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Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion (January 5, 1969–) is a Scottish actor, who has worked in television, film and theatre.


  • I take it all in stride - one day at a time - and just try to do a good job! I think it's important also to focus on being true to your character and not let all the hype get to you...just tell the story, and hopefully you'll be interesting to the audience.
  • We need great teachers out there because people need great role models. It’s one of those things that you look back and think about those really great teachers that we had and some who … didn’t make an impact on me and I think we learn more from them of what not to do. But, nowadays, I think the respect factor has to be added back into the school system and that comes from at home. The respect for teachers should be there. Education and healthcare are the two most important things if you think about it.

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