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Pee-wee's Playhouse was a Saturday Morning television series on CBS that aired from September 13, 1986 to July 27, 1991. It starred Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman who lived in his Playhouse with a whole bunch of wacky characters.

Season 1[edit]

Ice Cream Soup [1.1][edit]

Pee-wee: Hey, Magic Screen, what's that red thing over there?
Magic Screen: What a silly question Pee-wee. It's the door.
Everyone else: [screams]
Mr. Window: Hey, Pee-wee!
Pee-wee: Yes, Mr. Window?
Mr. Window: Someone's at the do-- uh... Someone's at the red-padded entrance.
Pee-wee: Oh, you mean the door.
Everyone else: [screams]

Jambi: Hey, Pee-wee, are you ready to make your wish yet?
Pee-wee: No, but I'll take a prediction.
Jambi: Okay, I predict... we'll be back right after this!

Rainy Day [1.3][edit]

Randy: What's the matter, Pee-wee?
Pee-wee: I'm bored, Randy.
Randy: Bored? There's plenty of things to do on a rainy day.
Pee-wee: I know Randy, but I've done all them already.
Randy: No, you haven't. See this phone here?
Pee-wee: Yes, I've called everyone I know.
Randy: So? Call some people you don't know.
Pee-wee: What do you mean?
Randy: Here, I'll show you. (goes into the picture phone and dials a number of a housewife who responds)
Housewife: Hello.
Randy: Hello. Is your refrigerator running?
Housewife: Why, yes.
Randy: Then you better go and catch it! [laughs; hangs up] See Pee-wee? It's easy. You try one.
Pee-wee: No, Randy. That's not fun. It's not nice to make prank phone calls!
Randy: Don't be such a chicken. [dials the number again] Here. It's ringing. [hands the phone to Pee-wee]
Housewife: Hello?
Pee-wee: Hello. Is your refrigerator running?
Housewife: I've had just about enough of this! My husband is a police officer. Darryl?
Darryl: Yes, dear? (takes the phone from his wife) What's your name, kid?
Pee-wee: Pee-wee Herman.
Darryl: Well, you listen to me, Pee-wee Herman. Making prank phone calls is against the law! If I wasn't such a nice guy, I'd take you downtown and throw ya into jail! And you'd have a criminal record for the rest of your life. Would ya like that?
Pee-wee: Uh, no, sir. I mean, no, officer!
Policeman: Yeah. All right. I'll let you go this time. But next time, you're goin' to jail.

Restaurant [1.07][edit]

Mr. Window: Hey, Pee-wee, here comes Dixie!
[Dixie walks in with no jacket on and she is all oily]
Pee-wee: Hi, Dixie. I didn't hear your horn honk.
Dixie: All right. All right. If it'll make ya happy, "Honk! Honk!"
Pee-wee: Boy, are you uptight or what?
Dixie: I'm sorry, Pee-wee. [offers a handshake with her oily hand]
Pee-wee: EWW!
Dixie: Oh, my cab's got a flat tire! I had to walk all the way up the hill. You know, it's been a really bad day.
Everyone else: [screams]
Pee-wee So, where's the King of Cartoons?
Dixie: Hey, your majesty! [beat] STEP ON IT!!

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