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Paul Smith (born 13 March 1979) is a British musician and lead singer of the band Maxïmo Park.


  • Sometimes.
    • In answer to the question, "are you straight edge?"
    • Popworld, interview aired 2007-03-10
  • Our producer Nick thinks it's a dance record, and who are we to disagree? Don't be alarmed though, we won't be donning face masks and Gore-Tex like Altern 8, or dancing like electric monkeys. Apart from Lukas (Wooller, keyboards).
  • We all went to university here and spent the last 10 years living here, and we are among people who live here, who come to the show.
  • I dont want to lose any of the emotion or energy. We are just testing how far we can bend pop in our direction.
    • About plans for the third album.
    • MTV
  • A common misperception of me is ...
    That I'm over-serious.
    I wish that people would take more notice of ...
    Carbon emissions. I am over-serious!

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