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Chapter Six of the Constitution must be used. We must vet all those who want political offices.

Peter Kenneth (born 27 November 1965) is a Kenyan politician. He hails from Kirwara Sub-location of Gatanga contituency in Muranga County. He represents the constituents of Gatanga in the 10th Kenyan parliament.He is also one of the presidential aspirants who have declared to vie for the top seat in the next Kenyan general elections in 2013.


  • You must take proactive action now to ensure you have the right leadership that will bring the right environment so that when your kids get bigger they have a better working environment in Kenya.
  • I will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. I will drastically reduce crime throughout the country within the first three years of my administration.
  • Even as my name suggests, I am not a tribalist like the others. I am acceptable to all Kenyans and confortable with all. It does not matter whether one is Somali, Borana or Kikuyu because they are all Kenyans.
  • Good legacies form a stepping-stone of future leadership and the foundation of development in the country

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