debt load becomes too heavy to carry, and then it is like a balloon with a pin stuck in it. The system crashes and thousands or sometimes millions of innocent people lose their jobs, homes, farms and businesses.
    The long-term influence of the banking cartel is incalculable. Their biggest coup was the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the United States.
  • The big New York banks really didn’t like the idea of genuine competition, so a small group held a secret meeting at the private resort of JP Morgan on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia [in 1910]. Their scheme, devised by Paul M. Warburg, and subsequently adopted by Congress, is a legal private monopoly of the US money supply operated for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and promoting the public interest.…
  • To put it bluntly, the Congress transferred its sovereign constitutional right to create money to the sole custody of a group of private bankers. The magnitude of the heist is unprecedented in the history of the world – the numbers now are in the high trillions.…
  • The first and most urgent project is to clip the wings of the bankers and democratize the money-creation function. In the US the Federal Reserve System must be abolished and its alleged function of regulating the money supply be assumed by the federal government or an agency under its direct control. The most powerful and valuable tool in the economic arsenal must be available to the representatives of the people who can be held responsible for their success or failure.
  • Ancient and modern history both suggest that there is no hope of a just and peaceful world unless all religions, and those with no religion, forget their differences and start working together to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. I define this as a world where every child can expect food to eat, clean water to drink, adequate clothing to wear, a roof overhead, access to medical support and enough education to be able to determine how best he or she can serve humankind positively, with dignity and self-fulfillment. ...None of this vision of a just and peaceful world will be possible unless the all-pervasive power of the international banks has been broken …
  • (How do you answer UFO skeptics?) I get them to read my books and others; because there’s so much literature on the subject, that it is just amazing. And the skeptics, by large, have never done any reading on it. And it’s just like, take any other subject, physics or something that you are not familiar with, you can be skeptical of some of the rules and things people say if you haven’t taken time out to learn about it.... You have to read the books and get the evidence, and then you can check it out for yourself.
  • There’s all kinds of proof, but only if you know where to look and taken the trouble to go and look... The United States government is the principle villain. Why is a good question, you should ask them, because basically, at a hearing we held a couple of years ago in Washington, the consensus of the witnesses at the hearing, of whom I was one, was that it was power and greed. They cover it up under the cloak of national security, but we all, I think the consensus of all of us who gave evidence there was that it had nothing to do with national security, it was a cover story to keep people from demanding answers, and that the real reasons were power and greed.

Quotes about Paul Hellyer[edit]

  • We welcome... Paul T. Hellyer, P.C., B.A., who--before his 34th birthday--was sworn of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada and Associate Minister of National Defence. Mr. Hellyer was born on a farm near Waterford, Ontario, and, after his high school years there, enrolled at the Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute of Aeronautics in Glendale, California, from which he graduated in aeronautical engineering in 1941 before his 18th birthday. His services were quickly snapped up by Fleet Aircraft Ltd. of Fort Erie, where he progressed from junior draughtsman to group leader in engineering on the Cornell elementary trainers being supplied to the R.C.A.F...
    On the strength of the private pilot's license he had obtained while in California, Mr. Hellyer joined the R.C.A.F., but its need for pilots ended before he had earned his wings so he promptly left to serve with the Royal Canadian Artillery until war's end. Mr. Hellyer is now President of Curran Hall Limited, home builders, and of Trepil Realty Limited, a land development company.
    In 1949, he... was elected to the House of Commons... re-elected in 1953..February, 1956, before his 33rd birthday... appointed Parliamentary Assistant to The... Minister of National Defence... April, 1957, he became Associate Minister... Somewhere along the line Mr. Hellyer has found the time and energy to study voice at the Toronto Conservatory; to attend the Banff School of Fine Arts and to participate in operas produced there. He continues to sing as a member of the Westmoreland United Church choir.
  • The Honorable Paul Hellyer, who was the National Defense minister of Canada in the ’60s, says the current “state of crisis” in the world has been “engineered by an unelected, unaccountable cabal of rich, ruthless and power-hungry people who have been deliberately keeping the majority of decent hard working taxpayers totally in the dark.” Before we can solve this world crisis, he says we must first “end the private bankers’ monopoly to print [create] money.”
  • Hellyer says there will never be peace and justice on Earth as long as central banks are privately owned....he claims that there are secret patents on “exotic energy technology” which must be released and made available to the world. “This suppressed technology could make it possible to convert from an oil economy to a clean economy in seven years.” But the big bankers could care less about the environment or our children’s future. Just like the Federal Reserve’s motto “Order out of chaos” which can be seen on the back of the U.S. dollar bill, they have deliberately manufactured a climate crisis and offer their communist New World Order as the solution.
    The above information is NOT a conspiracy theory and Paul Hellyer is NOT a tin foil hatter. He is an engineer, politician, writer and commentator who has had a long and varied career. He was the youngest person ever elected to the House of Commons in 1949 and now at age 96 holds the title of the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada.
  • Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer instantly rose to fame within the circles of disclosure and exopolitics activists when he declared, in a speech at the Exopolitics Toronto Symposium in September 2005, that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead” and that “the veil of secrecy must be lifted”. In his recent book Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species , Mr Hellyer likewise does not mince his words about the need for governments to get real about the problems confronting humanity, urging a view of what he calls a “broader” versus a “narrow” reality.
    • Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species Book review, by Gerard Aartsen, Share International, February 2001

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