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Peaky Blinders (2013-2017) is a crime drama TV series created for BBC Two by Steven Knight about the exploits of the Romani Peaky Blinders gang, operating in Birmingham, England during the aftermath of World War I.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1 [1.1][edit]

Arthur: You think we can take on the Chinese and Billy Kimber. Billy's got a bloody army--
Thomas: I think, Arthur. That's what I do. I think. So that you don't have to.

Polly: [to Tommy] You have your mother's common sense, but your father's devilment. I see them fighting. Let your mother win.

Thomas: [to Grace] Are you a whore? Because if you're not, you're in the wrong place.

Episode 2 [1.2][edit]

Thomas: You have something to say to me?
Grace: The other night you cam into the pub when I was singing. You said singing wasn't allowed. I'd like there to be one night a week when there is singing. I think it would be good for everyone. Saturday nights. Harry was too afraid to ask you, so...
Thomas: But you're not?
Grace: I am. But I love to sing.

Thomas: [sits next to Ada during a film] Tell me the man's name, Ada.
Ada: Rudolph Valentino.
Thomas: [leaves the room and the movie stops] Get out! All of you! Go on, now! [everyone in the theatre leaves] I said, tell me his fucking name.
Ada: Freddie fucking Thorne! Yeah! Your best mate since school. The man who saved your life in France! So go on! Cut him! Cut him up and chuck him in the Cut! [Thomas leaves] Oi! I'm a Shelby, too, you know. Put my fucking film back on!

Polly: [Thomas throws the letter to Freddie in the fire] Damn them for what they did to you in France!

Grace: How's your beautiful horse?
Thomas: I just put a bullet in his head.
Grace: Was he lame?
Thomas: He looked at me the wrong way. It's not a good idea to look at Tommy Shelby the wrong way.
Grace: What a waste.
Thomas: Yeah. A waste is what it is. You know, in France... In France, I got used to seeing men die. Never got used to seeing horses die. They die badly.

Grace: And what must I do?
Thomas: For two pounds, you'll do what I ask you to do.
Grace: I want three. [Tommy scoffs] If I'm meeting a king, I won't be wearing a cheap dress. And I ask you to let me sing. That's part of the deal now too.
Thomas: Since when?
Grace: Since you nearly smiled.

Grace: [Thomas asks her to sing] Happy or sad?
Thomas: [after a moment thinking] Sad.
Grace: Okay. But I warn you, it'll break your heart.
Thomas: Already broken.

Episode 3 [1.3][edit]

Episode 4 [1.4][edit]

Episode 5 [1.5][edit]

Grace: Want tea?
Thomas: Tea? No.
Grace: I have rum.
Thomas: Actually, tea it is.
Grace: You want to impress me?
Thomas: Yes. And do you have a biscuit?
Grace: No. They attract mice.
Thomas: People look different at home.
Grace: In what way?
Thomas: Off guard.
Grace: Should I be on my guard?
Thomas: No, I'm a man who drinks tea.

Grace: Are you okay?
Thomas: I don't hear the shovels against the wall.
Grace: What shovels?
Thomas: Will you help me?
Grace: Help you with what?
Thomas: With everything. The whole fucking thing. Fucking life, business. I found you. And you found me. We'll help each other.

Thomas: According to the law, we are equal partners. It's written on the paperwork in black and white. A third, a third, a third. But the thing is... Well, me and John, we quite fancy splitting your share so, just next time, use a gun, man.

Episode 6 [1.6][edit]

Polly: [praying] Dear Lord, make this day pass well. Let none get hurt and make them that do, not Shelbys. Watch John because he has so many depending on him. Watch Arthur because he's as likely to hurt himself as anyone else. And watch Thomas. [Thomas quietly enters] I know how he is. But he does what he does for us... I think.

Polly: Did you fall for Tommy?
Grace: Yes.
Polly: Then I pity you.
Grace: I think he'll try to kill me.
Polly: He's too soft.
Grace: Soft?
Polly: Soft, like you. You saved his life the night the coppers came. That's why we're drinking, not fighting. We owe you.
Grace: What was he like, before France?
Polly: He laughed, a lot. He wanted to work with horses.

Polly: There will be others.
Thomas: To the others. [they cheer] All of them.

Season 2[edit]

Episode 1 [2.1][edit]

Episode 2 [2.2][edit]

Alfred Solomons: Fuckin' Hell, lads, take it easy. Put him down Ollie, put him down, mate, he's only little. You on your own?
Thomas Shelby: Seems so.
Alfred Solomons: Well, you're a brave lad, ain't ya? You wanna take a look at my bakery? [they walk through the distillery] We bake all sorts here, mate, yeah. Did you know we bake over 10,000 "loaves" a week, can you believe it? We bake the white bread, we bake the brown bread... bake all sorts. You like to try some? Bread? [Tommy nods] Yeah?
Thomas Shelby: All right.
Alfred Solomons: So what would you like, brown or white?
Thomas Shelby: Try the brown.
Alfred Solomons: Brown? All right. [Alfie's distiller pours them both glasses of dark rum; Tommy tries his]
Thomas Shelby: Not bad.
Alfred Solomons: Not bad, eh? Not bad? It's fucking awful, that stuff. Fuckin' brown stuff is horrible, it's for the workers. Yeah. The white stuff, now that is for the bosses. Come look. [Tommy follows Alfie into his office] Well, I've heard very bad, bad, bad things 'bout you Birmingham people. [tsks] Eh? You're Gypsies, right? So what d'you live in, a fucking tent, or a caravan?
Thomas Shelby: I came here to discuss business with you, Mr. Solomons.
Alfred Solomons: Well! [claps and leans forward] Rum's for fun and fucking, innit. So...Whiskey, now that, that is for business. [pulls out a whiskey bottle]
Thomas Shelby: Let's talk first, eh?
Alfred Solomons: Suit yourself. [puts the whiskey away] They say you had your life saved by a policeman.
Thomas Shelby: [nods] I have policemen on my payroll-
Alfred Solomons: Well, I don't have policemen. Because policemen, they can't be trusted.
Thomas Shelby: Mr. Sabini uses policemen all the time; that's why he's winning the war in London, and you're losing it.
Alfred Solomons: War ain't over 'til it's over, mate. You were in the war. [pause] I once carried out my own personal form of stigmata on an Italian. I pushed his face up against a trench, shoved a six-inch nail up his fucking nose, and I hammered it home with a duckboard; it was fucking Biblical, mate. [chuckles, fiddles with the handle of his desk drawer] So don't come in here, sit there in my chair, and tell me that I'm losing my war to a fucking wop.
Thomas Shelby: That war was a long time ago. You need to be... more realistic-
Alfred Solomons: Realistic, yeah? Realistic?
Thomas Shelby: Well, if you weren't losing the war, then you wouldn't have sent me the telegram-
Alfred Solomons: Really? You forget your fucking telegram, your telegram just said, "'Ello." Very simple. You want to sell me something. What?
Thomas Shelby: We join forces-
Alfred Solomons: Fuck off! No, categorical. Fucking ridiculous.
Thomas Shelby': Mr. Solomons, your distillery provides one-tenth of your income. Protection is another 10%, and the rest you make from the racetracks. I know you keep a gun in the drawer, I know you keep it beside the whiskey. I know you offer a deal, or death. [pause] I know what I'm saying, makes you angry. But I'm offering you a solution. You see, Mr. Sabini is running all your bookies off your courses. And he's closing down the premises that take your rum. And people don't trust your protection anymore.
Alfred Solomons: You're the bloke who shot Billy Kimber, right? You did, you fucking shot him. That's you. You fucking betrayed him, mate. So it'd be entirely appropriate to do what I'm thinking in my head to you, right now. [puts his hand in the drawer]
Thomas Shelby: I can offer you 100 good men, all with weapons, and a new relationship with the police.
Alfred Solomons: Intelligence. Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? But usually, it comes far too fucking late. [pulls a gun on Tommy] Let's say I shot you already, right in the fucking face. And the bullet goes bone, mash, bone, cabinet over there. Which is a shame, innit, 'cause that cabinet's fucked now and I got to get shot of it. So, what I do is this. It's fucking simple, mate. [puts the gun down] I cut that cabinet in half, don't I? I do, literally I just cut the cabinet, I cut- [notices Tommy's nosebleed and tosses him a cloth] I cut the cabinet literally in half, mate. And I take one half of the cabinet, all right, and I put it into a barrel. And I take the other half of the cabinet and all it's pieces and I put that into another barrel, right? And I send this barrel off to Mandalay, and the other barrel off to somewhere like... I dunno, Timbuktu. Have you ever been?
Thomas Shelby: No.
Alfred Solomons: No? Would you like to go?
Thomas Shelby: ...No.
Alfred Solomons: Y'know, I always thought you'd have a great big fucking gold ring in your nose. [grins, pause] I'm sorry, go on. Tell us your plan.

Episode 3 [2.3][edit]

Episode 4 [2.4][edit]

Episode 5 [2.5][edit]

Esme: Imagine riding away, Thomas. Living the real life, you know? Your Gypsy half is the stronger. You just want to ride away. France is a new place for us, they say. Lot of metal lying around still. Guns and trucks and spent shells and things. Then you go south. Saintes-Maries, where the Black Madonna is. My brothers go sometimes for the fair. It's like a home for us. They still let you get lost there.
Thomas: I've been to France, Esme. So has John. Now get your coat and go with your husband. [takes her face in his hand] If you ever talk about getting lost again, I'll cut you... from this family.
Esme: [looks around] What family?

Arthur: I've been a fucking idiot. I haven't appreciated nothing, John.
John: Are you fucking repenting or something?
Arthur: Drawing. I used to be good at drawing.
John: Arthur, please. For God's sake, I don't need this-
Arthur: I should've listened more in class.
John: What fucking class? You were never there.
Arthur: I used to draw horses.
John: Arthur-
Arthur: Stallions. Great, big ones.
John: Arthur.
Arthur: They looked real-
John: Not stallions, not now.

Curly: What are you doing, Tommy?
Tommy: Shoveling shit, Curly. Just like you.
Curly: Why are you doing that?
Tommy: To remind myself of what I’d be if I wasn’t who I am.

Episode 6 [2.6][edit]

Johnny Dogs: Well, the Lees will be there, captain.
Tommy: Captain?
Johnny Dogs: I’ve promoted you. Well, the boys say that you’re no longer like a sergeant major. Fucking those rich women and using those fancy words. I’d say you’re more like captain these days.

Season 3[edit]

Episode 3 [3.6][edit]

Thomas Shelby: I asked you to come alone, and unarmed.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, well, alone I ain't never gonna do, am I? As for the cane, don't worry about it, it's just me sciatica, it always plays up 'round the winter and summer solstice.
Thomas Shelby: What've you got for me, Alfie?
Alfred Solomons: Whatcha bring me out 'ere for?
Thomas Shelby: It's on the way to somewhere I need to be in a hurry. [Alfie nods] What've you got for me?
Alfred Solomons: Well, seeing as you was willing to pay such an exorbitant amount for this information, I decided to give you value for money. So, here are the names of all the men in England, whom I would approach, right, if I had a Faberge egg for sale. Here you go. [hand Tommy a paper] And then, here's all the men on that list, you know, who would buy the ol' Faberge egg, even if they knew that that item was stolen, eh? Then in comes your curious fucking Gypo question: I won't ask, but, um, here's a list of the men who would buy a Faberge... because of their wives' obsession. [Tommy takes the papers, hands a roll of cash to Alfie] Oh, yes, thank you Mr. Shelby, lovely doing business with you.

[Tommy turns away, looks at the list for a few moments, then turns around and pulls a revolver on Alfie; Alfie's bodyguard does the same on him]

Thomas Shelby: You left a name off the list, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: Did I?
Thomas Shelby: Yep. I've already spoken to my people in the jewelry quarter, experienced dealers. They told me, there are only three men in Britain whose wives are obsessed with Faberge; makes 'em good customers. You missed the richest one off the list.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, well, if you knew already, 'ow come you dragged me out into the fuckin' oggin, mate?
Thomas Shelby: Two reasons. Reason one: by withholding a name that you most certainly know, you've proven to me that you've done a deal with the Odd Fellows. It was you that told them about the tunnel, you who told them about the fucking deal with the Soviets. Reason Two: the name of the man you're withholding must be my enemy, otherwise you wouldn't be protecting him. He's now a man I can use.
Alfred Solomons: Listen, sweetie, you can't take a man-
Thomas Shelby: You gave information, in exchange for a share-
Alfred Solomons: Tommy, Tommy! There were things in that treasury, right, that God Himself spoke to me, and He said, "Alfie, you were meant to have those things"-
Thomas Shelby: You crossed the line, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: [pause] You fucking what?
Thomas Shelby: You crossed the line!
Alfred Solomons: The line?
Thomas Shelby: THEY'RE USING MY BOY! [pause, Alfie stares at him] Did you fucking know?
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, I knew! You know, but damned as I am, it made no fucking difference to me, mate! [Tommy lunges at Alfie and wrestles him to the ground; Alfie's bodyguard pulls him off] Fuckin' Hell, Tommy!

[Alfie's bodyguard puts his gun to Tommy's throat, but Michael suddenly shoots the bodyguard from behind, killing him]

Alfred Solomons: [staggering upright and advances on Tommy] Oh, for crying out loud! The fuck is going on? [Tommy aims his gun at him] What is the matter with you, Tommy, eh? Eh?! You've got fuckin' angry, aint ya?!
Thomas Shelby: [holds his gun to Alfie's head] YEAH, I GOT FUCKIN' ANGRY!
Michael Gray: NO! [forces Tommy away] Tommy, I know this bastard deserves it!
Alfred Solomons: He's nuts! It's in your fucking head, mate!
Michael Gray: I KNOW THIS BASTARD DESERVES IT, ALL RIGHT?! I fucking know! But if you kill him now, the truce with the London outfits will be blown to fucking pieces, alright?!
Thomas Shelby: Michael, Michael-
Alfred Solomons: Don't worry about that truce, kid, right, 'cause it just, it fell apart. [Michael releases Tommy] You've got nothing to worry about, when it comes to the ol' scary London boys-
Alfred Solomons: I do not give a FUCK right now, kid, right?! [points at Tommy, advances on him] I do not want him, to spare me because of some fucking peace pact! I want him, to acknowledge, that his anger is UN-FUCKING-JUSTIFIED! I want him to acknowledge, that he who fights by the sword, he fucking dies by it, Tommy! So what, they took your boy, did they? Eh? They got your boy? AND WHAT FUCKING LINE AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE CROSSED?! How many fathers, right, how many sons, yeah, have you cut, killed, murdered, fucking butchered, innocent and guilty, to send straight to fucking Hell, ain't ya?! JUST LIKE ME! You fucking stand there, you, judging me, stand there and talk to me about crossing some fucking line? [pause] If you pull that trigger, right, you pull that trigger for a fucking honorable reason. LIKE AN HONORABLE MAN! Not like some fucking civilian, that does not understand the wicked way of our world, mate.
Michael Gray: Look, Tommy... the killing of Alfie Solomons is not gonna help. It'll be very bad, for business.
Thomas Shelby: ...Michael. Go and call Inspector Moss. Tell him it's Palmer. [Michael leaves] ...Well said, Alfie. Well said.
Alfred Solomons:... I did not know about your boy, though.
Thomas Shelby: I know. I saw.

Season 4[edit]

Episode 4 [4.4][edit]

Alfred Solomons: Stretch your legs, Treacle! [Goliath gets out of the car] Fuck me, he looks like he's grown since we left London. He's like a mushroom, inne? He grows in the dark.
Goliath: I gotta piss.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, yeah, well the place is a shithole, yeah, so why don't you knock yourself out? [Goliath wanders over to the wall] Where is everyone? Ishmael, please, will you hit the call of prayer? [Ishmael honks the car horn briefly] Well, hit it! [Ishmael honks a second time; Alfie rolls his eyes, comes over and pushes past him] Thank you, thank you!

[He honks the horn continuously, looking at his watch, until Tommy comes out to meet him]

Thomas Shelby: Morning, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, it is, it is! How come everybody's in fucking bed? [Goliath joins them]
Thomas Shelby: So, this must be Goliath? Right, let me introduce you to David. This way, boys.

[They follow him into his gin distillery]

Alfred Solomons: I assume that David's out of bed? Ah, now the problem right between rum and gin, is that gin, right? It leads to the melancholy. Whereas rum incites violence. And it also allows you to be liberated from the self-doubt. I hear that you're probably more in need of the old rum, rather than gin, at the moment, mate. [notices a bird flying up] Oh dear, you've got fucking starlings, mate. That shit will rot your pipework [points a gun up at the rafters] These bastards only understand one language-
Thomas Shelby: It's all right, Alfie. There's no need, it's all right, I'm, uh, I'm getting a kestrel.
Alfred Solomons: I hear that you've got Italians, mate. You got a kestrel for them, and all?
Thomas Shelby: Yes, I'll have a kestrel for them as well.
Alfred Solomons: Well, everything is confirmed, innit? No weakness behind the eyes, didn't blink too much, eh? You smell... of smoke, and coal, and horses, hmm? You're back where you belong, Tommy.
Thomas Shelby: [offers him a glass of gin] I know you don't touch it, but you have a good nose.
Alfred Solomons: [takes it] Alright, well, you've gotta ask yourself seriously though, you know: did I even want to piss and shit indoors, or was I actually born, that I ought to defecate in fields and outhouses? It's a serious issue though, Tommy, you know? 'Cause your people... well, your class, and my religion, is quite similar, actually, because... you just cannot wash it out, right, because [whispers] It come out your mother's tits. [tastes the gin] Mmm... Nah, the Americans want it sweeter.
Thomas Shelby: What have you heard, Alfie?
Alfred Solomons: I heard a cop got shot. Who shot him?
Thomas Shelby: My kestrel.
Alfred Solomons: Oy, oh, up the stakes. Very good.
Thomas Shelby: Where are the Sicilians?
Alfred Solomons: They're still using Sabini for vehicles, and for places to stay.
Thomas Shelby: Mm-hmm. And reinforcements?
Alfred Solomons: [scoffs] Nah. Them Sicilians, they don't trust nobody. They fucked a goat, the morning of their first pubic hair; they got traditions.
Thomas Shelby: [nods] How many are here?
Alfred Solomons: Eleven. Enough to drop a man who wrapped his balls in an O.B.E... 'till they fell off.
Thomas Shelby: [pause] Well, the real question is, Alfie... which side are you playing for, eh?
Alfred Solomons: [grins] Fucking Hell... what kinda world is it to bring up children, when your own mate can ask you that question, eh? But the truth is, Tommy, you're gonna be fucking dead soon, yeah? And then your starlings, right? They will peck out your blue eyes, won't they? The jackdaws, they will steal your gold and your medals, and pretty soon it'll be as if you never even fucking happened, mate.
Finn Shelby: Tommy, there are men approaching.
Thomas Shelby: Yeah, let 'em pass. [Finn leaves] Right. You tell Darby Sabini from me, that if the Italians win, they're not planning on leaving. And after me, it'll be him, and then you. Then the Titanics. And the fucking Mafia, Alfie: they've come here, can't believe our coppers are unarmed. They steal their liquor, and it's against the law. They've come here, and they like what they see. They're coming, and they're here to stay.
Aberama Gold: [enters] Mr. Shelby! I've come to talk purse for the fight.
Alfred Solomons: [gestures at Gold] Your kestrel? [Tommy nods] Tommy, when a pikey walks in with hair like that, you've gotta ask yourself, "Have I made a mistake?"
Aberama Gold: Who the fuck are you?
Alfred Solomons: Who the fuck am I?
Aberama Gold: Who the fuck is this?!
Alfred Solomons: I, my friend: I am the uncle, and the protector, and the promoter of that fucking thing right there, in whose shadow nothing good nor Godly will ever fucking grow! [gestures to Goliath] That there, right, is the southern counties' welterweight champion. He is of mixed religion, therefore he is Godless. He was adopted by Satan himself, before he was returned out of fear of his awkwardness, but is impossible to marry off, due to his lethal dimensions. His mother, terrified, just fucking abandoned him, and there he is, stood before you, like the first of some brand-new fucking species!. Any man you put before him, right, it'd be like entering a fucking threshing machine, mate. [chuckles] Now... Will you offer your son?

Episode 5 [4.5][edit]

[Lucca and his bodyguard enter Alfie's rum distillery; Alfie is sitting on a barrel, his eyes closed]

Matteo: Mr. Solomons.
Alfred Solomons: Hm? [not opening his eyes] My little cousin was born blind. As a result, I now donate a considerable sum of money to a charity, which gives dogs with eyes to blind Jews. The chairman of the board recommends that those of us who are blessed with the gift of sight, that, ah, we spend, you know, at least half an hour of our day with our eyes closed. So that we may... well, that we may better understand the, uh, well, the darkness. And, um also to increase our donations and that, hmm? What time is it?
Matteo: [checks his watch] Twenty-nine minutes past eight.
Alfred Solomon: Right. Well, I have another minute to go, actually. But you, uh, you can begin, go on.
Lucca Changretta: [steps very close to Alfie] I'm Lucca Changretta.
Alfred Solomons: Oh yeah, I know who you are. Hm. You're a bit of a failure, aren't you? You come all the way over 'ere to this country in order to kill Tommy Shelby, but, I mean... well, he's not dead, is he? [smirks] So...
Lucca Changretta: No. He ain't.
Alfred Solomon: No. How much time have I got left, mate?
Matteo: Ten seconds. Nine seconds, eight seconds. [Lucca nods impatiently] Five. Four. Three. Two. One. [Alfie opens his eyes and looks Lucca up and down]
Alfred Solomons: Right, 'ello. How can I help you?
Lucca Changretta: I have a proposition for you-
Alfred Solomons: [raises his hand] Mmm, I already know what you want.
Lucca Changretta: Yeah?
Alfred Solomons: I just wanna hear you say it out loud, so I can check how ridiculous it is.
Lucca Changretta: [to Matteo, in Italian] Ok, I have my own ten seconds of patience left with this guy-
Matteo: [In Italian]Lucca. They say this is how it is. We need him. [Alfie nods]
Lucca Changretta: I hear there's gonna be a little fight, a boxing match. Between your boy, and Tommy Shelby's boy. Right, Birmingham? [Alfie nods] And the whole Shelby family is gonna be there?
Alfred Solomons: [nods] Mm-hm.
Lucca Changretta: [taps his chest] And you, Mr. Solomons... you, too, will be there.
Alfred Solomons: Uhh... That's it. [turns, picks up two bottles of rum and gives them to the Italians] I tell you what, right? Here's a gift, it's free. Souvenir of your visit here. Goodbye, trot on. Down there is Bonnie Street.
Lucca Changretta: [smirks, uncorks the rum and smells it] You know, they say you're a smart guy. That you already know what we want, before we say it. That's funny, 'cause now I believe I know what you want, even before you say it.
Alfred Solomons: [nods] So, are you gonna taste it? [Lucca does so]
Lucca Changretta: [in Italian] I think this clown wants us to run his rum... into New York.
Alfred Solomons: Damn fucking straight, mate. Otherwise you wouldn't still be thieving my oxygen, now would ya? Because I have 200 barrels a month, yeah? Cleared by your people, distributed through your teams-
Lucca Changretta: [smirks] Thing is, is that people want gin these days.
Alfred Solomons: Well, the exit is still out there. Right on Bonnie Street, yeah? [sits down]
Lucca Changretta: [chuckles] You're fuckin' crazy, you know that? 200 barrels, huh? [in Italian] He knows who we represent?
Alfred Solomon: And also, I want some cash. And don't worry, 'cause I have broken it down here. [pulls out a slip of paper] I've got a, uh, list of costs pertaining to the assassination of a dear friend, all right? Now, your normal dispatch, well, it's, you know, 500 pounds cost. But you're gonna have to add another hundred to that, because Tommy Shelby, like me, is from an oppressed people. Then, I need you to put another ten on top of that, because his brother is a fucking animal, and he will come after me. Yeah, and then you'll need to put another hundred on top of that, because, well you are a fucking wop, mate. [Lucca glares at him, looking incredulously to Matteo] Hmm? And you. And then... we have to deal with the ugly business, of which I've been incredibly clear of, before I'll need another 500 pounds, because like I stated, Tommy Shelby is a very, very good friend of mine. [hands the paper to Matteo] Total is down there in black and white, yeah? All right, crack on.

[Matteo steps forward, but Lucca stops him]

Lucca Changretta: It's OK. Mr. Solomons, I'm gonna be very fuckin' clear with you. I don't need you to kill anybody. I have people that I trust, okay? So you're gonna take my boys, and you're gonna bring 'em to the ring, as seconds.
Alfred Solomons: Well, in order to qualify as my seconds, right, they would first have to qualify as being Jewish. Yeah? And in order to do that, they would have to replace their natural Italian fucking arrogance, with a Jewish air of absolute certainty. You see, my good friend Tommy Shelby, he will know the difference.
Lucca Changretta: [smirks] These days? Back in the old country...A lot of the, uh, you know, the Jewish people? They, uh, are havin' to... are havin' to pass themselves off as Italian. [He and Mateo laugh]
Alfred Solomons: Right, well, you'll have to add another ton onto your bill, for being a cunt, mate. All right?
Lucca Changretta:... You will bring my men to Birmingham?
Alfred Solomons: [nods] And you will circumcise them. [Lucca looks incredulous] Yeah, you'll have to circumcise them. Because the Peakys will check, yeah?
Lucca Changretta: [In Italian] Piece of shit. [In English] Okay, any other requests, huh? 200 fucking barrels, we have a deal.
Alfred Solomons: Ahh...
Lucca Changretta: What's the matter?
Alfred Solomons: Mmm, well...
Lucca Changretta: I said, we have a deal.
Alfred Solomons: Ah, well you just made a deal without a negotiation, didn't ya? [Lucca shrugs] Yeah, Tommy Shelby was right about you, wasn't he? [In Yiddish] ...You plan to kill us all.

Season 5[edit]

Episode 6 [5.6][edit]

Alfred Solomons: I was just having some oil rubbed on the bits that really hurt, mate. Whatcha think of that view, eh?
Thomas Shelby: It's Margate. What can you do?
Alfred Solomons: [enters the room] I'll tell you something, Tommy: I sit all day, every day, in that chair on that balcony. Contemplating the fact, right, that life is so much easier to deal with, when you are dead. [sits down, revealing a blinded right eye and scarred cheek]
Thomas Shelby: Hello, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah. Did you, did you look through the binoculars?
Thomas Shelby: Yeah.
Alfred Solomons: I watch ships. No two are the same, yeah. That is how God sees us both, in His eyes.
Thomas Shelby: God, eh?
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, sort of. I mean, you know, someone's responsible for all this fucking mess. Now... how soon did you know that I was not dead?
Thomas Shelby: You wrote me a letter, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: Did I?
Thomas Shelby: Yeah, you asked about your dog.
Alfred Solomons: Oh. They, they gave me a lot of drugs at first, yeah. Well... I was lying out there, and the tide come in and it woke me up. I remember looking around and thinking, "You know... Fuck. If this is Hell... then it looks a lot like Margate."
Thomas Shelby: Maybe that's just what Hell looks like, eh?
Alfred Solomons: No. No, not according to this Holy Book here, yeah. [holds up a Torah] It gives a very, very vivid description. You and I are both fucked, mate.
Thomas Shelby: You read the papers, Alfie?
Alfred Solomons: No. Don't be silly. [cocks a handgun at him]
Thomas Shelby: But you've heard.
Alfred Solomons: What, fascism? Yeah.
Thomas Shelby: Three... Two... One. Bang. [Alfie frowns at him] No? Fine. [walks over and sits down, coughing]
Alfred Solomons: Good Lord, your fucking condition has got worse, mate. Mine, on the other hand, I... I've been living the dream. Sometimes, I will shoot at the side of a ship, and sometimes I sit here, I may shoot at the old seagull.
Thomas Shelby: Alfie... I'm gonna shoot Oswald Mosley.
Alfred Solomons: Right, well... I hope you do a better job on him than the one you done on me, yeah? I mean... what, what were you thinking, was your mind somewhere else, Tommy?
Thomas Sheby: ...Yes it was, actually.
Alfred Solomons: Yeah, all right. [a ship's horn sounds] Oh, look. A ship. [holds the binoculars to his remaining eye] Why d'you want to shoot him?
Thomas Shelby: I need to organize a riot, Alfie.
Alfred Solomons: All right.
Thomas Shelby: And, I hear you still have some... standing, in the Jewish community.
Alfred Solomons: [sets down the gun and binoculars and leans forward] Let me be clear, alright? Since my resurrection, I am considered to be a god, alright? In the Holy Land, someone has made an image of me, out of rock embedded in the sand, so I am told, and I am planning to make a pilgrimage to stand in my own shadow. [pause] Are you gonna shoot him because this man is evil?
Thomas Shelby: I need men who can fight. Mosley uses men from Glasgow. So, if the men causing the trouble are Jewish, it will be... explicable.
Alfred Solomons: Since when do you need explanations, Tommy?
Thomas Shelby: Since I entered politics.
Alfred Solomons: Oh, that's right, yeah! Oh yeah. And, and how has that been for you, Tom?
Thomas Shelby: Gangs, wars, truces... nothing I didn't already know. [Alfie pretends to snore, Tommy grins]
Alfred Solomons: So, you think if you kill him, you, you will kill the message, yeah?
Thomas Shelby: I will kill the man. Then, I will kill the message.
Alfred Solomons: ...'Ow much you paying?
Thomas Shelby: Thought you might do it for the cause, Alfie-
Alfred Solomons: Go on, fuck off.
Thomas Shelby: Each man will get 20 pounds. You'll get 5,000.
Alfred Solomons: You know, as a god, Tommy, right, I am now able to just rise, above those kind of insults, mate.
Thomas Shelby: Ten?
Alfred Solomons: Hmm. How is my dog?
Thomas Shelby: Your dog is fine.
Alfred Solomons: Hmm. In that case, ten should be enough. Where do you want the men?
Thomas Shelby: Birmingham.
Alfred Solomons: No. No, that 20 will not be enough for my lads to step inside that fucking shithole. It'll have to be 25, at least.
Thomas Shelby: [sighs] 25 it is. You can take your dog back then, eh?
Alfred Solomons: No, it's better for him to think that I am still dead. As it is also, with the police. All right. So, you're still at it, eh, Tommy? Hmm. Ain't got no Margate to go to. [tsks]
Thomas Shelby: [shakes his head] No. And I have no interest in shooting seagulls.
Alfred Solomons: Oh yeah, but you have in shooting cabinet ministers.
Thomas Sehlby: Yeah. And their paid informants.
Alfred Solomons: Mm. I was on a lot of drugs at first, right, due to the pain, you know, on account of it... well, you know, being shot in the face by some cunt. I won't bore you with the details, it'd chill ya. Nonetheless, I had a recurring dream. I saw you, in a field, right, with a big black horse. And you said "Goodbye", and then... bang. [pause] All right, then. Well... what now?
Thomas Shelby: [throws his cigarette out the window, stands up] I will continue... 'till I find a man, that I can't defeat.

Polly Gray: Arthur asked, whose side I was on. [Tommy sits down] There will be a war, and one of you will die. But which one, I cannot tell.
Thomas Shelby: Hmm. He's gonna do it anyway.
Polly Gray: Yeah.
Thomas Shelby: You should know. If Aberama takes his side, I will kill him.
Polly Gray: And what about me?
Thomas Shelby: [pause] I'll do what I have to do, Pol.
Polly Gray: Kill, and kill.
Thomas Shelby: The only way to make people listen.
Polly Gray: [approaches his desk] Soon, you will have a stage to stand on. Millions of people will listen to you. And you will run the country, like you run this family.
Thomas Shelby: It appears to be what people want.
Polly Gray: But not me. Not anymore. [drops a letter on the desk] My resignation. [leaves]




  • Alfie Evans-Meese - Finn Shelby (series 1)
  • Harry Kirton - Finn Shelby (series 2)
  • Neil Bell - Harry Fenton
  • Tommy Flanagan - Arthur Shelby Snr
  • Benjamin Zephaniah - Jeremiah Jesus
  • Lobo Chan - Mr Zhang
  • Tony Pitts - Sergeant Moss
  • Samuel Edward-Cook - Danny "Whizz-Bang" Owen
  • Jeffrey Postlethwaite - Henry
  • Matthew Postlethwaite - Nipper
  • Jack Hartley - Billy Lovelock
  • Allan Hopwood - Abbey Heath
  • Sam Hazeldine - Georgie Sewell
  • Adam El Hagar - Ollie (series 2)
  • Kevin Metcalfe - Scudboat

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