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Tekahionwake ca 1895

Emily Pauline Johnson (March 10, 1861March 7, 1913) was a Canadian writer, poet and performer popular in the late 19th century, also known by her Indian name Tekahionwake.



The White Wampum (1895)


London: John Lane, 1895

  • August is laughing across the sky,
    Laughing, while paddle, canoe and I
    Drift, drift,
    Where the hills uplift
    On either side of the current swift.
    • "The Song my Paddle Sings", line 19; p. 33.
  • The pine trees whispering, the heron's cry,
    The plover's passing wing, his lullaby.
    • "The Camper", line 9; p. 35.
  • Sleep, with her tender balm, her touch so kind,
     Has passed me by;
    Afar I see her vesture, velvet-lined,
     Float silently;
    O! Sleep, my tired eyes had need of thee!
    Is thy sweet kiss not meant to-night for me?
    • "Overlooked", line 1; p. 57.
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