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Paulie is a 1998 film about a bird named Paulie, starring Tony Shalhoub, Gena Rowlands, Hallie Kate Eisenberg and Jay Mohr. Mohr performs the voice of Paulie and plays a minor on-screen character.


Paulie: I'm a bird. I have a small brain, and it's about to explode!

[last lines]

Marie: Paulie, how did you find me?
Paulie: Well, it's a long story.
Misha: [chuckling] It's the only kind he knows.

Paulie: It's a long story.
Misha: I'm Russian. I like long stories!

Voice of Paulie: I thought flying was scary - 'til I drove with Ivy.

Ivy: We always used to talk about going to The Grand Canyon, but we just never got that far. Yow know, Earl said that if you stand right at the edge just when the sun comes up, it's like seeing the first sunrise in the whole world.
Paulie: He was kind of poetic, wasn't he?
Ivy: For an ex-Marine.

Ivy: You know what you are, Paulie? You're my seeing-eye parrot.

[dissolve to sunset]

Ivy: You've been a dear friend to me, Paulie. We're birds of a feather, you and I. Betwixt and between, that's us. So what do we have tonight? Is it pretty?
Paulie: Oh, very pretty. There's more orange now, and it's getting darker. Just a little gold left.
Ivy: The sun must be almost set. Can you see any stars yet?
Paulie: Not yet.

[cut to ambulance pulling away]

Paulie: And then one day, the cat got her.

Ignacio: You can talk?
Paulie: [looking at Ignacio's parrots] They talk.
Ignacio: Them? They don't talk! I say taco, they say taco.
Parrots: Taco, taco, taco!
Paulie: ...Are they okay?

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