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Peter Beron (c. 1799, Kotel21 March 1871) was a Bulgarian educator. He created the first modern Bulgarian primer, erroneously called the Fish Primer (Рибен буквар, Riben bukvar) because of the dolphin drawn in the end of the book (dolphins are mammals, unlike fish). Beron has been called "the father of modern Bulgaria.


  • Call us not weeds, we are flowers of the Sea,
    For lovely and bright and gay tinted are we,
    And quite independent of sun's fire or showers-
    Then call us not weeds! We are ocean's bright flowers,
    Not nursed like the plants of a summer parterre,
    Where gales are but sighs of an evening air,
    Our exquisite, fragile and delicate forms
    Are nursed by the Ocean and rocked by the Storms.
    • Historia naturalis bulgarica 4: 10 - 15.

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