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Peter Morris Green (born 22 December 1924) is a British classical scholar noted for his works on the Greco-Persian Wars, Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age of ancient history.


  • Macedonia as a whole tended to remain in isolation from the rest of Greece...
    • Alexander the Great, page 20.
  • ...for the first time he [Philip] began to understand how Macedonia's outdated institutions of feudalism and aristocratic monarchy, so despised by the rest of Greece, might prove a source of strength when dealing with such opponents.
    • Alexander the Great, page 24.
  • In less than four years he had transformed Macedonia from a backward and primitive kingdom to one of the most powerful states in the Greek world.
    • Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.: A Historical Biography, page 32.
  • Aristotle found support for his thesis in facts drawn from geopolitics or ‘natural law’. Greek superiority had to be proved demonstrably innate, a gift of nature. In one celebrated fragment he counsels Alexander to be ‘a hegemon [leader] of Greeks and a despot to the barbarians, to look after the former as after friends and relatives, and to deal with the latter as with beasts or plants’.
    • Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.: A Historical Biography, page 58.
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