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Paul Weller

Paul John Weller (born John William Weller on 25 May 1958, in Sheerwater, near Woking, Surrey) is an English singer-songwriter. Weller was the leader and creator behind the formation of two successful bands, The Jam (1976–1982) and The Style Council (1983–1989), before starting a successful solo career in 1990.


  • It's so hard to understand why the world is your oyster but your future's a clam.
  • If we get through for two minutes only it will be a start!
  • The fingers feel the lines, they prod the space - your ageing face,
    The face that was once so beautiful, is still there but unrecognisable...
  • The morning slips away in a Valium haze and catalogues,
    And numerous cups of coffee,
    In the afternoon the weekly food is put in bags - as you float off down the high street.
    The shop windows reflect, play a nameless host to a closet ghost -
    A picture of your fantasy, a victim of your misery...
  • The lords and ladies pass a ruling
    That sons and girls go hand in land
    From good stock and the best breeding
    Paid for by the servile class.
    • The Whole Point Of No Return, from Café Bleu (1984)
  • When you're knocked on your back and you life's a flop,
    When you're down on the bottom and there's nothing else but to shout to the top!
    • Shout To The Top! (1984)
  • Is happiness real?
    Or am I so jaded
    I can't see or feel - like a man been tainted.
    Numbed by the effect - aware of the muse
    Too in touch with myself - I light the fuse.
  • The more I see - the more I know,
    The more I know, the less I understand.
  • I first felt a fist - and then a kick, I could now smell their breath,
    They smelt of pubs - and Wormwood Scrubs - and too many right-wing meetings.
  • If you see me in the street - look away, 'cause I don't want to ever catch you looking at me, Mr Clean.
    'Cause I hate you and your wife, and if I get the chance I'll fuck up your life.
    • Mr. Clean
  • Some people might say my life is in a rut, but I'm quite happy with what I've got.
  • You'll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns -
    And the public wants what the public gets - but I don't get what this society wants.
  • Those braying sheep on my TV screen -
    Make this boy shout! Make this boy scream!
  • Days of speed and slow time Mondays -
    Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday...
  • Two lovers kissing amongst the screams of midnight,
    Two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude.

The Gift (1982)

  • A whole street's belief in Sunday's roast beef gets dashed against the Co-op,
    To either cut down on beer or the kids' new gear, it's a big decision in a town called malice.
  • If you gave me a fresh carnation, I would only crush its tender petals...
    • Carnation
  • I am out of season all years round - watch machinery roar to my empty sound.
    Touch my heart and feel winter, hold my hand and be doomed forever.
    • Carnation
  • If you're wondering by now who I am, look no further than the mirror,
    Because I am the greed and fear - and every ounce of hate in you.
    • Carnation
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